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Shimmer Jasmine Swatches & Review (Layered Over Adorn Age of Aquarius)

Shimmer Jasmine Swatches & ReviewWhile I was wearing Adorn Age of Aquarius not long ago, I caught sight of my bottle of Shimmer Jasmine on my computer desk.

It only took exactly 2.646785868 seconds after it winked at me to realize the 2 nail polishes were a match made in nail-polish heaven.

Shortly after I sported this look, I swear I saw the two bottles of nail polish canoodling on the sofa. (Yeah, Jasmine is such a flirt, apparently! And just where are those hands going, Age of Aquarius? Put them where I can see ’em!) 😉

I really loved wearing this dynamic duo together – they really complement each other! Continue reading


Shimmer Leslie Swatches & Review (Layered Over a-england Rose Bower)

Shimmer Leslie Swatches & ReviewRed and blue are a Superman colour combination that I really like because of how bold it is.

I tend to pair these colours together with clothing. I have a vivid-red t-shirt that’s very comfortable, and whenever I wear that, I like to sport blue nail polish and blue eyeliner.

So when I was wearing a-england Rose Bower, I couldn’t help but apply a coat of Shimmer Leslie on top!

This is a glitter that’s really fun to wear and that you can easily pair with so many different base colours. It’s easy to create a contrasting manicure or to layer it over a similar-blue base for a more-opaque look. Continue reading


Shimmer Julie Swatches & Review (Gradient Glitter Over China Glaze Bottoms Up)

Shimmer Julie Swatches & ReviewA little while ago, Cindy (the creative genius behind Shimmer nail polishes) reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of her lacquers.

I had never tried any of her glitters before, so I was curious. Plus I had seen a lot of great nail bloggers singing praises.

Curiosity killed the cat. (But all cats go to heaven, right?) 😉

Thanks to Cindy’s overwhelming generosity, I have quite a few Shimmer polishes to share with you.

In today’s post, I’d like to put the spotlight on Shimmer Julie, which is the very first one I wore.

Instead of wearing it as a full-on glitter manicure, I decided to play with it and create a slight gradient-glitter manicure layered over a pink, China Glaze Bottoms Up, which I will review soon.

Continue reading