Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches & Review

Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches Review

Nails get hopping with Easter-Bunny-approved shades from the Zoya Thrive Collection that resemble sweet treats!

Fill your nail basket with the cremes, shimmers and a topper from the Zoya Thrive Spring 2018 Collection.

Which ones would I highly recommend? Which have that classic and effortless Zoya formula I’ve come to expect and love? See the rest of this post to find out!

There are six shades in the Zoya Thrive Collection:

  • Monroe: some like it hot, and some like it a deep berry.
  • Haruko: nails explore the secret garden filled with lilac blossoms.
  • Brandi: pinkie swear you’ll think this muted pink is a breeze to apply.
  • Leisel: this layering polish is like twinkling fairy lights for your nails.
  • Darby: soft blue reminiscent of relaxing raindrops.
  • Trudith: truth be told, this purple is an every-day and any-day staple.

Zoya Thrive Collection Pictures

Zoya Thrive Collection 2018

Zoya Thrive Collection

Zoya Thrive Collection

Zoya Thrive Collection

Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches

Note: all these swatches are shown with no top coat, so you can see what the formula’s performance on its own.

Zoya Monroe

Zoya Monroe is a deep raspberry creme that’s highly pigmented and requires just two easy coats to completely cover the nail line. This has the amazing formula that I’ve come to expect from and love about most Zoya nail polishes.

Zoya Monroe Swatch Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches

Zoya Monroe (2 coats)

Zoya Haruko

Zoya Haruko is a touch more pink in real life than my photo would suggest. It’s still very much a beautiful lilac, fresh and clean like the cluster of blossoms of which it reminds me.

There’s also  a “secret” shimmer that you’ll notice more up close and when the sunlight kisses your manicure. It adds that bit of extra depth to keep your nails from falling flat.

To completely cover the nail line, I needed to use three coats.

Zoya Haruko Swatch Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches

Zoya Haruko (3 coats)

Zoya Brandi

Zoya Brandi is a slightly muted pink with an effortless creme formula. It goes on smoothly and very pigmented: two coats are all that’s needed.

Zoya Brandi Swatch Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches

Zoya Brandi (2 coats)

Zoya Leisel

Zoya Leisel is like a twinkling fairy for your nails. The shimmer breathes life into a manicure with pink and purple reflects. It’s a very beautiful polish, but keep in mind that when worn solo, it’s very sheer. You’ll have to use several coats to completely cover your nail line. In fact, Zoya markets this polish as a topper.

Here, I used four coats, which is my upper limit (and I could still see my nail line slightly). I refuse to paint more than that because…”ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!”

I suggest using Zoya Leisel as it was intended. This layering polish would be beautiful on top of a purple, black or even navy.

Zoya Leisel Swatch Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches

Zoya Leisel (4 coats)

Zoya Darby

Zoya Darby is my top pick from the Thrive Collection because this muted blue reminds me of those rainy spring days I love. Hearing the sound of raindrops hit the ground or land on windows is so relaxing…well, unless you have to urgently use the restroom, I suppose! 😉

Zoya Darby is the sophisticated way to wear blue because it isn’t loud. For those who tend to stick to neutrals, you may want to consider this if you’re curious about straying beyond your comfort zone just a little.

Great pigmentation with a fantastic formula. Two coats to reach full opacity!

Zoya Darby Swatch Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches

Zoya Darby (2 coats)

Zoya Trudith

Zoya Trudith is a soft, slightly dusty purple that I adore. It’s one of those “anytime colours” that don’t require much thought. You know you can rely on it time and time again to deliver a pretty and fuss-free manicure. (This is my second favourite polish from the Zoya Thrive Collection, and I can see myself wearing this colour several times all year long.)

Pigmentation on this creme was wonderful – just two dreamy coats to get full coverage. The formula applied easily and smoothly without streaking.

Zoya Trudith Swatch Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches

Zoya Trudith (2 coats)

The Zoya Thrive Collection is available on Zoya.com and Nail Polish Canada.

Note: this post contains press samples provided by PR.

Which are your top picks from the Zoya Thrive Collection? Do you like layering polishes, or do you prefer pigmented ones that stand alone?


6 thoughts on “Zoya Thrive Collection Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa

    These are great colors. As always, they look great on you. Thank you for sharing your review. I’ve added a couple of them to my wish list. LOL

  2. Ashley

    I’m really drawn to Darby and Trudith. I feel like I have a lot of mauvey purples, but something about Trudith looks different – perhaps it is much lighter than similar hues? It looks gorgeous on you!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      Trudith is muted, yet not dull. I think it’s a sophisticated purple, which is different than the standard Easter purples, which are bright. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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