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Color Club Gift of Sparkle Swatches & Review

Color Club Gift of Sparkle Swatches & ReviewAn oldie-but-goodie is Color Club Gift of Sparkle, which is originally from the Winter Affair Collection in 2012, but I only purchased it about a year or so ago.

If you’re into rich purples and like some holo rather than a full-on holo, this one will surely make your nails sing!

It’s like an eggplant that boarded a rocket with a one-way ticket to Jupiter.

With just enough twinkle and a rich base colour to make the glitter stand out even more, Color Club Gift of Sparkle is one of those polishes that will having you staring at your nails like a vain polish peacock.

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Color Club Miss Bliss Swatches & Review

Color Club Miss Bliss Swatches & ReviewWhile looking through my computer, I stumbled upon some old photos from back in April of this stunning holographic nail polish – Color Club Miss Bliss! (Can’t believe I’m only reviewing it now!)

It’s from the Halo Hues 2013 Collection, which lots of nailphiles have raved about because the holographic effect is really strong.

It’s like carrying a rainbow wherever you go! That’s how I like to think of it! Can you tell that I’m a child of the 1980s and a Rainbow Brite fan?

You don’t often find affordable strong holos like this, so it really stands out!

P.S. Vote for my snake nail-art design in the Nicole by OPI Blogger Challenge! Click here to vote by July 19, 2013! I’d really appreciate your support!

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Color Club Eternal Beauty Swatches & Review

Color Club Eternal Beauty Swatches & ReviewIf ever there was a nail polish that makes you gasp, it’s Color Club Eternal Beauty! (Appropriately named, isn’t it?)

You may remember that I recently posted a quick photo of this on Instagram: manicure photo and bottle photo. The iPhone actually captured it pretty well!

It’s part of the new Halo Hues Collection for 2013. (Last year, they came out with a Halo Hues Collection, but the shades in that set were very light.)

The holographic Color Club nail polishes for this year are deeper, so I fell for them harder. (In fact, once I found out that NailPolishCanada had them for sale, I quickly placed my order.)

Color Club Eternal Beauty is a strong purple holo that I feel every serious nail-polish collector must own. And don’t wait around for too long, because I can imagine that this is the type of shade that will sell out fast. You don’t want to kick yourself afterwards for missing out on magic in a bottle.

(That’s what happened to me and China Glaze LOL from the OMG Collection. That purple holo was in my e-cart so many times. When I finally decided to buy it, it was sold out, and we all know how elusive and expensive LOL is today! Learn from my mistake!)

P.S. This blog post is verrrrry picture-heavy!

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Haul of Shame: Nail Polishes from Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply Haul & PicturesYesterday, I took my membership card and hit up Sally Beauty Supply because I was running low on my favourite nail-polish remover.

Since I have to make a trek to get to a Sally Beauty Supply store, the occasional time when I go, I make sure to look at everything in all the aisles.

As usual, I walked out not only with what I had original made the special trip for, but also with a handful of other goodies!

Normally I don’t have much luck in finding gems on the nail-polish clearance rack, but this time, I feel like I struck gold unexpectedly!

Come check out my amazing finds in this Sally Beauty Supply Haul!

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The Best of 2012

The Best of 2012Another year is coming to a close! Are you ready to see what 2013 brings?

What you probably didn’t know is that in 2012, I faced a lot of stressful issues in my personal life that caused me great emotional pain.

Blogging and interacting with you helped me push through it instead of giving up.

If you’ve been following Swatch And Learn for even a little while, I hope it’s evident that blogging and interacting with readers bring me a lot of happiness. Yes, it is hard work and very challenging to keep up, but I’m not the type of person who’s afraid of pulling up my sleeves to get things done.

Thank you for listening to what I think and for valuing my opinion, post after post and tweet after tweet. That is a big compliment!

Most of all, thank you, dear readers, for being encouraging and kind as well as for cracking the much-needed joke.

You remind me that genuinely good people are still out there. I needed that reminder, and you gave it to me in spades!

So, while in this post I list the best of 2012 in terms of nail polish, nail art, etc., I want you to know that Swatch And Learn readers are really the best of 2012!

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My Top 5 Favourite Purples

My-Top-5--Favourite-Purples-SwatchAndLearnAfter publishing My Top 5 Favourite Greens post, I got some requests to do My Top 5 Favourite Purples.

Took me long enough, but I finally did it. No, I didn’t forget, but sometimes I get bitten by the Procrastination Bug.

Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll show you the bite marks. Okay, maybe I won’t…

Purple polish was my first love before I fell in lust with greens. For a long time, the majority of my collection was purple. Now I think if there was a tug-of-war, there’d be a tie between purple and green.

So, without further ado, here are my purple picks out of the ones I’ve shown you on Swatch And Learn! 😀

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Color Club Wild At Heart Swatches & Review

Color Club Wild At Heart Swatches & ReviewIt seems like such a crime that I’ve never reviewed Color Club Wild At Heart on here until now. Put the handcuffs on me, and lock me away!

Sure, I’ve flossed it in a holographic-rainbow leopard nail-art post a while back, but it really deserves to have the spotlight focused on it solo.

I’m gonna call it like it is right here: This is the most perfect grape holographic polish I have in my entire collection. It’s pigmented and the holo effect is stunning.

There were some bloggers who’ve said that they got duds, but my bottle seems to be the good formula because I was far from disappointed! 🙂 In fact, the first stroke I painted with this, I remember getting giddy because I couldn’t believe how it was a one-coater!

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