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Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches & Review

Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches Review

Nails get hopping with Easter-Bunny-approved shades from the Zoya Thrive Collection that resemble sweet treats!

Fill your nail basket with the cremes, shimmers and a topper from the Zoya Thrive Spring 2018 Collection.

Which ones would I highly recommend? Which have that classic and effortless Zoya formula I’ve come to expect and love? See the rest of this post to find out!

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Zoya Party Girls Collection Swatches & Review

Zoya Party Girls Collection Swatches Review

The Zoya Party Girls Collection was released last year for the winter/holiday season, but, at the time of preparing this blog post, it’s still readily available on Zoya’s website.

My manicure philosophy? Enjoy wearing whatever colours make your heart flutter whenever you want. Who cares if it’s from last year? Don’t let seasonal norms and beauty conventions hold you back from sporting a shade you love or want to experiment with! If you want to wear neons in the winter, do it. If you want to wear a brooding shade in the summer, go for it!

The Zoya Party Girls Collection features twelve shades that I feel virtually anyone could pull off. These are what I think lots of people would consider shades in their comfort zone and would reach for multiple times because they’re just so easy to wear.

As with the vast majority of Zoya nail polishes that I’ve tried, these are no exception: the formulas are wonderful and easy to apply. To achieve full opacity, I needed two coats for all colours, except for one. Which one? I tell you later on in this post! 😉

Purple Power:

  • Isadora: you’ll “adora” this magenta-based plum with a subtle pearl effect
  • Landon: this aubergine cream nail polish has landed…on your nails
  • Delaney: nails walk down the lane with a soft purple metallic refrain
  • Danielle: I scream. You scream. We all scream for this rich purple cream!

Red Zone:

  • Fallon: a pearly violet magenta that I wish was named after Jimmy Fallon
  • Ming: you’ll be the lady in red (or the fella in red) with this scarlet beauty
  • Sheri: nails, stay classy, but steal the spotlight, with this garnet-red cream

The Others:

  • Nadia: bring a little sparkle wherever you go with this gingery gold metallic topper
  • Tawny: skip The Hunger Games and play Catching Fire with this coppery rose
  • Solstice: nails get fruity with this persimmon-orange soft metallic
  • Kelsey: on Wednesday (or any day), we wear a cute pink-cream polish
  • Blake: cloak your nails in mystery with this near-black blue with subtle olive-green shimmer

See the rest of this blog post for individual swatches of each of the 12 colours in the Zoya Party Girls Collection!

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Swatch And Learn’s 7-Year Blogiversary Worldwide Giveaway

Swatch And Learn 7-Year Blogiversary Giveaway

Update (Sunday August 6, 2017): Congratulations, Jen! You’ve won my giveaway! Please check your email and reply within 48 hours to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone for participating. Stay tuned – I plan to have another fun nail-polish giveaway.

Blow out the candles on the cake! Today marks Swatch And Learn’s 7-Year Blogiversary!

Blogging has taken me along a journey filled with happy memories. I’ve met many people along the way, learned new things about myself, and enjoyed sharing one of my passions with fellow nailphiles. I really appreciate you joining me on this adventure. May we build more wonderful memories together! 😀

To celebrate, and to say thank you to my readers who take the time to visit, I’m having a worldwide giveaway. (Yes that’s right – anyone can enter!)

From now until August 4, 2017, enter for your chance to win the Zoya Wanderlust Collection!

I thought long and hard about which collection I should purchase for the prize, and Zoya Wanderlust won because the formula on each shade is amazing. Also, there’s a nice variety of colours, so I feel that there’d be something for everyone to enjoy.

(If you haven’t already seen my Zoya Wanderlust Collection swatches, check out my previous post, and you’ll see why I love it.)

Read the rest of this post for the full details on how you can enter my giveaway.

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Zoya Wanderlust Collection Swatches

Zoya Wanderlust Collection Swatches

The Zoya Wanderlust Collection for Summer 2017 consists of 12 colours that make this little one’s heart race fast like a nail NASCAR driver!

There are eight cremes, and yes, they all apply beautifully. If they went on any easier, they would apply themselves all while feeding me grapes one by one, fanning me with palm branches and playing Lana Del Rey’s new Lust for Life album. 😉

Full of sizzling personality, the remaining polishes are shimmers that are fun to look at when you move your fingers around and admire your manicure like a vain polish peacock.

For all the swatches in this post, I used two coats of nail polish and no top coat, so you could see the original finish and shine that each one has. With a glossy top coat, however, you’ll add even more brilliance and extend your manicure mileage, of course.

The cremes covered the best, and I was able to achieve full opacity at the two-coat mark. For the shimmers, you could get away with full coverage if you use medium coats. Alternatively, you could apply three thin coats, if you don’t want to see the nail line. I was happy with two coats.

My instant favourites from the Zoya Wanderlust Collection are the greens. No surprise there for my regular readers! Green continues to wrap me around its little finger, as I paint it on all of my nails.

These are my top picks:

  • Arbor – Olive-green creme makes your nails see the forest and the trees
  • Scout – Floss like a boss with this moss-green shimmer
  • Sonja – A coral-based creme sets the red-hot stage for a pinup-worthy manicure
  • River – Cry me a river…of happy tears with this shimmery blue

The others are also gorgeous, and if you’re just starting your collection, they’re wonderful ones to add to it.

The formulas on all the Zoya nail polishes in this collection are very consistent, which I appreciate. This is particularly great if you’re new to polish and need an easy-to-use polish that allows you to concentrate more on your painting technique rather than struggling with a lacklustre formula. (By the way, if you’re new to polish, WELCOME! Welcome to the highly addictive drop down the rabbit hole of colour, creativity and self-expression.) 🙂

  • Lois – Take the ‘grape’ escape this summer with this purple creme
  • Winnie – Nails play ‘pink’-a-boo with this flirty light creme
  • Esty – Crown your nails with a princess pink-creme tiara
  • Byrdie – A little birdie told me this deep pink creme is to tweet for
  • Mandy – Sweet shimmery berry pink that’s reminiscent of ribbon candy
  • Journey – Orange-based red shimmer will take your nails on an adventure
  • Cora – Orange cream is a tangerine dream
  • Sawyer – Pale peach cream has pastel prowess

Did you pick up any of these? Which are your favourites? If you could add an extra colour to the Zoya Wanderlust Collection, what would it be?

See the rest of this post for a closer look at all twelve colours, as well as the official press release that gives you the colour story and more details.

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Zoya Charming Collection Swatches & Review

Zoya Charming Collection Swatches

As polite as a curtsy in a 1900s ballroom and as captivating as a graceful ballerina’s fouetté, in comes the Zoya Charming Collection for Spring 2017!

Surprisingly, although I’m a green lover, the purples (Abby, Tina and Millie) stole the show for me.

  • Abby is a great transition hue because the whisper-soft lavender is white-based and wintry, yet has enough saturation to keep the Easter bunny hopping.
  • Tina is a medium purple private dancer on your nails with a youthful spirit that’s simply the best when you need a pick-me-up. (Bonus points for those who saw what I did there.)
  • Millie is the showgirl in Vegas with an extravagant sequin mini dress accented with oversized feathers! In every lighting condition, this shimmery plum catches the light and takes centre stage without hesitation.
  • Amira is reminiscent of the scales on a mermaid’s tail that shimmer softly yet with gusto as the sun kisses them with summer dreams.
  • Lacey is a muted sage that twinkles like it’s full of little stars amidst a nail-polish sky. (Even if you’re not as big of a fan of green as I am, this could be your gateway green. Hehe!)
  • Jordan is a bubblegum pink that has a princess personality. If it was a person, it would wear a seven-layer tulle ballgown with satin corset to the prom.

Let’s talk about the formula. It’s not always just about the colour. Substance versus beauty. Even though I’m willing to put in more effort for a tricky formula if the colour is a showstopper, the less effort I need to exert, the better.

I’m happy to report that the formula for all of these shades is great! They are easy to work with, and you can build up opacity quickly.

In all of my swatches, I used two coats of colour and no top coat. (For these quick collection swatches, I don’t use a top coat, so you can see the finish of the polish by itself. For future in-depth reviews on individual colours, I always wear a top coat, unless it’s a textured polish that’s designed to be worn solo, of course.)

I applied a thin first coat and then a generous second coat. The cremes are solid at this point. For the shimmers, you could apply a third coat if you want to intensify the colour, but I was very happy with the second coat.

See the rest of this post for a closer look at each swatch, as well as bottle shots and the official press release (to give you details about the colour story).

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Zoya Waverly Swatches & Review

Zoya Waverly Swatches Review

Star light, star bright, Zoya Waverly is the first star I see tonight!

Hailing from the Zoya Enchanted Collection, which has my heart under lock and key, this galactic PixieDust creates a Cookie Monster manicure with everything you love about space.

Just like all of the PixieDust nail polishes, Zoya Waverly features a textured finish that can be worn solo or beneath a glossy top coat.

Being a Zoya PixieDust ‘purist,’ I wore it as it was designed to be enjoyed – by itself. (Don’t let that stop you from wearing it any way you want. Consider layering glittery top coats over it to add even more dimension. Lacquer should be fun, and it should make you happy! Make your own manicure rules!)

See the rest of this post for multiple swatches of Zoya Waverly, and find out why I gave it a 10 out of 10.

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