Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & Review

Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & ReviewI’m really excited to introduce Rainbow Honey Papillon to you!

It’s an unreleased colour, but don’t worry – I’m not a complete tease. 😉 It’ll be coming out officially in the upcoming Rainbow Honey Midnight Garden Spring Collection. That’s set to come out in the middle of March.

You may remember that I published a Quick Look post on a few Rainbow Honey nail polishes. This was one that I included in the mix.

Since it looked like it’d be a good layering polish, I decided to wear it over OPI Scores a Goal!, which is from the OPI Brazil Collection. (I loved the finished look!)

By the way, is it just me, or do you also think that Mariah Carey would go nuts over this polish? You know how she’s so into butterflies and her ’emancipation’? (Papillon is French for butterfly.)

Rainbow Honey Papillon Pictures

Papillon Swatches Rainbow Honey

Natural Light

Rainbow Honey Papillon


Rainbow Honey Papillon Pictures

Natural Light

Rainbow Honey Papillon Review & Swatches


Rainbow Honey Nail Polishes


Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & Review

Papillon Rainbow Honey Swatches

Rainbow Honey Papillon Review & Swatch

Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatch

Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatch & Review

Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches

Papillon Rainbow Honey Swatch

Flash Photos

Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & Pictures

Papillon Rainbow Honey

Rainbow Honey Papillion Swatch & Pictures

Rainbow Honey Swatches


  • Glitter (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: Rainbow Honey Papillon
  • Collection: Rainbow Honey Midnight Garden Collection for Spring 2014
  • Amount: 5 mL (0.03 oz.)
  • What I Paid: Nothing!
  • Where to Buy: Rainbow Honey website & NailPolishCanada (Available in the middle of March)

Rainbow Honey Papillon Review


Papillon by Rainbow Honey is an absolute stunner, and you can layer it over so many different bases to achieve completely unique final looks.

I chose to layer it over OPI Scores a Goal!, which is what I’d describe as a raspberry chocolate. I love how the pink and holographic glitter in Papillon really play off of the OPI shade.

The base looks pretty clear, which is why I think this is excellent for layering with. And the majority of the glitter is a pale pink, which is really cute, especially with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching.

Some of the  glitter is holographic, so as the light hits your nails, they reflect all the colours of the rainbow, which is really fun!


Obviously, this is a really glittertastic nail polish, so there’s a little bit of texture, due to the chunky pieces.

It took some effort to remove the lacquer, but it was completely worth it because I don’t have any glitter nail polish that has butterfly pieces in it.

Also, with just one coat of top coat, it smoothed things out so well, so the finish wasn’t sharp or super gritty.

It’s so cool how there’s fine, medium, and large glitter, in addition to the large butterfly glitter.

Application & Formula

I was surprised that it wasn’t thick and gooey, considering all the glitter dispersed in the polish.

It applied very easily, and to get an even coat of glitter, I had to manipulate the pieces a bit and moving them around with the brush. It wasn’t difficult, but you have to work fast or the polish will dry before you even out the glitter.


  • Glittertastic nail polish
  • Contains different sizes of glitter, including butterfly-shaped glitter
  • Great layering polish
  • Holographic & pink glitter


  • Has some grittiness (but it can be smoothed out with a layer of top coat)

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Papillon by Rainbow Honey is a really special nail polish in my collection, and I can’t wait to try it layered over other nail polishes. It sparkles so much, and it truly creates a unique manicure.

If you haven’t tried Rainbow Honey nail polish, I suggest you give this one a go when it becomes available!

Do you like novelty glitters? Have you tried any Rainbow Honey nail polishes? What would you layer this over?


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Honey Papillon Swatches & Review

  1. Chaitali

    Wow!!! I feel like Alice in Wonderland in your blog!! Hehe. I love this colour… beautiful glitters especially the butterflies!! I want these so much!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Chaitali!

      Haha, thank you for saying that! It made my day! 😀 Glad that my hard work on this blog is worthwhile and that readers like you are enjoying what you see on here! 😀


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