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Super Bowl Nail Art

Football Nail Art Super Bowl Nail Art

To get into the football festivities, I whipped up simple Super Bowl Nail Art featuring Zoya Desiree, Zoya Chanelle, OPI Angel with a Leadfoot, and BB Couture Frontier Woman.

You can see the shiny version (as shown above), but if you scroll further down this post, you’ll see a mattified version where I used Pretty Serious Matte All the Things Top Coat.

Today, the Carolina Panthers will go up against the Denver Broncos for the NFL Super Bowl. Although I’m not a diehard football fan, I watch the big game each year because it’s exciting!

Each team has so much on the line, and the players put their ‘all’ into the game. It makes for a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat experience, especially when it’s a close call right up until the very end.

I was inspired to paint this after admiring the talented nail design by Jema aka @nailsbyjema on Instagram. I used different nail polishes to put my own twist on it.

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Holiday & Winter Nail Art Ideas

Winter & Holiday Nail Art Ideas & TutorialsThis year I haven’t had time to do Christmas nail-art tutorials prior to the big day.

But, since I know that a lot of nailphiles will be busting out the lacquer, I’ve put together this post on Holiday & Winter Nail Art Ideas featuring some looks I’ve done in the past.

In this post, I’ve also linked each manicure to its corresponding nail-art tutorial, which features step-by-step written instructions and photos. All, except for one, have tutorials. Plus within some of the posts are links to reviews of the individual nail polishes.

Hope that you’ll come up with something great for your holiday manicure! (I actually have been juggling a few designs in my head, but I still haven’t decided which to paint. I’ll be sure to share my Christmas manicure sometime after December 25th.)

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Nail Art Tutorial: Martini Nails (New Year’s Eve Nails)

Martini Nails Nail Art Tutorial & PicturesIf you’re underage and shouldn’t be drinking alcohol, at least you can give my Martini Nails a try – they’re a fun way to ring in the New Year!

I’ll never forget the first time I had a classic, dry martini – it was at a German restaurant. I was so excited to try it and see what all the fuss was about because you always see classy people in movies elegantly sipping martinis. (Of course, in movies, the glasses are really just filled with water…at least I hope so!)

Not sure why, but I thought it was going to be sweet or delicious like the fruity or dessert martinis and cocktails. Haha, so the second I took my first sip, my whole face crinkled up in disgust! My then-boyfriend burst into hysterical laughter and asked me, “That good, huh?” 😛 He wished that he had brought his camera.

I had no idea if it was a ‘good martini’ or not because I had no reference to compare it to. All I remember was that it tasted like the way nail-polish remover smells. (I finished it, but that was my first and last classic, dry martini.) The best part about it was the olive… Continue reading


Nail Art: BB Couture Frontier Woman Konadicure Using Konad Image Plate m78

Yellow & Green Konadicure SwatchesIt’s been a while since I’ve done a Konadicure. So today, I bring you the latest one featuring BB Couture Frontier Woman and Konad Image Plate m78!

I’m still a newbie at using the Konad Stamping Kit, but I’m pretty pleased with the results. With time, hopefully I’ll get better.

What I notice is that full-nail designs are much easier for me. When I did designs using individual graphics, it’s slightly more time-consuming.

Do you like this funky design and offbeat color combination?

It was really fun to wear, and it reminded me a lot of those thousand-leaves pastries my dad used to always buy. So in a weird way, this Konadicure is a little tribute to my father. Continue reading


BB Couture Frontier Woman Swatches & Review

BB Couture Frontier Woman SwatchesGreen nail polish is one of my favorites, and I’m pleased to see that more are being released into mainstream collections.

I’ve never tried BB Couture nail polish before but had heard a lot about how perfect the formula is.

And when I took a look at their website, I was impressed that they offered so many different hues including some of the most greens available.

BB Couture Frontier Woman was one that caught my eye. Popped my BB Couture cherry with it, and now there’s no turning back – I’m officially hooked.

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