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Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches & Review

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches & ReviewMother Nature is acting like molasses, taking her sweet time to bring the warm weather our way.

So, this nailphile thought that coaxing her with some neon polish would be a good idea.

You simply can’t go wrong with a neon! It puts a smile on your face, and I feel like my fingernails also smile when I sport a super-bright shade! Or maybe it’s just me who personifies nails? Padded walls, here I come!) 😉

The gorgeous Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights first made its appearance in this Haul of Shame post where I shared with you a bunch of incredible polishes from Sally Beauty Supply that I purchased on sale or on clearance.

It took me a while to take Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights from the Untried bin to the Tried bin, but I’m glad I finally gave it a go. I don’t have many Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes in my stash, so I cherish it that much more.

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Haul of Shame: Nail Polishes from Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply Haul & PicturesYesterday, I took my membership card and hit up Sally Beauty Supply because I was running low on my favourite nail-polish remover.

Since I have to make a trek to get to a Sally Beauty Supply store, the occasional time when I go, I make sure to look at everything in all the aisles.

As usual, I walked out not only with what I had original made the special trip for, but also with a handful of other goodies!

Normally I don’t have much luck in finding gems on the nail-polish clearance rack, but this time, I feel like I struck gold unexpectedly!

Come check out my amazing finds in this Sally Beauty Supply Haul!

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Nail Art Tutorial: The Grapes of Wrath Nails

The Grapes of Wrath Manicure & TutorialNail art is so much fun, especially when it’s food-related! Am I hungry? Probably! I’m hungry for fun(ny) nail art!

Today I wanted to do grape nail art, but decided to put a little quirky twist on it. Here are my The Grapes of Wrath Nails!

Haha, as you can see, the middle finger has a bunch of very upset red grapes. Maybe it’s because the other clusters of purple grapes are staring at him and smiling. Who knows? (I wanted to make the red grapes look angrier, but I goofed up on the eyebrows. Should’ve made the angle more acute.)

What do you think is the background story here? Is Mr. Red Grapes upset because he’s being judged?

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