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Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Swatches & Review

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Swatches & ReviewYour eyes are like pools of mystery, waiting to be discovered like the beating of words against the drums of emotion.

Yeah, that’s right. I like being wooed in the most ridiculous way. None of that “Did you hurt yourself when you fell from heaven?” crap.

The weirder? The better!

In fact, a pet name I had for a then-boyfriend was “Sugar Possum”! Yeah, that kind of weird interests me. (His pet name for me was “Armadillo Pillow”, in case you were wondering.)

And Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk is an indie polish that strays enough from the ordinary to perk up my rabbit ears to make me take note!

It’s a really neat milky nail polish with fun glitter thrown in. If cookies and cream went to a snack party, I imagine this is how it would dress up. Yes, things like that happen in my mind. 😉 (Oh, if only I told you everything that goes on in this ‘mush upstairs’, and you’d be running for the hills! Hehe!)

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Rainbow Honey The Kraken Swatches & Review

Rainbow Honey The Kraken Swatches & ReviewRainbow Honey The Kraken from The Summer of 199X Collection reminds me so much of The Little Mermaid that I feel like I’m flipping my fins and getting into mischief while Sebastian the Crab is going nuts! 😉

This is one of the prettiest nail polish that I’ve worn in a long time.

It has that jellyish, ‘under-the-sea’ look, along with shimmer and glitter! It’s like looking at underwater treasure for your nails. 🙂

As you know, I’ve only worn a handful of Rainbow Honey nail polishes – it’s a new-to-me brand. So far, I’m highly impressed!

So, without further ado, release the Kraken! (Hehe, bonus points for anyone who gets that reference and who gets a giggle from it!)

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Rainbow Honey Magic Cake Swatches & Review (Layered Over OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around)

Rainbow Honey Magic Cake Swatches & ReviewI never had a plate of magic cake, but my nails got to experience a little bit of ‘abracadabra’! 😉

Today, I’d like to show you the awesomeness that is Rainbow Honey Magic Cake! (I layered it over OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around from the Brazil Collection.)

It’s one of the few indie nail polishes that I own, and it’s more fun than a bunch of animal balloons.

The bright colours make me think of my childhood because I used to wear a lot of neon clothing. (Hey, it was all the rage when I grew up in the 1980s!)

I just love how fun all the different pieces of glitter combine to create a fun party on your nails!

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Rainbow Honey XOXO Swatches & Review (Layered Over Zoya Song)

Rainbow Honey XOXO Swatches & ReviewRed and blue is one of my favourite nail-colour combinations because there’s so much contrast, and it always reminds me of Wonder Woman.

(Haha, when I wear this combination, I think to myself, “I am Wonder Woman!” It’s funny how nail polish can do that to me.)

So when I was looking in my Helmer for what to pair with Rainbow Honey XOXO from the Sweet Talk Collection, my eyes darted from drawer to drawer, seeking out a strong blue. (I ended up choosing Zoya Song.)

You could layer this over so many different shades, but I was in the mood for something in-your-face, and this combination certainly fits the bill.

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Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & Review

Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & ReviewI’m really excited to introduce Rainbow Honey Papillon to you!

It’s an unreleased colour, but don’t worry – I’m not a complete tease. 😉 It’ll be coming out officially in the upcoming Rainbow Honey Midnight Garden Spring Collection. That’s set to come out in the middle of March.

You may remember that I published a Quick Look post on a few Rainbow Honey nail polishes. This was one that I included in the mix.

Since it looked like it’d be a good layering polish, I decided to wear it over OPI Scores a Goal!, which is from the OPI Brazil Collection. (I loved the finished look!)

By the way, is it just me, or do you also think that Mariah Carey would go nuts over this polish? You know how she’s so into butterflies and her ’emancipation’? (Papillon is French for butterfly.)

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Quick Look: Rainbow Honey Nail Polishes

Rainbow Honey Glitter Nail PolishRainbow Honey Cosmetics is a company from Clifton, New Jersey that makes custom-blended nail lacquer.

Rainbow Honey is new to me, but even upon first glance, I was already impressed!

When I came home from work and tore open the package, I was swooning over the gorgeous nail polishes.

In this post, I’ll give you a first glimpse of the bottles and some swatches (natural light and flash). Then, in future posts, I’ll share them with you in separate, in-depth reviews, so you can truly see how beautiful they are!

Also, keep reading to the end because I share a special coupon code that you can use to save on your order if you decide to buy some from their official website.

And keep your eyes peeled because one of these nail polishes is unreleased and part of an upcoming collection!

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