Gigi Hadid Is the New Face of Maybelline New York (Plus Q&A!)

Gigi-Hadid-MaybellineYou know that I’m a nail and beauty junkie, but my interest goes beyond just cosmetics.

I love learning more about the people behind a brand and those who represent it because they add the human perspective that can help you better relate to a company.

But, if the people leading the company aren’t good, that can leave a sour note and take away from whatever they’re marketing.

Yesterday, I received some interesting news in my inbox – information about Maybelline’s newest spokesperson, Gigi Hadid(Pictured left)

I never knew much about 19-year-old Gigi Hadid before, so I Googled her and ended up finding lots of bikini photos. Haha! But after doing some Wikipedia research and also reading the official press release (included in this post), I realized that there’s more to her than just her good looks.

She began modelling for Guess Baby and was discovered by Paul Marciano when she was only 2 years old! When she got older, she also modelled for Guess and then began strutting on the catwalk of several big designers including Marc Jacobs, Chanel, and Jean Paul Gaultier. She also won the First Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards’ Model of the Year for 2015.

Although her major career achievements show that she’s hard-working and savvy at seizing opportunities, what I found more interesting was that she’s currently studying criminal psychology. Also, back in high school, she was a competitive horseback rider and the captain of her varsity volleyball team.

Later in this post, I also share an interview with Gigi Hadid. She dishes her thoughts on fashion, beauty, Maybelline, and more!

In particular, I loved her answer about what Maybelline’s tagline, “Born with it” means to her because I also believe that everyone is beautiful. More specifically, I believe that everyone’s soul is beautiful. Physical attributes are just things that fade over time, but the soul is eternal and radiates from each person.

With insecurities picking away at us like pigeons on sidewalk crumbs, even the most confident people can find it challenging to appreciate their unique beauty and get suckered into thinking that there’s only a singular definition of ‘beautiful’.

On this blog, I constantly harp about my life philosophy of “happiness over perfection”. Not only am I reminding you, but also reminding myself that if we make the effort to see the positive in ourselves and others instead of ‘what it should be’ or ‘how to be perfect all the time’, we might begin living life in a carefree way that speaks to our soul.

Maybelline Gigi Hadid

Below is the official press release sent to me by PR: 

Maybelline New York Welcomes Gigi Hadid

New York, January 14, 2015 – Maybelline New York announced today that American golden girl Gigi Hadid is their newest spokesperson. Gigi will join an elite group of spokeswomen which includes Christy Turlington, Adriana Lima, Jourdan Dunn, Emily DiDonato, Marloes Horst, Kemp Muhl, and a host of others.

“Being a Maybelline New York spokesperson means more to me than anyone can imagine; it doesn’t seem real! It’s the most incredible feeling and is a dream come true,” said Gigi. “I feel so honored and humbled to be a part of the iconic brand I grew up with, and I am very excited by this opportunity.”

At only 19, Gigi has graced the runways of Marc Jacobs, Giles, Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jeremy Scott, and Chanel. She landed the cover of the fourth installment of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book, and the December 2014 cover of Harper’s Bazaar in Malaysia. Mentored by Carine Roitfeld, Gigi has sat for renowned photographers including Steven Meisel, Mario Sorrenti, Craig McDean, Bruce Weber, Gilles Bensimon, Sebastian Faena, and Ellen Von Unwerth.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gigi Hadid to Maybelline New York,” said Jerome Bruhat, Global Brand President.   “As the fashion industry’s newest “it” girl, Gigi is known for her confident, fun, seductive spirit. She reflects our brand values and represents Maybelline New York women all over the world who are smart, sexy, optimistic and full of life.”

The green-blue-eyed beauty’s modeling career began at a young age when she was discovered by Guess co-founder Paul Marciano. She would go on to model for Baby Guess, Guess Kids, then graduating to Guess. Campaigns with Tom Ford, Sports Illustrated, and a spot in the notorious 2015 Pirelli calendar have followed.

A Malibu native, the media darling now calls the streets of New York City home. Entering 2015 on a high note, Gigi has a striking international social media presence, clocking in at over 1.4 million Instagram followers and 193K Twitter devotees. In 2014, she landed on’s Top 50 Models list,’s Top Sexiest Models list, Sports Illustrated‘s12 Rookies Who Rocked 2014, and Rolling Stone’s 25 Hottest Sex Symbols of 2014.

Gigi will make her Maybelline New York debut in advertising campaigns later this year.

Gigi Hadid Maybelline New York



1) Have you always been passionate about fashion?

Since I was young, I have been very intrigued with fashion and cosmetics print advertising and TV commercials. I would always sit in my room and try and reenact the ones I loved. I also love walking past stores and seeing the window displays.

2) How would you describe your style?

Casual chic. I love to glam up on occasion, but for a normal day, I love a cute outfit that is comfortable. I’d say my style represents both my California upbringing and my current New York City lifestyle.

3) What’s your favorite piece in your wardrobe now?

I’m not sure I can choose a favourite, but I think that everyone needs the perfect-fitting jeans and a perfect pair of boots. My favorite boots right now are Chanel, and my favorite jeans would have to be my high-rise 3-zip cropped pair by Guess.

6) What show has been your favourite to walk in and why?

Chanel was probably my favorite show because it was so organized, professional, and stress-free. I loved it not only because it was a highlight of my life and career, but mostly I was able to enjoy and take in the beauty of the show because it was so well-run.

7) Who are your biggest fashion influences?

Carine Roitfeld has been one of my biggest fashion influencers not only inspirationally but also because of how much she’s guided and supported my career in fashion. She has one of the most effortlessly cool ways of expressing herself through fashion, which I think everyone should want to emulate regardless of their personal style. From the moment we met, she took me under her wing, taught me so much, and led me to so many opportunities. I can’t thank her enough for how much she’s helped get me to where I am today, and I’m so excited to be able tell her that one of my biggest dreams has come true, I’m working with MAYBELLINE!

8) Who are your favourite designers?

My favourite designers range from Australian fashion labels, like The Fifth Label, Finders Keepers, and Cameo, to Diesel, Pucci, Chanel, Prada, and Saint Laurent. It also really depends on whether I’m going to walk down the street or down a red carpet. My wardrobe is very high/low.

9) Who is your dream team glam squad (makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist)?

Allan Avendaño (makeup) and John Ruggiero (hair) are two people that I’ve been working with since I was 15. They are extremely talented and can make me smile and laugh all day long! I also love Charlotte Tilbury. She’s a master! Wardrobe-wise, Carine Roitfeld will always be part of my dream team!


1) What makes a woman beautiful?

Confidence and presence.

2) What are your thoughts on the power of makeup?

I think that makeup has the power to really change someone’s confidence. It is true that beauty comes from within, but I know that when I’m feeling down and I put makeup on, it automatically makes me feel beautiful and therefore changes my mood. Good makeup is one of the best accessories.

3) Did you learn any beauty tips or tricks from your mother or grandmother?

My mom mostly taught me about taking care of my skin, especially protecting it from sun-damage. One thing we used to do together when I was young was exfoliate our lips with a sugar scrub and a wet towel. She also taught me that less is more with makeup.

4) What makeup items do you always have with you?

I don’t know if it’s cliché to say this, but it’s so true: I’ve been using the same Maybelline concealer (Super Stay 24Hr Concealer) and Maybelline lash curler since I started wearing makeup. Every time a new collection would come out from the brand, I’d find my favourites, which right now are Maybelline New York The Nudes eye shadow palette and Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’ Express mascara. I’ve always thought that makeup didn’t have to be expensive to be great, and really respect that about Maybelline.

5) What is the one makeup item that you cannot live without?

Since I started wearing makeup, any Maybelline mascara!

6) What is your signature makeup look?

Natural, golden, glowy, and contoured.

7) What is your favorite beauty look to rock at night?

I love a cat eye, but it doesn’t come out much. I usually stick to my signature makeup look at night too.

8) Who is your beauty icon?

When I was young I loved Candice Swanepoel’s makeup looks for events. I think she does a really great job of letting the makeup show off her face rather than take it over.

9) How do you translate catwalk to sidewalk?

Style wise, I think it’s fun to mix catwalk pieces or inspired pieces with more casual things, to “street” it up, and leave the full-runway looks for the shows and red carpets.

10) What beauty trends are you most excited about for the coming spring/summer season?

I love a fun lip colour!

11) What is your beauty routine from the moment you wake up in the morning?

I wake up and wash and moisturize my face. My everyday must-have makeup is a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a bit of bronzer, but that is just to get me started. At night I wash and moisturize as well.


1) How does it feel to join the Maybelline New York family?

I’m still in shock, honestly. It’s the most incredible feeling and such a dream come true! The other Maybelline spokespeople are friends and idols of mine, people that I think so highly of, and I’m honoured to be an addition. I love those who I’ve met of the Maybelline family and can’t wait to get to know everyone else.

2) What does it mean to be a Maybelline New York spokesperson?

Being a Maybelline spokesperson means more than anyone can imagine; it doesn’t seem real! I remember being young, seeing the commercials and singing along to the Maybelline jingle, imagining myself on that screen. Now here I am, dreams really do come true. To know that the Maybelline team believes in and trusts that I can represent their brand is honestly so incredible. I think that the Maybelline girl is someone who is super-relatable to so many of us, and it’s an honour to be a representative of that. She’s a girl that goes straight from work to a party and adds a dash of lipstick to spice up her look. I hope to always make the Maybelline team proud by inspiring costumers to use Maybelline by showing them that even though I’m a spokesperson, I’m just like them, and we can all use Maybelline to help us feel beautiful. I’m so honoured, humbled, and excited by this opportunity.

3) What does “born with it” mean to you?

Personally, I think that “born with it” is the perfect way to show that Maybelline is here to embrace every face. It’s a brand that wants to help each individual person express their unique self and highlight their beautiful features with amazing makeup, not hide their face or cover it up. Everyone can find what they’re looking for with Maybelline products and use them in different ways. Sometimes everyone needs a little nudge to remind themselves that they were born beautiful.

4) What are you most looking forward to when working with Maybelline New York?

I’m looking forward to really getting to know the team and becoming part of the Maybelline family! I’m so excited to be able to truly represent and stand behind products that I’ve always been a genuine fan of. Hopefully I’ll learn some makeup skills along the way too.

5) Describe Maybelline New York as a brand.

Maybelline as a brand really embraces every type of woman. Whether you’re someone that wants an hour to do your makeup, or five minutes, Maybelline creates innovative, affordable, and user-friendly ways to get anyone’s perfect look.

6) What was the first Maybelline New York product you ever used?

I really started to wear makeup when I started high school, and I remember Maybelline being all my girlfriends’ favorite makeup brand. I think the first Maybelline product I ever used was my best friend’s Super Stay 24 Hr Concealer (a product that I still use today), because who doesn’t have to cover up their pimples in 9th grade (and after)?!

7) What are your favourite Maybelline New York products?

My favourites at the moment are The Nudes eye shadow palette and Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’ Express mascara.


1) What does New York City mean to you?

NYC is honestly a place where no dream seems too big. The possibilities are endless here.

2) Describe New York City in one word.


3) What are your favorite places to shop for clothes in New York City?

I love shopping in Soho, the mix of commercial and local stores is amazing.

4) What are your favourite restaurants in New York City?

Gemma, The Egg Shop, The Smile, Nobu, Bar Pitti, Emack & Bolios (PLEASE COME BACK TO SOHO), I could go on forever, New York is a foodie’s heaven!

5) What do you do for leisure or fun in your free time?

I love being with my friends, walking around, and finding new restaurants and stores.

6) Where would you like to travel?

I’d love to visit Africa and go on a safari!

7) What is your favourite food?


8) Do you enjoy reading? What is your favourite book?

Yes, I love to read mostly the news. My favourite books include The Giver, Brave New World, and Walk Two Moons. I’m currently reading The Alchemist.

9) Do you exercise? What is your favorite workout?

Every day that I’m in New York, and not working, I box at Gotham Gym with my trainer Rob Piela. I grew up my whole life playing sports, so just working out at the gym doesn’t do it for me mentally. I love boxing because I feel like it’s something I can get better at and it takes my mind off of reality when I’m doing it. It’s a great mental escape and I’m always excited to get back in the gym. Gotham is like my second home in the city.

10) Why did you choose The New School?

I chose The New School because it’s a place where everyone has a lot of hobbies and interests, and the school embraces that and allows students to explore all of those things, instead of making them choose one.

11) What are you studying?

I study criminal psychology at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts.

12) What type of do you music listen to?

I listen to everything from Beyoncé to Michael Bublé. Though, my favorite artist has to be John Mayer; I could listen to all of his albums start to finish.

13) What three songs are constantly on repeat?

Right now, “New Flame” by Chris Brown, “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith, and “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift.

14) What are your plans after modelling?

I think I’ll always be in the entertainment industry; would love to have a talk show or cooking show some day!

15) What gives you confidence in your job as model and in life?

I get more confident as I reach more of my goals because I know how hard my team and I work, and it’s really fulfilling to be rewarded through opportunities.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post about Maybelline’s newest spokesperson, Gigi Hadid! (I plan to share more information about the people in the beauty industry on here because while it’s fun to gush over the latest products, I also want to emphasize the human element.)

What does Maybelline’s slogan, “Born with it” mean to you? Which company do you support because of the people behind or representing it? Is there a brand that you’d like to learn more about, in terms of who runs the show behind the scenes? Let me know, and I can look into it!


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  1. Melissa

    Such a pretty young lady and it sounds like she’s got a good head on her shoulders too. I think she’s going to go far.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Nail Polish Society!

      I used to subscribe to fashion magazines when I was younger, but now I don’t, so I understand how you feel about being ‘out of the loop’. However, nail polish ties in fashion trends a lot, so at least we have that! 😉


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