Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches & Review

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches & ReviewMother Nature is acting like molasses, taking her sweet time to bring the warm weather our way.

So, this nailphile thought that coaxing her with some neon polish would be a good idea.

You simply can’t go wrong with a neon! It puts a smile on your face, and I feel like my fingernails also smile when I sport a super-bright shade! Or maybe it’s just me who personifies nails? Padded walls, here I come!) 😉

The gorgeous Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights first made its appearance in this Haul of Shame post where I shared with you a bunch of incredible polishes from Sally Beauty Supply that I purchased on sale or on clearance.

It took me a while to take Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights from the Untried bin to the Tried bin, but I’m glad I finally gave it a go. I don’t have many Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes in my stash, so I cherish it that much more.

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Pictures


Natural Light

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Sally Beauty Supply


Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Review & Photos

Natural Light

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Review & Pics


Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches & Review

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatch

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Review & Swatch

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Review & Swatches

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatch & Review

Nina ULtra Pro Sally Beauty Supply Pearly Brights Neon Nailpolish

Pearly Brights Nina Ultra Pro Sally Beauty Supply Neon Polish

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches

Flash Photos

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatch, Review & Pictures

NIna Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatch & Photos

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches, Review & Pictures

Pearly Brights Nina Ultra Pro Swatch & Review

Pearly Brights by Nina Ultra Pro


  • Bright (Yes)

Key Notes

      • Name: Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights
      • Amount: 14 mL (0.47 fl. oz.)
      • What I Paid: 2 for $8 CAD (on sale at Sally Beauty Supply)
      • Where to Buy: Sally Beauty Supply stores & Sally Beauty Supply website (affiliate link)

Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Review


Pearly Brights by Nina Ultra Pro is a fantastic summer shade because it’s a hot coral that leans strongly on the orange side. While I prefer corals that lean pink, this one is making me rethink my bias.

To me, orange reminds me of heat waves in the summer and racing to finish melting Popsicles in the park. (Depending on the orange, it can also remind me of the fall because of the pumpkins, which I’m obsessed with.) But, usually for bright oranges and corals with orange, my first thought is of the hot months.

What makes Pearly Brights by Nina Ultra Pro more interesting and far from flat is that it has fuchsia shimmer. It’s subtle, but noticeable enough that you can enjoy it fully without having it dominate the coral.

To me, this bit of fuchsia is like the nail polish clicking its heels together and saying, “See? I told you I was fun!” Then again, maybe those padded walls I mentioned at the beginning of this post are closer to me than I thought. 😉


Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights has a neon finish with slight shimmer.

Since it’s a neon, the formula dries on the matte/satin side. I highly recommend that if you wear this polish, you use a shiny top coat because that’s when you’ll really appreciate the neon-ness of it. Also, a top coat brings out the shimmer more.

Application & Formula

The application was pretty typical of any other neon nail polish I’ve used. The first coat is streaky, but the formula is buildable.

For neon nail polish, I always like to use a minimum of 3 coats to ensure that my nail line doesn’t show through. Also, I feel like 3 coats intensifies the neon quality.

You might be able to get away with 2 thick coats, but I recommend using 3 medium coats for full coverage and maximum impact.

Like other neon nail polishes, this one dried pretty quickly, so even though you paint on 3 coats, you can still finish giving yourself a manicure in the same time that you’d use 2 coats with a regular polish.


Since I’m not as familiar with Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes, I was surprised that the brush was huge!

If you have large or wide nail beds, you’ll probably really love the brush. It was as wide as the bottle’s opening!

But, I have small, narrow fingers, so it was actually really tricky for me to use such a large mop to apply the polish, especially on my pinkie. Haha, I literally just used a corner of the brush on that nail.

To give you an idea of the size, it’s wide much like the OPI ProWide brush, except instead of being rounded, it’s flat. I think that’s why I found it trickier to manipulate.

My thumb was the only nail large enough to comfortably use the entire Nina Ultra Pro brush as the design was intended to be used. For all my other nails, I had to use the brush on its side.

Haha, and since my toenails are even smaller, I won’t be able to use this brush on them unless I also want to paint the skin.


  • Bright orange-leaning coral with fuchsia shimmer
  • Dries quickly like a typical neon
  • Has a large brush (a Pro if you have large nail beds)

  • Has a large brush (a Con if you have small nail beds)
  • Requires a top coat if you want to make the most of the neon (although you really should be using a top coat always for these types of polishes)

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Pearly Brights by Nina Ultra Pro is one of those colours that you’ll reach for again and again, especially during the warmer months.

I could never get tired of neons, especially the ones that are really bright and flashy. So this one will definitely get more use.

Have you tried any Nina Ultra Pro nail polishes? What did you purchase at your most-recent Sally Beauty Supply trip? Can you recommend any specific Nina Ultra Pro colours for me to try?


10 thoughts on “Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights Swatches & Review

  1. Camille

    I saw you post a swatch on Instagram and I had to get it! So now it’s sitting in my untried drawer waiting…maybe I’ll give it a whirl this weekend! Glad to see you back to blogging! Missed reading your posts!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Camille!

      Aww, thank you – it’s so good to be back! I’ve missed all my readers and bouncing ideas back and forth.

      Hope you love Pearly Brights as much as I do!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      Haha, no, it didn’t do much for the weather, but it made it sunny in my heart! 🙂 This weekend, it’s supposed to be beautiful. Hope the weather forecaster was right! *Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed*

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Citygirl907!

      Aww, thanks! This polish was soooo much fun to wear, and photographing it was also fun. My camera didn’t capture it’s true intensity or brightness, but you get a taste for how neon it is. In person, it’s even better!

  2. lynette

    I live in Australia and bought this polish when l was in usa in may…… l would like to bug 6 of them as l love it to bits …how can l perches these please. …lm happy to pay postage.
    Kind regards Lynette


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