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Nail Art: Shamrock Nails

Shamrock Nails Nail Art Swatches & PicturesFour-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and poor little rabbits’ paws are all considered to be good-luck charms.

While I do believe that some people are graced with good luck in certain situations, I don’t believe that carrying around these ‘charms’ does anything except calm your nerves. (That being said, a couple of years ago, I dressed up as Lady Luck for Hallowe’en and won first place for Best Female Costume.) 😀

The only kind of lucky charm that I enjoy is the edible kind – the Lucky Charms cereal…hehe!

To honour St. Patrick’s Day in advance, I decided to do these easy Shamrock Nails.

Why the fishnet design? Why not? 😉 I thought having the shamrocks on all the nails would just be boring, and I remembered how much I loved the fishnet pattern the first time I tried it over a red polish.

Looking back now, though, I wish that I did the same design on my thumb’s nail for all of my fingers. I like the combination of the shamrock and the fishnet on the same nail.

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Color Club Perfect Mol-ten Swatches & Review

Color Club Perfect Mol-ten Swatches & ReviewAlien robots. The Jolly Green Giant transforming into a metallic monster. A leprechaun poppin’ to some nasty techno beats. Seafoam slime from the future.

Those are all the first things I thought of when I wore Color Club Perfect Mol-ten.

This sharp green foil wooed me with its flashy style. And I’m a sucker for a looker like this. 😉

The perfect man may be hard to find. But the perfect polish? Found it!

Have you fallen for it, too? Go ahead! Don’t worry – I’ll catch you…

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Color Club Cold Metal Swatches & Review

Color Club Cold Metal Swatches & ReviewThere are a lot of things in this life that are high-maintenance, so I really appreciate things that are easy-going.

Color Club Cold Metal is a very easy-going polish that applies like a dream with David Beckham. 😉

Please excuse the tipwear – I wore it for several days before photographing it.

If you love bold blue nail polish that’s highly pigmented, you’ll be a fan of this. 🙂

It feels like it’s been some time since I’ve worn a vivid blue like this, so it was like a breath of fresh, Smurfy air.

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Color Club Too Violet Swatches & Review

Color Club Too Violet Swatches & ReviewColor Club Too Violet was part of a limited-edition Japanese collection. I’ve only seen it sold online, and from one etailer that only ships to the States.

This gorgeous polish was very difficult to capture because it’s so intense and there’s a lot going on.

It’s a purple scattered holo that sparkles like something fierce! Even in very poor, low lighting, the holo particles dance on your nails.

If you’re able to track this one down for a reasonable price, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favourite purple holographic polishes to wear!

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Nail Art Tutorial: Holographic Rainbow Leopard Konadicure

Rainbow Leopard Konadicure SwatchRainbow Brite, eat your heart out! This Holographic Rainbow Leopard Konadicure is meant to steal the show. All Eyez on Me, 2Pac! (Yeah, that’s right. I just put Rainbow Brite and 2Pac in the same paragraph.)

I’ve always loved rainbows, but lately I’m obsessed with them. (It’s Clarins 230’s fault!)

From the second I saw SayAnythingBr00ke’s Lisa Frank inspired nail tutorial on YouTube, I knew I had to try it.

Check out more swatches, and see what I came up with following her directions.

While I’ll link to her video in my post, I’m also including my own tutorial with photos and step-by-step instructions in case it helps someone.

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