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Quo by Orly Star Formation Swatches & Review

Quo by Orly Star Formation Swatches & ReviewI don’t know about you, but whenever I stop by Shoppers Drug Mart for toothpaste or something else that’s not beauty-related, I tend to find myself naturally walking toward the cosmetic aisle.

The power of polish compels me! (Say it in the same tone as in The Exorcist.) 😉

Even if I have more nail polish than any sane person should, I still can’t help browsing the drugstore nail polishes.

Well, tucked away in a display near the ground, I found Quo by Orly Star Formation, which was so unique for a drugstore polish that I couldn’t leave without it. So, naturally, it jumped into my loving arms, and I ran to the cashier to pay.

And for the non-Canadians out there, just so you know, this is a dead-on dupe for Orly Intergalactic Space from the Orly Galaxy FX Collection for Spring 2014!

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Nail Art: Pink & Black Star Konadicure Swatches & Review

Black & Pink Star Nail Stamping Konad Image Plate m84 Pictures & Review smallerTwo weeks ago, I reviewed a mini bottle of Quo by Orly True Love. Although it was nice, I mentioned how I stamped over it to make it more me.

This Pink & Black Star Konadicure was the result!

I stamped the full-nail star pattern from Konad Image Plate m84 over my manicure using the black Konad Special Nail Polish.

Since it was my first time using the m84 Konad plate, I’ve included a photo of it as well as a brief review of this pattern near the end of this post in case you’re interested.

Also, my cuticles are really messy because I did a quick job at removing the black polish from my skin. My ‘secret’ is just letting the shower remove the rest of the polish – much easier! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to snap photos of the cleaned-up version. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Continue reading


Quo by Orly True Love Swatches & Review

Quo by Orly True Love Swatches & ReviewDon’t be shocked. You didn’t accidentally visit the wrong blog. (Well, even if you did, come stay a while!)

I’m actually wearing a pink nail polish! *Gasp* And, yes, I chopped my longer nails to little nubs. (I just love growing my nails long and then trimming them super short. I just can’t settle on one length. I need to experience them all!)

This is the teeny tiny bottle of Quo by Orly True Love that came in the Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set I blogged about earlier. (It’s available in their full-size core collection.)

Since I don’t photograph pink polishes often, I didn’t realize that this shade would morph so much on me.

In dim lighting, it looked completely different than what you see in real life. With flash, it’s closer, but not accurate. And I wasn’t able to get any photos of me wearing it when the sun came out.

So, why even bother showing you this if the colour in my photos isn’t accurate? You can see the finish and get an idea of the opacity.

Plus I’m learning as I go. I’d like people to see my improvement over time. I don’t want to be a blogger who only shows photos when they come out as expected. That’s not real life.

I believe that you can learn a lot from all kinds of photos…even the bad ones. It’s not about having immaculate swatches. It’s about who’s willing to share a piece of themselves with others. (At least that’s how I think.)

My nails are an open book to all of you! 😉 Some chapters will be better than others. Continue reading


Haul of Shame: Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set

Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set Pictures PhotosIn script, the top of this box says, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” Hehe, I couldn’t agree more when it comes to nail polish! 😉

Last week, I was in Shoppers Drug Mart and was going to leave the store when something caught my eye. No, it wasn’t the life-size Justin Bieber cardboard display. (I’m not a fan, but cut-outs like that always startle me because, at first glance, I always think they’re actual people staring at me.)

What caught my eye was this Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set!

I whipped right around, picked it up, and felt my heart race like a NASCAR driver on the final lap.

Eighteen cute mini polishes in a single box? (You know that song “So This Is Love” from Disney’s Cinderella? My little lacquer heart was singing it. Forget the prince! I danced with this straight to the cashier.) Continue reading


Quo by Orly Turquoise Moonlight Swatches & Review

Quo by Orly Turquoise Moonlight Swatches & ReviewA few days ago, I found out that Orly got busy with Quo and had a nail-polish lovechild!

Do you know how excited I was when I saw that in my Shoppers Drug Mart flyer? *Holds arms apart as far as I can* That much!

On Friday, I rushed to the store to check out the display – I think there were 5 colours available. The purple and turquoise caught my eye, but I only picked up the latter, Quo by Orly Turquoise Moonlight to test it out. (I may go back for the purple. Still having an internal debate…but my ‘want’ usually wins.)

Although Swatch And Learn has waaaay more American visitors than Canadian visitors, being a Canadian myself, I had to share this amazing find with you all!

When it comes to formula and packaging, Orly is one of the polish brands I love. Quo is a brand that’s exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart and that’s easy for Canadians to get hold of. Enter Quo by Orly nail polish – it’s pure genius, and I’ve fallen in lust with this hue!

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