Shimmer Jasmine Swatches & Review (Layered Over Adorn Age of Aquarius)

Shimmer Jasmine Swatches & ReviewWhile I was wearing Adorn Age of Aquarius not long ago, I caught sight of my bottle of Shimmer Jasmine on my computer desk.

It only took exactly 2.646785868 seconds after it winked at me to realize the 2 nail polishes were a match made in nail-polish heaven.

Shortly after I sported this look, I swear I saw the two bottles of nail polish canoodling on the sofa. (Yeah, Jasmine is such a flirt, apparently! And just where are those hands going, Age of Aquarius? Put them where I can see ’em!) 😉

I really loved wearing this dynamic duo together – they really complement each other!

Shimmer Jasmine Pictures

Shimmer Jasmine Swatch & Picture

Natural Light

Shimmer Jasmine Review


Shimmer Jasmine Photos

Natural Light

Shimmer Jasmine Nail Polish


Shimmer Jasmine Swatches

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Natural Light Photos

Shimmer Jasmine Swatches & Review

Shimmer Jasmine Review & Swatches

Shimmer Jasmine

Shimmer Jasmine Swatch

Shimmer Jasmine Swatch & Review

Shimmer Jasmine Swatches

Shimmer Jasmine Review & Swatch

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Shimmer Jasmine Swatch

Shimmer Jasmine Review & Swatch

Shimmer Jasmine Review & Swatches

Shimmer Jasmine Swatch & Review

Shimmer Jasmine Swatches


  • Aquamarine Blue & Green (Yes) – But there’s even more going on in the bottle!

Key Notes

Shimmer Jasmine Review


Shimmer Jasmine is like a mermaid getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It’s blingy, but there’s something aquatic about it.

I just love these kind of colours because they’re fresh and lively. Plus it’s the kind of blue-green that flatters many different skin tones.

The glitter in this polish is wild – blue, green, gold, silver, orange, pink, and potentially even more colours. (There’s so much going on that it’s a bit hard for me to detect everything!)


Shimmer Jasmine is a glitterbomb, but one glimpse at it, and it’s very obvious! 😉

You get small pieces of glitter and some large hexagonal ones. Together, they’re very dense and suspended in a clear base. (The clear base means that it’s great for layering since it won’t alter shades you apply underneath.)

Since the glitter is chunky, the finish is gritty (as expected). However, with a thick top coat or multiple layers of thinner coats, you can make it feel smoother.

I enjoy using glitterbombs like this as layering polishes because you get the right amount of bling without having to scrub your fingers raw when you go to remove it.

If you apply the glitter alone and several layers, be prepared to spend a long time removing it later on. This glitter really clings on for dear life with white knuckles!

Application & Formula

The formula is thick, but I think it’s so that the polish coats the glitter.

If you just try to paint your nails like you would with a normal polish, you’ll find that the glitter tends to collect more in the same area. To rectify this, you may need to use a dabbing motion to fill in the sparse areas. It’s not that much extra effort, but it makes a big difference to the finished look.

I also found that the glitter tended to dry quicker, which is typical of dense glitterbombs like this.


  • Gorgeous glitter
  • Great for layering with (but can be worn solo, too)
  • Lots of different colours included
  • Different glitter sizes
  • Dries quickly


  • Challenging to remove (Use the foil method for easier removal or use this mainly as a layering polish.)

Final Verdict: 9/10

I really loved Shimmer Jasmine, but especially when I wore it layered over Adorn Age of Aquarius! These two polishes went hand in hand. (Remember my intro and how they’re love birds?) 😉

What would you layer Shimmer Jasmine over? If you could design any glitter nail polish, what would it look like? Do you like layering polishes, or do you prefer to just have something that’s ‘wear-and-go’?


8 thoughts on “Shimmer Jasmine Swatches & Review (Layered Over Adorn Age of Aquarius)

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Erin!

      Sometimes I like contrasting glitter, but when a base matches the glitter so well, it’s a must-wear! 🙂 Plus teals are some of my favourite colours to wear because they’re bold and fresh-looking.

      Glad you liked this one! I still have plenty other Shimmer polishes to share with you. (The company was very generous to send me so many to try out!)

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Shimmer Polish!

      Aww, thank you! It was sweet of you to come visit and leave a comment. Thanks for letting me try so many of your awesome nail polishes!


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