Quick Look: Rainbow Honey Nail Polishes

Rainbow Honey Glitter Nail PolishRainbow Honey Cosmetics is a company from Clifton, New Jersey that makes custom-blended nail lacquer.

Rainbow Honey is new to me, but even upon first glance, I was already impressed!

When I came home from work and tore open the package, I was swooning over the gorgeous nail polishes.

In this post, I’ll give you a first glimpse of the bottles and some swatches (natural light and flash). Then, in future posts, I’ll share them with you in separate, in-depth reviews, so you can truly see how beautiful they are!

Also, keep reading to the end because I share a special coupon code that you can use to save on your order if you decide to buy some from their official website.

And keep your eyes peeled because one of these nail polishes is unreleased and part of an upcoming collection!

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish Pictures

When I opened the bubble mailing envelope, I got a sweet note printed on a cute rainbow letterhead. (Haha, can you tell that I’m a fan of rainbows? Just look at my blog’s design!) 😉

Rainbow Honey Custom Blended Nail Lacquer

I was very happy to see the care and attention paid to the wrapping of the actual nail polishes. The white tissue paper was carefully folded with a horizontal seam along the middle, and the silver sticker on the front was a classy touch.

Rainbow Honey Nail Polishes

When I turned it on its back, I smiled when I saw the little silver heart sticker. (These are the little things that I really appreciate because it has that personal touch that some companies lack.)

Rainbow Honey Cosmetics

Rainbow Honey generously provided me with five 5 mL nail-polish samples!

They mostly sell 15 mL bottles, but I saw a couple sets with 5 mL bottles, so sometimes you may be able to get minis.

The order of the polishes in this post are shown, left to right, as follows:

The Kraken and Magic Cake are 2 top glitters from 2013. (They were from the Rainbow Honey The Summer of 199X.)

Papillon is an unreleased shade that’ll be part of their upcoming Rainbow Honey Midnight Garden Spring Collection out mid-March 2014!

XOXO and Sweet Talk are from the Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Collection.

Rainbow Honey Glitter Nail Polish

Nail Polish Rainbow Honey

I like how the colour names are located on the sticker on top of the bottle. When I put them in my Helmer, it’s easy to quickly find the shade among my sea of nail polishes. (Me? Addicted? Nahhhh!) 😉

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk, XOXO, Papillon, Magic Cake & The Kraken

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish Quick Look

Rainbow Honey Nailpolish

Rainbow Honey The Kraken

Rainbow Honey The Kraken

Click here to see my Rainbow Honey The Kraken Swatches & Review!

Rainbow Honey Magic Cake

Rainbow Honey Magic Cake

Click here to see my Rainbow Honey Magic Cake Swatches & Review!

Rainbow Honey Papillon

Rainbow Honey Papillon

Click here to see my Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & Review!

Rainbow Honey XOXO

Rainbow Honey XOXO

Click here to see my Rainbow Honey XOXO Swatches & Review!

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk

Click here to see my Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Swatches & Review!

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish Swatches

Note: All swatches have 2 coats. All are shown solo with nothing layered beneath, so you can see which ones are more opaque and which ones would be more suitable for layering.

Natural Light Photos

Rainbow Honey Swatches

Flash Photos

Rainbow Honey Swatches Papillon Swatch Sweet Talk Swatch

Rainbow Honey was kind enough to provide me with these nail polishes for review. Thank you!

Remember the coupon code I mentioned at the beginning of this post? Here it comes!

Until March 31, 2014, use the promo code “ILOVENAILBLOGS” to receive $5 off your order on the official Rainbow Honey website!

I took a look at their website for the first time, and it’s so cute (and dangerous)! I pretty much want to buy everything! (Haha, so be careful when you visit.)

An interesting thing I saw is that if you spend at least $65, you’ll get a free Mystery Bag, which contains sneak peeks and previews of new polishes, unreleased samples of future collections, and other new products that are all, of course, a mystery until you get the bag. (The Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag can also be purchased for $10.)

On the Rainbow Honey website, they also sell cool things like scented top coats, scented cuticle balms, and an unscented top coat.

Rainbow Honey nail polishes are Big-3 free, so they don’t contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate. Also, these polishes are vegan and are never tested on animals.

Stay tuned later when I review each polish in-depth in separate posts! 🙂

Have you tried any Rainbow Honey nail polishes? Which of the ones I’ve shown here would you like to see an in-depth review of first? 


12 thoughts on “Quick Look: Rainbow Honey Nail Polishes

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey POW Nails!

      I plan to show Magic Cake on here soon! It was so different than anything I own, so I was really excited about that one…haha, and all the others! 😉 Rainbow Honey has a lot of polishes that really appeal to me, and it’s funny how I never really noticed them before. How did they slip by my radar?

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Veronica Lodge!

      I understand that it can be a splurge. Whatever polish and price points are comfortable for you, go for it. The whole point of nail polish is to make you happy and not to be a financial burden.

      Glad that you enjoy my blog. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment!

  1. Shar

    I have Ultimate Weapon. It’s a dark shimmery blurple. I love it! It’s the only one I have, for now… I would like to order Cetera for spring – looks like a gorgeous shimmery peach pink. Going to check it out and try your code now. Thank you!


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