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I Attended The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Launch Dinner Tonight

The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Collection

Tonight, thanks to the generosity of The Body Shop and PR, I was treated to a delicious vegan dinner at Planta in Yorkville! As if that wasn’t enough, I also left with a big bag full of amazing The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey skincare.

This new The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey collection is specially designed for those with sensitive skin. Its scent is so yummy, it smells edible, even though it’s not. (My all-time favourite scent from The Body Shop is Wild Argan Oil, but this is tied for first place.)

During dinner, Dr. Christine Choi Kim, the Global Dermatologist for The Body Shop came from Los Angeles to give us a presentation.

To put the cherry on the top, the founders of Greenhouse Juice Co., Emma Knight and Hana James spoke about how to nourish your skin from the inside out.

We all got to flip through and preview their debut cookbook called The Greenhouse Cookbook: Plant-Based Eating and DIY Juicing, which has lots of healthy recipes from dinners and desserts to smoothies and appetizers.

(I was eyeing the chia pudding recipe, as I’m on a chia seed kick lately.)

PR informed us, to my delight, that we’d all be getting a copy of the book when it’s officially released in April! 🙂 (This is perfect timing because I am in desperate need of some food inspiration. I used to cook new dishes and experiment all the time. I stopped for a few years, but I want to get back into it.)

While I didn’t photograph every dish that arrived at our table (I was busy stuffing my face…), here’s one that I managed to capture before devouring.

Planta Toronto Vegan Restaurant Dessert

Above is the dessert that’s made with toasted almond cream, dragon fruit, and a field of green “pearls.” It was like nothing I had ever eaten before, and I assure you that it was nothing short of heavenly!

I almost didn’t want to eat it because it looked like a work of art, but, well, my oink-ish instincts kicked in, and the rest is tummy history.

(It’s cute how the cubes look like little dice.)

Some other things on the menu tonight were cauliflower tots with truffled parmesan, rice rolls with mango, basil coriander, and Thai dressing, and coconut ceviche with avocado, toasted nori, and citrus soya.

There were also these incredible “crab” cakes made with hearts of palm, spinach, coconut milk, and warm spices. Aside from the dessert, this was the other standout dish.

Again, a huge thank you to The Body Shop, the fantastic PR team, and Planta for making tonight’s dinner a wonderful experience all around! 🙂

What’s your favourite item from The Body Shop? What’s the most delicious vegan dish you’ve ever eaten? Are there any specific products from this new The Body Shop skincare line that you’d like me to do an in-dept review on? Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!


Swatch And Learn’s #2016BestNine

Swatch And Learn Best Nine 2016

As another year draws to a close, it’s a time of reflection about the accomplishments and challenges  that punctuated 2016.

Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey since 2010!

I look forward to sharing more swatches, reviews, and sprinklings of humour in the coming year. I’m excited to plan new goals for 2017 and to see where the ongoing adventure goes!

Because of the support and encouragement from readers like you, I am happy to say that a lot of my blogging dreams have come true in ways that I never imagined! Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving comments.

I have learned a lot from all of you, and I hope that Swatch And Learn has become a place on the internet that provides you with a little sunshine, especially on those difficult days! *Hug* Together, let’s continue to improve and grow while sharing our passion for nail polish. 🙂

If you’re addicted to Instagram like I am, you no doubt have seen the trend of posting the #2016BestNine collage, which depicts an Instagram user’s nine most-popular images based on the number of likes.

Above is the collage generated by the 2016 Best Nine website, which shows my most-liked images on Instagram.

I am so honoured that, in 2016, I received 59,935 likes on my Instagram!

Also, for my Pinterest for 2016:

  • 1,616,971 people saw my pins
  • 10,422 people saved my pins to their boards
  • 6,170 people clicked my pins

It really floors me, and I’m so pleased that you have been enjoying my photos!

In this post, check out the links. They’ll lead you to the reviews and/or swatches that I published on here earlier, in case you want more information and details about a certain nail polish.

Reminder: Today’s the last day to enter my worldwide giveaway!

Be sure to get your entry in by tonight at 11:59 pm EST for your chance to win my Zoya Enchanted Collection worldwide giveaway! (3 winners! See that blog post for the full details.)

Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway

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How to Get a Personalized The Body Shop Body Butter

The Body Shop Fiji Green Tea Body Butter

A little while ago, I came home to a fun surprise in the mail: a personalized The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Butter! This cute Christmas gift from PR put a smile on my face. 🙂

Have someone on your holiday list who might also love this? 

According to The Body Shop Global Gifting survey, which studied the gifting behaviours of 1,950 men and women across 10 countries from five continents, “48% of people want to give a bespoke gift during the holidays.”

If you’re a fellow Canadian and you are close to these participating stores, you can create your own personalized Body Butter:

  • CF Toronto Eaton Centre (220 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario)
  • The Body Shop Toronto Pop-Up Store (93 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario)
  • CF Richmond Centre (6551 No. 3 Road, Richmond, British Columbia)

There are different designs that you can choose from, not just the flamingo. All were designed in collaboration with Yago Partal and his world-renowned portraits of animals.

The Body Shop’s personalized Body Butters can feature one of four exotic creatures to help bring your gift to life and add a fun, creative, and wild touch.

To add a name to The Body Shop Body Butter, all you have to do is purchase a 200ml ($21 CAD) or 400ml ($34 CAD) Body Butter at the above stores. Then, one of the store’s consultants at the till point will help you to create your personalized Body Butter!

What are some of your favourite things from The Body Shop? Are you interested in me reviewing this Fiji Green Tea Body Butter or other The Body Shop products? Let me know!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday’s post, I’m having a Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway that’s open worldwide. Hurry to get your entry in, as it ends December 31, 2016! (3 winners!)


The Body Shop Piñita Colada Body Butter Review

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Butter Review

Treat your skin to a tropical paradise, flaunt your grass skirt, and satisfy your summer craving with The Body Shop Piñita Colada Body Butter, which combines creamy coconut with juicy pineapple for a scent that’s reminiscent of the well-loved piña colada!

This special edition officially launches in Canada in July 2016, but if you’re in the United Kingdom, this Piñita Colada Body Butter by The Body Shop is already available as a new arrival.

The Body Shop Piñita Colada Body Butter contains hand-harvested coconuts from the Antilles region of the Caribbean and fresh, handpicked pineapples in Santo Domingo.

Oh, and yes, the entire time I was working on this post, Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes was stuck in my head: “If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, if you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain, if you like making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape, then I’m the love that you’ve looked for! Write to me, and escape!”

Hey, did you know that, as a symbol of love, the Caribbean Indians traditionally put pineapple crowns outside their homes? I just read that recently and thought it was cute!

On my nails: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Ripple in Time.

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The Body Shop Red Musk Eau de Toilette Review

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau de Toilette Review

The Body Shop Red Musk Eau de Toilette is a cozy yet sexy fragrance that combines the warmth of cinnamon and seductive spiced musk with a touch of tobacco.

It’s one of those scents that is feminine with a slight masculine edge. As I get older, I find myself being drawn more to fragrances that balance between the two or even that slightly dip more into the masculine side. I think it’s because I already have plenty of sweet scents that I enjoy, and this is new territory to explore.

Over the years, I’ve done many fragrance reviews on here, and while some are expensive and others fall in the middle of the road, what I love about The Body Shop fragrances is that they are very affordable, allowing more people to test-drive a new scent.

Additionally, The Body Shop Red Musk contains cruelty-free musk and is enriched with Community Trade alcohol from Ecuador. More on this later in the review.

P.S. On my nails, I’m wearing Pretty Serious Stud Muffin from the Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names Collection.

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The Body Shop’s Black Friday Tote

The Body Shop Black Friday 2015

Today’s Black Friday, so I thought it was fitting to share with you The Body Shop Black Friday deal going on now until this Sunday.

Read on to learn how you can get The Body Shop Black Friday Tote plus goodies (valued at $100 CAD) for just $30 CAD!

Also, stay tuned later today because, in a few hours from now, I’ve scheduled a second blog post. It will feature a festive manicure and an in-depth review on Pretty Serious Cosmetics The Singing Seed from the Naileontology Collection!

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The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Butter Review

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Butter ReviewOne of my favourite cocktails to sip is the mojito because it has a punch of citrus combined with refreshing, uplifting mint. It’s light and great for patio weather during those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. (Great, now I have the song looping in my head…)

But even if you don’t drink or you haven’t reached the legal drinking age, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the amazing scent of a mojito. No, I’m not saying to order a mojito and just sniff it. 😉

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Butter smells spot on like a mojito, and unlike the cocktail, you can slather it on your skin without getting weird glances from strangers.

Be on the lookout for The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Butter – it will hit The Body Shop stores and their website in July, along with other matching mojito-scented skincare.

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