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Nail Art: Hallowe’en Nails

Halloween Nails Nail ArtYesterday, I was a little tease and only gave you 3 clues on Swatch And Learn plus a small social-media reveal of the Hallowe’en nail art on my thumb.

Well, now I’m going to show you the full manicure of the Hallowe’en Nails I’ve been wearing for a few days!

To create this simple look, I used all 4 shades in the OPI Rock Goddess Mini Lacquer Set (the 4th shade was used on my thumb).

Then, I brought out a bunch of my beloved Bundle Monster Image Plates from different collections.

The images stamped in black were done with my almost-finished bottle of Konad Special Nail Polish in Black, and for Mr. Skelly Ton, I asked China Glaze Snow for some help!

Although I like all the designs, my favourite definitely is the skeleton because he looks like he’s throwing his hands in the air, and waving ’em all around like he just doesn’t care! 😉

Hehe, and when I show you that nail in closer detail, you’ll see how it appears that he’s throwing confetti in the air for a cray-cray dance party! (Yeah, that’s how excited I am about him. I never say cray-cray!)

I can also imagine him dancing to some awesome hip hop – haha, nothing like the music played by this skeleton I showed you a while ago on Instagram!

Also, as you can see, I trimmed my nails quite short, but look how much of the skeleton shows up! And see how even the fine details show up? I’m very impressed with the Bundle Monster image plate allowing me to pick up the image well with my Konad stamper!

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Nail Art: Chalkboard Nails or Back to School Nails

Chalkboard Nails Nail Art Back to SchoolI always feel the excitement when September rolls around, so this time, I decided to try my hand at my first ever Chalkboard Nails (or Back to School Nails)!

Ever since I first laid eyes on the Bundle Monster Holiday Collection Nail Stamping Image Plates, I knew I had to use BM-H23 for chalkboard nail art.

Although I smudged the design, and not all the white lines are crisp, I still fell in love with this look. To me, it really does look like chalk on a board. (And remember my philosophy? Happiness is more important than perfection!) Plus how can you not smile when you see globes, the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (E=mc²), a glass beaker, and a mathematical equation on your nails? 😉

(Check out my photos of my thumb. You’ll be able to see more of the design. I have small fingers, so the entire design didn’t show up on the other 4 nails. But, the good news is that you get enough of the pattern showing up well!)

The green base is the lovely Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle, the white polish is Konad Special Nail Polish White, and to give the entire design that authentic chalkboard feel, I finished off the look with the OPI Matte Top Coat.

It’s been several years since I graduated from university with my Psychology Honours B.A., but I still get mistaken for being a student. (It’s always funny when I tell people my age, and I witness the look of surprise creep up on their face.)

For all of you who are going back to school today, I hope that the day goes smoothly and that you have a great time with your friends (and that you meet new kindred spirits)!

Although studying isn’t as fun as nail polish, put in the effort and try your best to do well. Your education is important, and even if it seems very stressful, stick to it. All your hardships and experiences in school really do help to shape you and prepare you for life later on, not just with book smarts.

Enjoy working on your projects, doing presentations for class, checking out the cutie who sits 2 desks in front of you, and getting involved with extracurricular activities to keep you well-rounded.

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Nail Art: Owl Nails

Owl Nails Nail Art PicturesYou’ll remember that not long ago, I bought the brand new Bundle Monster image plate set. The two owl designs made it a must-have for me.

To make China Glaze Elephant Walk more my style, I turned them into Owl Nails with the help of Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-309.

After these cuties were on my nails, I fell in love with the manicure. And I appreciated the grey as the base colour.

I painted the tips of my nails black with China Glaze Liquid Leather so that the owls would have something to stand on.

If you look really closely at the cute owl on my middle finger, you’ll see that he’s a bit of a show-off. While all the others have their feet on the ground, he’s balancing himself on just one leg! 😉 What an attention-seeker!

Hehe, I also like how the owls look like they’re either wearing monocles or they have shiners!

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Nail Art: Black & Yellow Konadicure (Using China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini & Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-208)

Yellow & Black Nails Nail Art SwatchesYesterday I flossed China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini on here, but if you read the post, you knew that I put something on top.

Well, this is what I did! 🙂 Of course, since it’s such an in-your-face, high-contrast manicure, I loved it!

Even though the yellow solo was flashy, I had to put it ‘over the top’ like Steven Tyler kept saying on American Idol this week. 😛

What do you think of this Black & Yellow Konadicure (or…BundleMonstericure)?

Does it make you think of that Black and Yellow song? Or does it remind you of bumblebees who vandalized the beehive? (It reminds me of both.)

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Nail Art: Pink & Black Zebra Nails Using Konad Image Plate m57

Pink & Black Zebra Nail Art Nail SwatchesYesterday, I shared my thoughts with you on OPI I’m All Ears from the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection. Although it was like, it wasn’t love.

So, what did I do? I Konaded the *beep* out of it. 😉 Here are Pink & Black Zebra Nails!

I turned to my tried-and-true full-nail Konad image plate m57. The zebra print never lets me down. Even when I’ve used it over a polish I didn’t care for, it turns it into a winning manicure for me that I enjoy wearing.

Haha, maybe it’s a cop-out because I’m sure you all have seen this zebra print a bazillion times. It’s nothing revolutionary now. But, it just goes to show you what a must-have the Konad m57 image plate is! 🙂 If you don’t already have it, get it!

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Nail Art: Shamrock Nails

Shamrock Nails Nail Art Swatches & PicturesFour-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and poor little rabbits’ paws are all considered to be good-luck charms.

While I do believe that some people are graced with good luck in certain situations, I don’t believe that carrying around these ‘charms’ does anything except calm your nerves. (That being said, a couple of years ago, I dressed up as Lady Luck for Hallowe’en and won first place for Best Female Costume.) 😀

The only kind of lucky charm that I enjoy is the edible kind – the Lucky Charms cereal…hehe!

To honour St. Patrick’s Day in advance, I decided to do these easy Shamrock Nails.

Why the fishnet design? Why not? 😉 I thought having the shamrocks on all the nails would just be boring, and I remembered how much I loved the fishnet pattern the first time I tried it over a red polish.

Looking back now, though, I wish that I did the same design on my thumb’s nail for all of my fingers. I like the combination of the shamrock and the fishnet on the same nail.

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Nail Art: Black & Blue Konadicure Using Essie Lapis of Luxury & Konad Image Plate m78

Black & Blue Konadicure Using Konad Image Plate m78 PicturesI was craving a funky manicure, but I didn’t have time to spend on freehand nail art. For times like these, nail stamping comes to the rescue like a caped, lacquered crusader. 😉

To create this Black & Blue Konadicure, I used Essie Lapis of Luxury, which I’ve been dying to try and the trippy full-nail pattern on Konad Image Plate m78.

As you can see, I was in quite a hurry, so the stamping is a bit fuzzy, but in real life (when your nails aren’t blown up to such a large size), the imperfections didn’t show as much.

There are tons of people who are so much better at nail stamping than I am, but the finished look was exactly what I was going for, flaws and all. 🙂

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