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The Nail Polish I Designed Is Discontinued & Has Sold Out

Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn

Back in 2014, my nail dreams came true when I collaborated with an indie company to design my own nail polish, Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn, and bring to market a shade that represented me.

You may remember seeing my post on here, where I showed tons of swatches of it from all different angles. This polish looks very different, depending on the angle and lighting. (If you haven’t seen it, click on the above link.)

It’s predominantly green, especially when looking at it straight on (like in my above swatch), but when you move your fingers around, you see blue, copper, purple, pink, and more!

Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn was truly my dream polish, and I’m so happy that some of you got to enjoy it first-hand!

Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn, along with a large chunk of shades in their colour library have been discontinued recently and have sold out.

I was going to give you the heads up earlier to snag it while you still can, but, according to the Pretty Serious Facebook post, there were already low quantities. By the time I had a chance to sit down and blog about it, it had already sold out!

Turns out that I have a few extra bottles around here of Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn, so maybe one day, if enough readers are interested, I may have a second worldwide giveaway for it  (like this one). Let me know if you’d want this.

This is a short post to say thank you to everyone who wore the polish, encouraged me, and made this possible. Readers are the backbone of a blog, and I definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity, if it wasn’t for all of you. *hug*

I am so grateful and honoured to have collaborated with Pretty Serious Cosmetics and to turn my vision into a reality. They make some of my favourite nail polishes, and it was an amazing experience that still leaves me pinching myself to this day to see if it was real!

Be sure to check the Pretty Serious Cosmetics website regularly. They continue to bring out new, beautiful shades that are vegan and cruelty-free. Plus they ship worldwide!

Thanks for making my blogging journey more exciting than I ever thought possible when I started in 2010. I’m looking forward to more exciting things to come! 🙂

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


Swatch And Learn’s #2016BestNine

Swatch And Learn Best Nine 2016

As another year draws to a close, it’s a time of reflection about the accomplishments and challenges  that punctuated 2016.

Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey since 2010!

I look forward to sharing more swatches, reviews, and sprinklings of humour in the coming year. I’m excited to plan new goals for 2017 and to see where the ongoing adventure goes!

Because of the support and encouragement from readers like you, I am happy to say that a lot of my blogging dreams have come true in ways that I never imagined! Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving comments.

I have learned a lot from all of you, and I hope that Swatch And Learn has become a place on the internet that provides you with a little sunshine, especially on those difficult days! *Hug* Together, let’s continue to improve and grow while sharing our passion for nail polish. 🙂

If you’re addicted to Instagram like I am, you no doubt have seen the trend of posting the #2016BestNine collage, which depicts an Instagram user’s nine most-popular images based on the number of likes.

Above is the collage generated by the 2016 Best Nine website, which shows my most-liked images on Instagram.

I am so honoured that, in 2016, I received 59,935 likes on my Instagram!

Also, for my Pinterest for 2016:

  • 1,616,971 people saw my pins
  • 10,422 people saved my pins to their boards
  • 6,170 people clicked my pins

It really floors me, and I’m so pleased that you have been enjoying my photos!

In this post, check out the links. They’ll lead you to the reviews and/or swatches that I published on here earlier, in case you want more information and details about a certain nail polish.

Reminder: Today’s the last day to enter my worldwide giveaway!

Be sure to get your entry in by tonight at 11:59 pm EST for your chance to win my Zoya Enchanted Collection worldwide giveaway! (3 winners! See that blog post for the full details.)

Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway

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Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology Collection (3 New Shades)

Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology Collection 2016 Swatches Twitter

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve! 🙂

A dynamic trio has been added to the Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology Collection for 2016, and they are available on the Pretty Serious website:

  • Mad Skull of Cloverton – Pink-green pearly duochrome
  • Chariots of the Red Sea – Red glitter jelly
  • Disc of the Heavens – Green glitter jelly

Mad Skull of Cloverton has a delicate sensibility with an air of elegance, like a modest string of pearls worn with a Little Black Dress. The soft pink dominates the nail polish, and it’s accented with a flash of angelic green.

The formula of Mad Skull of Cloverton was on the sheer side, but it builds up opacity quickly with a second coat. I opted to use three coats to further bring out the intensity of the pretty duochrome.

Chariots of the Red Sea offers depth because the glitter is suspended in a jelly base, which allows the sparkle to peek through, rather than get covered up and look flat. Two coats is all you’ll need for this beauty to fully cover the nail.

Disc of the Heavens has subtle glitter in a jelly base that, when worn with two coats (as I did here), looks more like a crelly (creme-jelly hybrid). It has a milky look to it.

All Pretty Serious nail polish are formulated without Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, and Formaldehyde Resin. Also, you’ll be happy to hear that they are vegan and cruelty-free.

My favourite of the trio? While I have a soft spot for green nail polish, the one that caught my attention the most was Mad Skull of Cloverton because of the duochrome shift!

P.S. Have you entered my worldwide giveaway? Enter by December 31, 2016 for your chance to win the Zoya Enchanted Collection! (3 winners! Be sure to read all the details in the giveaway’s blog post.)

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Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past Collection Swatches & Review

Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past Collection Swatches Review

With Christmas just an ole Saint Nick wink away, I thought that I’d share with you swatches of the festive Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past Collection that recently arrived in my mailbox! (You can find the collection available to purchase on the Pretty Serious website.)

While it’s a holiday collection, these colours can be worn any time of year, so don’t keep them in the dark corners of your Helmer. They want to be taken out for a night on the town. Who wouldn’t?

My favourite, while difficult to choose among so many beauties, is Enchanted Evergreen (the dark green) because my affinity for green nail polish knows no bounds. Gimme, gimme, gimme! 😉 If you’re a green lover, I’m sure you’ll love it, too, because it’s richly pigmented, and it has darkness and depth without looking like a black polish.

Hmm…but Peace on Earth is tied for first place. It’s an ethereal seafoam green that has delicate flashes of pink. These flashes remind me a lot of the inside of some pearlescent seashells. Magical and fairy-esque don’t even begin to describe its appearance.

You can never go wrong with a classic holiday red like Velvet Bow (a rock-and-roll metallic) or Verry Merry Berry (a super shiny creme).

Make nails sing a Christmas melody with silver (Fairy Lights) and gold (Tarnished Tinsel).

Then, there are the two top coats that can completely transform your existing manicure, taking it from strolling down the sidewalk to modelling on Mars (in a good way)! Hehe, oh the places that my mind sometimes goes. 😉

Jack Frost doesn’t nip at my nose. Instead, this iridescent glitter top coat makes my heart race like Usain Bolt! I tried it over Enchanting Evergreen, and it created a blue galactic wonder on my nails! (If you like my swatch of it, you will love it even more in person.)

Mojito is the other top coat. It has fine green shimmer, so adding it to any manicure will bring out its inner ribbit. 🙂

If some of you aren’t already familiar with Pretty Serious nail polishes, they’re cruelty-free and vegan. They also don’t contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or DBP.

P.S. There’s still time to enter my Zoya Enchanted Collection worldwide giveaway, but hurry – it ends December 31! (Remember, there will be three winners!)

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Pretty Serious Comfy Y-Fronts Swatches & Review

Pretty Serious Comfy Y-Fronts Swatches Review

Pretty Serious Comfy Y-Fronts from the Brand New Undies Collection is a cobalt blue that packs more punch than Wonder Woman confronting a snarky villain.

This is the sort of blue for those dreary days when you’re in the mood for something vibrant and want a nail colour that’ll shake things up!

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Pretty Serious Serious Business Collection Swatches

Pretty Serious Serious Business Collection Swatches

Bring a whole new meaning to getting dressed for work when you deck your nails with the Pretty Serious Serious Business Collection, which includes the six newest colours from my favourite indie nail-polish brand! (The collection is currently available on Pretty Serious Cosmetics’ website.)

With names like Epic Haul and HTF (also known as Hard to Find), the nail-polish enthusiast’s lingo is in full swing like a poodle skirt on the dance floor.

As a green lover, it will come as no surprise to you that Epic Haul (the leprechaun green with a pink/purple flash of shimmer) was my favourite. I also was mesmerized by HTF because the seductive black base helped the flakes to command the spotlight. No-Buy has a place in my heart because it’s the kind of red that looks like a crackling fire!

I used two coats to achieve full opacity for all of these polishes, except for Free Sample (the pale pink), which I used three coats to get the true-to-bottle colour.

The formula on all of them were easy to paint with. In particular, Epic HaulNo-Buy, and Destash had the smoothest formulas out of the bunch.

I love how this collection named “Serious Business” is whimsical and not stuffy like a corporate suit. There are plenty of twists in the mix that make it interesting!

P.S. If you haven’t entered already, make sure that you get your entry in for a chance to win 1 of 3 nail-polish prizes in my 6-Year Blogiversary Giveaway! (Open worldwide. Ends August 5th!)

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Flashback Friday: Dairy Queen Funnel Cake & Pretty Serious Doodle Bug

Dairy Queen Funnel Cake

Hope that you are all having a great Friday! 🙂

I’m popping in quickly for this Flashback Friday when I enjoyed Dairy Queen‘s new funnel cake and spent time with my mom earlier this month.

She always goes for either a small chocolate-dipped ice-cream cone or a plain vanilla ice-cream cone. Classic. I tend to try new things from the menu.

I’ve also made what’s called “nice cream”. It’s vegan. You blend frozen bananas into an ice-cream consistency and sprinkle other fruits like blueberries and strawberries on top. It’s yummy, too!

Are you a fan of funnel cake? Have you made ‘nice cream’? What are you up to this weekend?

On nails: Pretty Serious Doodle Bug

Disclosure: The nail polish is a press sample provided by PR. Sadly, the ice cream was not a press sample, but I still enjoyed every spoonful. 😉