Shimmer Leslie Swatches & Review (Layered Over a-england Rose Bower)

Shimmer Leslie Swatches & ReviewRed and blue are a Superman colour combination that I really like because of how bold it is.

I tend to pair these colours together with clothing. I have a vivid-red t-shirt that’s very comfortable, and whenever I wear that, I like to sport blue nail polish and blue eyeliner.

So when I was wearing a-england Rose Bower, I couldn’t help but apply a coat of Shimmer Leslie on top!

This is a glitter that’s really fun to wear and that you can easily pair with so many different base colours. It’s easy to create a contrasting manicure or to layer it over a similar-blue base for a more-opaque look.

Shimmer Leslie Pictures

Shimmer Leslie


Shimmer Leslie Pictures & Swatches

Natural Light

Shimmer Leslie Photos


Shimmer Polish Leslie


Shimmer Leslie Photos & Swatches

Natural Light

Shimmer Leslie Pictures


Shimmer Leslie Swatches

All swatches have:

Sunlight Photos

Shimmer Leslie Swatches & Review

Shimmer Leslie Swatch

Leslie Shimmer Swatch

Shimmer Leslie Review & Swatch

Shimmer Leslie Swatch & Review

Shimmer Leslie Swatches

Natural Light Photos

Shimmer Leslie Photos & Swatch

Leslie by Shimmer Swatches

Shimmer Leslie Swatch & Pictures

Shimmer Leslie Swatch, Review & Pictures

Shimmer Nail Polish Leslie Swatches

Shimmer Leslie Pictures & Swatch

Flash Photos

Shimmer Leslie Swatch

Shimmer Leslie Review & Swatch

Shimmer Leslie Review & Swatches

Shimmer Leslie Swatch & Review

Shimmer Leslie Swatches


  • Periwinkle & lavender glitter (Yes)

Key Notes

Shimmer Leslie Review


Holy smokes, there’s so much going on in this nail polish! If there was such a thing as a glitter tornado, this is probably what it would look like!

The main colours in this are blue and purple. And when I wore Leslie by Shimmer over a strong red base, I noticed that the blue tended to dominant over the purple. Perhaps the purple would come out more if you layered this over black.


It should be as clear as day that this is a pure glitterbomb! There’s so much glitter suspended in a clear base that it’s like you put a fun disco ball into your nail polish.

There are large blue hexagons, small blue hexagons, small purple hexagons, tiny silver glitter, and probably a lot more! When it’s on your nails, as a collective, all the shapes blend together for a more cohesive look.

Due to the high concentration of glitter in varying shapes, the finish had noticeable texture. After putting on a clear top coat, it helped to smooth it out a little. If you want it to feel completely smooth like glass, you may need more than one layer of top coat.

Application & Formula

The formula was on the thick and chunky side, but that’s typical of glitterbombs.

I noticed that where I first touched my nail with the brush was where the majority of the glitter wanted to hold a party. 😉 But, you can get it to even out if you use your brush to manipulate the glitter. Sometimes you can’t just paint with regular vertical strokes. You may need to use a dabbing motion to fill in the spots that are sparse.

Leslie by Shimmer dried pretty fast, which is always a plus!

Removing this bad boy takes a little bit of effort, but I expected it. You may want to use the foil method to make it easier on yourself. (I have these little plastic ‘bubbles’ that a friend gave me. You fill them with nail-polish remover, put them over each nail, wait a few minutes, and then remove your polish as usual. I need to review them soon.)

These days, as much as I love glitter nail polish, I try not to use 3 solid coats of it because I’m not a fan of having to scrub my nails to remove it. Instead, I like to use beautiful glitters like this for layering. This way, I get the fun look without the hassle later on!


  • Glitterbomb!
  • Different sizes & shapes of blue & purple glitter
  • Dries quickly


  • Challenging to remove (Use the foil method for easier removal or use this mainly as a layering polish.)

Final Verdict: 7/10

Leslie by Shimmer is a pretty polish, and I can see how versatile it is since it has a clear base. You can have a lot of fun layering this to achieve completely different manicures!

What would you layer Shimmer Leslie over? What was the most recent glitter nail polish you wore? If you could design your own glitter polish, what would it look like?


8 thoughts on “Shimmer Leslie Swatches & Review (Layered Over a-england Rose Bower)

  1. karen

    That’s quite an amazing range of glitter sizes for one tiny bottle and it’s so pretty!

    Can’t wait to see your review on the little bubble things. I’ve been seeing them around and was wondering how well they perform? Are they difficult to clean? Do they ‘strangle’ your fingers by gripping too tightly?

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Karen!

      Yes, there’s so much going on! It’s like if a glitter monster got dizzy and puked. This is the fun stuff that would come out. (Aww, poor monster!) 😉

      I wasn’t too impressed by the bubble nail-polish removers. And, even though I have very skinny fingers, they did grip my fingers tightly (to the point of leaving indentations for a few minutes).


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