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Nail Vote: Which Nail-Polish Collection Would You Want to Win?

My 6-year blogiversary is coming up later this month, and I’m making fun plans to treat my loyal readers with a giveaway.

Let me know which nail-polish collection you’d want to win by logging into Twitter and voting in the poll.

If you don’t have Twitter, reply to my question on Facebook, Google+, or Peach (username: swatchandlearn) to let me know your choice.

You can also vote by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Right now, I know that the giveaway will be open to Canadians, however, I may open it up worldwide. (Stay tuned for the details closer to the giveaway.)

Edit: WordPress is acting up a bit. If you can’t see the poll, click here to go to the Twitter poll directly.


Beauty Vote on Twitter: What Beauty Reviews Interest You the Most?

This is a quick blog post for tonight to let you know that I just posted a new poll on Twitter. (I’m so happy to see that Twitter now allows me to include more than two options.)

Simply log into your Twitter account, and vote for the option that appeals to you most before time runs out. Then, come back to see the results!


Nail Vote on Twitter: Do You Prefer Short or Long Nails on Yourself?

Hey everyone!

I just published a new poll on Twitter about nail-length preferences.

Log into your account to vote before time runs out, and come back to see what the results are. (Any predictions?)


Nail Vote on Twitter: Top Coat or Base Coat?

Hey everyone!

Today, I tweeted a quick poll because I’m curious to hear what fellow nail enthusiasts think.

If you could only choose one that is an essential when you polish your nails, would it be a top coat or a base coat?

Log into your Twitter account, and vote before the poll closes!

Thanks for your feedback, and stay tuned for more quick polls! 🙂 Also, be sure to come back to see the results of those who participated.