Quo by Orly True Love Swatches & Review

Quo by Orly True Love Swatches & ReviewDon’t be shocked. You didn’t accidentally visit the wrong blog. (Well, even if you did, come stay a while!)

I’m actually wearing a pink nail polish! *Gasp* And, yes, I chopped my longer nails to little nubs. (I just love growing my nails long and then trimming them super short. I just can’t settle on one length. I need to experience them all!)

This is the teeny tiny bottle of Quo by Orly True Love that came in the Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set I blogged about earlier. (It’s available in their full-size core collection.)

Since I don’t photograph pink polishes often, I didn’t realize that this shade would morph so much on me.

In dim lighting, it looked completely different than what you see in real life. With flash, it’s closer, but not accurate. And I wasn’t able to get any photos of me wearing it when the sun came out.

So, why even bother showing you this if the colour in my photos isn’t accurate? You can see the finish and get an idea of the opacity.

Plus I’m learning as I go. I’d like people to see my improvement over time. I don’t want to be a blogger who only shows photos when they come out as expected. That’s not real life.

I believe that you can learn a lot from all kinds of photos…even the bad ones. It’s not about having immaculate swatches. It’s about who’s willing to share a piece of themselves with others. (At least that’s how I think.)

My nails are an open book to all of you! 😉 Some chapters will be better than others.

Quo by Orly True Love Pictures

Quo by Orly True Love Review & Bottle Pictures

Quo by Orly True Love Review & Pictures

No name on the bottle anywhere, so if you get the mini set, keep the box!

Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set Pictures Photos

This is what the set looks like. (True Love is on the bottom right.)

Quo by Orly True Love Ingredients

Quo by Orly True Love Ingredients & Review

Quo by Orly True Love Swatches

All swatches have:

Quo by Orly True Love Swatches & Review


Flash Quo by Orly Review & Pictures


Flash Quo by Orly True Love Swatch & Review


Natural Light True Love Quo by Orly Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Natural Light Quo by Orly True Love Review & Swatches

Natural Light

Natural Light Quo by Orly True Love Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Flash True Love Nail Polish Quo by Orly Swatches & Review


Natural Light True Love Quo by Orly Swatches & Review

Natural Light – Haha, I tried colour correcting, but my skin ended up looking deathly!


      High gloss finish


      Fast drying (I didn’t wait long before slicking on my fast-drying top coat.)


      Long lasting (I didn’t wear it for long solo.)

Key Notes

  • Name: Quo by Orly True Love
  • Collection: Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set
  • Colours Available in the Quo by Orly 18 Piece Mini Nail Polish Gift Set: Very Vixen, Mystic Night, Garnet, Precious, Sapphire Sparkle, Cold Stone, Rock Show, Rock Star, Night Sky, Turquoise Moonlight, Celestial Star, First Class, Filthy Rich, Red Hot, Wine & Dine, Old Hollywood, Love Game & True Love
  • Amount: 4.4 mL (0.15 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: $1.83 CAD ($32.99 CAD on sale for entire mini set)
  • Where to Buy: Exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart stores

Quo by Orly True Love Review


Ahh…the colour was so simple yet I had a hard time capturing it. (I need to play around more with the Warm and Cool settings because I think that would fix it. And I’m not great at doing colour balance. More stuff to learn!)

It’s a fun, girly pink that is very Barbie-esque. It has a bit of a bite to it because it’s not anaemic like a pastel pink, but it’s not as loud as a neon pink, either.

Sometimes under artificial yellow light, I noticed that it looked like it had a hint of reddish orange. But most times, it looks like a deeper bubblegum pink.

Note: It is not purplish or fuchsia in any way like some of the photos above would suggest.

(When I publish a future post on the Konadicure I did over this, I’ll show you what it looks like in sunlight. That’s the most accurate.)

Edit: Check out the Pink & Black Konadicure I did with Quo by Orly True Love here!

All this being said, I felt good about trying another pink. (As many of you know, I’m on the quest to find pinks that work for me. Most pinks look horrible on my skin tone.) Quo by Orly True Love doesn’t seem to clash, and it looks alright. It just doesn’t wow me. But this is one step in the right direction!


Quo by Orly True Love is a creme polish, so this means it’s really easy to remove. No scrubbing like you would to get a glitter off!

Application & Formula

True Love went on smoothly and the formula was so easy to control. (If only true love were as easy as True Love!)

This definitely needs at least 2 coats.

Mini Brush

Even though the mini bottle came with a super small brush, I found it very easy to manipulate because, well, my hands (and therefore fingers) are small.

Those who have larger nail beds may find that they need to keep re-dipping the brush into the polish to get more. And for them, I’d recommend just getting the full-size bottle with the regular-sized brush.

Also, even if you have larger nails, consider using these mini brushes to apply polish to your toenails. (I have small feet, too…women’s size 5 shoes, and I prefer the mini brushes for my toenails.)


  • Creme finish is easy to apply & remove
  • Brush in mini bottle is great for those with small fingernails or for use on your toenails
  • Pretty, saturated bubblegum pink
  • True Love can be purchased in a full-sized bottle in the core collection

  • Brush in mini bottle may be annoyingly small for those with large nail beds
  • Pink is a standard colour (This shade isn’t a must-have.)
  • Mini bottle is only available in the gift set

Final Verdict: 6/10

True Love didn’t win my heart over. There’s nothing wrong with the colour, but I feel like it’s not my pink soulmate. I’m still on the hunt for one that pulls my heartstrings. This, however, at least didn’t clash with my skintone.

Do you wear pink nail polish often? Which brand do you think makes the best pink polishes? Have you found your true love?


31 thoughts on “Quo by Orly True Love Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carolina!

      Thanks – after sporting long nails for a while, I’m digging the change of really short nails. They feel more put-together to me, and they make typing on the keyboard much easier (and less noisy)! 😛

  1. karen

    It’s lovely…and it really compliments your skin tone. 😀

    Even though my tastes run to murky greens, black, and purples, I’ve got tons of pinks from the cooler end of the spectrum, as well. Sometimes, I’m just in a pink mood.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey karen!

      It’s strange, but I usually never get in a pink mood. But it’s all because I haven’t found the right one. Good to know that this one is a step in the right direction. I want to find a shade like this, but lighter that I can wear…since I haven’t found one yet that looks okay.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Amber!

      Good point – I think if I had kept my nails really long and worn this shade, it would look tacky.

      You’re a smart cookie! 😉 Yes, I did some nail art on top of it – just some reallllly simple stamping. (I realized that I hadn’t done much stamping in a while, and I got a new image plate that I hadn’t tried.)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Naomi!

      The set is awesome – lots to choose from. And after Christmas, the set went on sale for even cheaper than I bought it. It’s a good deal, and I can see people buying it if they want to split the colours with their friends.

      What’s your favourite pink that you’ve ever worn? (I usually talk about greens, but I’d like to know what the great pinks are out there. It’s the colour family that I haven’t experimented with as much.)

  2. maddy

    The color looks amazing on you. The only thing different between you and me about nail polish is that I love pinks. I like this shade of pink even though it’s common.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey maddy!

      Okay, I don’t hate pink polish – I just find most them hard to pull off.

      Which pink polishes do you think I should try? I can pull off deeper pinks, but I really want to try pulling off lighter ones. (Those give me the most trouble.)

  3. Carmela

    I’m on the hunt for the set in hopes they’ve also marked it down like the other Quo gift sets I’ve seen. No luck yet. 🙂 If I don’t find it, I won’t be too heartbroken as I only really wanted Rock Show and Rock Star (neither of which I’ve found in the core collection so it makes me wonder if it’s a special release for this set only),

    I’m glad you finally found a pink that doesn’t war with your skintone! It really does look great on you and I think it’s a nice change from your usual rotation. 😀 Have you tried Nicole by OPI City Pretty Rose? It’s one of my absolute fave pinks and it looks like a it might be a deeper version of this.

    PS. I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA! Still behind on commenting on posts but hopefully by day end I’ll be all caught up. 😀
    Carmela recently posted: Indulgent Intermission: The Nail Polish Tag

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Keep looking! I remember shortly after Christmas, Shoppers heavily discounted this set. In one of their flyers, they showed a picture of it and advertised it being up to 50% off! (Of course the keywords are “up to”, but still! Good deal on a great set!) Hope you can find it. If I see it on sale, I can pick it up for you if you want. Just let me know.

      No, I haven’t tried City Pretty Rose before. Deeper pinks and neon pinks, I usually don’t have trouble with. It’s the lighter pinks that do funny things to my skin tone. Sometimes they make my skin look red like a lobster, and other times, they make me look like an alien mutant.

      Aww…Carmela, you know I missed ya! 🙂 It’s good that you’ve been busy! 🙂 Are you feeling alright? How’s your husband?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Holly!

      Rock those short nails! 🙂 Little nubs are so chic and sometimes prevent flashy or bright colours from looking tacky. I wish more people would appreciate short nails as much as long nails.

  4. Raychul

    The pink looks nice on you! Like you, I don’t wear pink often. I have to be in a pink sort of mood which is rare. I’d much rather wear purple, blue, or green. 😀

  5. Melissa

    Pink use to be my favorite color when I was younger and it’s still a color I like, but I’m not in love with it anymore. So this polish doesn’t really do that much for me. I don’t have many pinks in my collection, but the color that got me seriously into nail polish was China Glaze Naked which is pink. Out of all of the colors I had the choice to get that day, that’s the one I got. That was two years ago and even then I really didn’t go crazy with pink or even red polishes. I sort of went straight to liking those bright, unique colors, and dark, vampy ones. China Glaze Naked and OPI Sparrow Me The Drama are really the only actual pink polishes I own. I do want to add OPI Pink Friday to my collection though. I haven’t seen many bubblegum/eraser shades, so I’d love to try it.
    Melissa recently posted: Mad As A Hatter, OMG!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Same here – when I was little, I was in love with pink…to the point where most of my clothes from elementary school were pink! (I was one of those girls who always had to be wearing pink somewhere every single day. My how things have changed!)

      I’ve been on the fence about OPI Pink Friday. I think it might work just by looking at it in the bottle, but…judging from my past history of trying out lighter pinks, I’m not very good at picking them. Still, it looks pretty.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey anusha!

      If I can find pinks that suit my skintone, I’ll definitely wear them more.

      Thank you so much for giving me this huge honour! That was thoughtful of you. 🙂

  6. Vivian

    You’re wearing pink! I can’t believe it. Are these someone else’s nails?? Haha. I never got around to buying that quo set that you posted up a while back. I really wanted it, but somehow along the way I forgot about it. Probably because of all the new winter polishes that were released around the same time. It’s good to experiment but don’t worry I think the photos look great. I find that I can wear peachy, dusty pinks better than bright colors like this one. Have you tried something like China glaze IV?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Vivian!

      Haha, I hope they’re not someone else’s nails that I’m just holding in the place of mine. Although…that could explain all this blood. *Morbid joke*

      If you still like the set even just a little, it’s worth hunting down now. I saw it in the flyer not long after Christmas, and they advertised it, along with other Quo gift sets, for up to 50% off! That would be a steal!

      Aww…thanks for saying that about my photos. 🙂

      Nope, I’ve never tried China Glaze IV. Don’t even have it. That colours nice. Wonder if it’ll be flattering…Only one way to tell!

  7. another Cristina

    Like you, I usually shy far away from pink. I just don’t find it as interesting as blues, greens and purples. However, after wearing a ton of darker colors, I’m actually sporting a pink manicure as we speak! As for recommendations, my friend has bought and adored CG’s Strawberry Fields and OPI Rally Pretty Pink. Her love for them has almost convinced me to get them for myself!
    another Cristina recently posted: 1/3/11 Weekly ads- my attempt

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey another Cristina!

      Oh yes, I love those two pinks! I find pink cremes harder to pull off than if there’s glass-fleck or foil-shimmer.

  8. Nicole

    I don’t care much for pink (although surprisingly I do love my Pink Friday polish! I guess it’s just cuz of Nicki Minaj, haha) but what really stands out to me about this polish is how shiny it is!! Gosh, it looks like you just covered your nails in cuticle oil and took the picture! That polish with SV is the shiniest thing I’ve ever seen! Talk about wet-look! It sounds similar to Pink Friday, only much shiner and Pink Friday doesn’t have any orange tinge to it in any light, it does sound similar though in the way that it’s sort of neon only not, and definitely not pastel. If I had to choose a pink, I’d choose something like this and Pink Friday. Have you tried PF or any of the other Nicki Minaj collection polishes?
    Nicole recently posted: Greatness Is What We On the Brink Of: Metallic for Life Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Nicole!

      It was indeed really shiny, and of course my top coat took it to the next level. Hehe, you’re right – when I looked again at some of those photos, it DOES look like there’s cuticle oil…even though I never use that (but probably should)!

      No, I haven’t bought any of the colours in the Nicki Minaj Collection, but I have my eye on Save Me!

  9. Marta

    Lady! You can rock any shade… but I too did a double take upon seeing this PINK on your nails… where is the blue? What happened to the green? lol
    I think part of the fun in owning so many colours (especially if you’re like me and like to obsessively compulsively match clothing to polish) is that you – via your nails- can take on a different personality while sporting the colour. Now I’m not saying be Barbie, have a few lemonades with Ken and stiffly walk over to your Barbie mobile home (thought… who knows,… lol).
    I think a bright pink can be fun and flirty. And as soon as you mentioned it being a bit out of character for you I said to my monitor “put a stamp on it!!! make it more Mary friendly”… AND YOU DID! Will be waiting for your upcoming post 😀
    Marta recently posted: My very own Models Own

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Haha, I should’ve stamped “Made you look twice” on my nails – one word per nail from index to pinkie.

      Aww…I should read your comment thoroughly before acting upon it. I’ve already downed a lemonade with Ken, although I walked with a bounce over to my Barbie mobile home. 😉

      Thanks for always leaving comments that bring a smile to my face!


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