How to Get 3 Free Zoya Nail Polishes & 3 Free Mystery Shades

Remember all the times when I blogged about Zoya and said how I wished that they’d ship to Canada because then I would go nuts? Well, call me a pecan, baby, because I’m dethroning Mr. Macadamia! 😉

If you follow me on social media, you already know what I’m going to say because I jumped on the latest Zoya offer like a kangaroo on a Pogo Stick. (Yeah, that’s a lot of jumping, ain’t it?)

For Zoya’s latest promotion only, they’re extending it not just to Americans (as usual), but also us Canadians! (When I first saw the offer, I had to read it a few times just to make sure I wasn’t in some kind of nail-polish dream.)

Zoya Ships to Canada

Until 11:59 pm EST today (January 14), get any 3 Zoya shades plus 3 mystery colours free when you use coupon code NYNH at checkout on Zoya’s website. (Valid in Canada and the US. Sorry international nailphiles. One day, I hope they’ll also include you.)

When you add 3 colours to your cart, you’ll only have to pay the shipping and processing fee. But, I highly recommend that you buy more – at least $25 USD more. (Hehe! I’m not just saying that because I’m a nail junkie.)

I purchased 6 colours (Yara, Muse, Chita, Ali, Shawn, and Dree), and got free shipping. All I had to pay was the international processing fee, which came to $8.76 USD. My total for the order of 3 polishes, 3 free polishes, and 3 free mystery mini polishes came to $36.76 USD.

The 3 free mystery colours have never been available for retail sale and won’t be available for individual sale. The shades will be available exclusively in mini (0.25 oz) sizes as part of this mystery gift only! (If you’re a serious Zoya nail-polish collector, I know that your rabbit ears are up right now.)

Head over to Zoya’s website to read all the details.

I hope that Zoya will open up more promotions to Canadians and that it won’t just be a one-time thing. It would be so much fun to take advantage of the awesome sales they have.

Out of all the big nail-polish companies out there, Zoya does the most promotional marketing with sales, so that might be dangerous for my wallet, but I’m willing to take the risk. 😉

P.S. If you need help choosing some Zoya nail-polish shades, check out all the ones I’ve blogged about here. (Check out the secondthird, fourth, and more pages for in-depth reviews and swatches of more Zoya nail polishes.)

Have you or will you take advantage of this Zoya promotion? What do you think the mystery shades will look like? Where do you usually buy your Zoya nail polishes?


12 thoughts on “How to Get 3 Free Zoya Nail Polishes & 3 Free Mystery Shades

  1. Joyce

    My collegues are now convinced I’m not just crazy but I have trouble swallowing as well. I was reading this post on my lunch break and when I came to the kangaroo on a pogo stick I sprayed a mouthful of tea all over my monitor, keyboard and desk! I guess my imagination is way too vivid 😉

    Now if Zoya would finally understand there are polish fans in Europe as well…
    Joyce recently posted: Glam Polish – Break The Ice

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      HAHAHHA! Hey, us nailphiles aren’t crazy. It’s everyone ELSE who’s crazy! Right? RIGHT? Hehehehe! 😉

      Thanks for not only visiting my blog, but also for reading what I write. That means a lot to me that you’re so attentive!

  2. Melissa

    I’ve ordered my set of 3 and can’t wait to see what the mystery colors are going to be. This is such a great deal, I couldn’t pass it up. LOL

  3. Em

    Yeah, they finally ship to Canada (and I was so wishing for this too!!), but the current MINI5 promotion, no: save $5 and pay $7.40 for the international processing fee. Why do they even bother promoting this one outside the US? Our price ends up being almost $11 US per 15 mL (though it’s true you generally pay more per mL for minis). I feel if they can afford to send press samples to bloggers for marketing, they could also afford to not antagonize their international customers.

    For the time being it seems that buying from a re-seller is the better deal. Maybe their whole point is to add the fee so they don’t undercut their own vendors? But we were excited about buying directly from Zoya so we could also benefit from the specials, which will not be the case for this one. Sad.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Em!

      Have you tried putting more polishes into the cart along with the minis? I wonder if you’ll get free shipping or not if you hit a certain price threshold. (With Zoya’s first Canadian-friendly promotion, I remember ordering more polishes, and at checkout, they waived the international processing fee, and I got free shipping to Canada.)

      For the Zoya minis, according to the information I received, they aren’t sending any of the Zoya Delight Minis press samples for review. I’m not sure if it’s just for me, all Canadian bloggers, or all bloggers in general. These minis are a special purchase.

      Also, you have to consider the reach of a blog. 🙂 For instance, although I’m Canadian, I have a lot of American and international readers. Even if an offer helps out Americans and not everyone, I still like to share the news in case someone somewhere finds it helpful. Although, when I can, such as when I put the spotlight on Inglot’s Toronto store or Consonant Skincare in Toronto, I try to promote local gems, too.


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