Nail Art: Hallowe’en Nails

Halloween Nails Nail ArtYesterday, I was a little tease and only gave you 3 clues on Swatch And Learn plus a small social-media reveal of the Hallowe’en nail art on my thumb.

Well, now I’m going to show you the full manicure of the Hallowe’en Nails I’ve been wearing for a few days!

To create this simple look, I used all 4 shades in the OPI Rock Goddess Mini Lacquer Set (the 4th shade was used on my thumb).

Then, I brought out a bunch of my beloved Bundle Monster Image Plates from different collections.

The images stamped in black were done with my almost-finished bottle of Konad Special Nail Polish in Black, and for Mr. Skelly Ton, I asked China Glaze Snow for some help!

Although I like all the designs, my favourite definitely is the skeleton because he looks like he’s throwing his hands in the air, and waving ’em all around like he just doesn’t care! 😉

Hehe, and when I show you that nail in closer detail, you’ll see how it appears that he’s throwing confetti in the air for a cray-cray dance party! (Yeah, that’s how excited I am about him. I never say cray-cray!)

I can also imagine him dancing to some awesome hip hop – haha, nothing like the music played by this skeleton I showed you a while ago on Instagram!

Also, as you can see, I trimmed my nails quite short, but look how much of the skeleton shows up! And see how even the fine details show up? I’m very impressed with the Bundle Monster image plate allowing me to pick up the image well with my Konad stamper!

Hallowe’en Nail Art Swatches

All swatches have:

  • OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener (Used as a base coat)
  • Base Colours (from the OPI Rock Goddess Mini Lacquer Set sent to me by PR. I used 3 coats of each.)
    • OPI Yellopalooza (Yellow)
    • OPI Stand In Lime for Days (Green)
    • OPI Rolling Bones (Grey)
    • OPI The Drummer Is Hot (Orange)
  • White: China Glaze Snow 
  • Black: Konad Special Nail Polish Black
  • Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Natural Light Photos

Halloween Nails Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

OPI Rock Goddess Halloween Nail Art

Easy Halloween Nails Nail Art

Simple Halloween Nail Art Nails

Hallowe'en Nails Nail Art

Halloween Bundle Monster Nail Art

Bundle Monster Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Art BundleMonster

Halloween Manicure Bundle Monster

Flash Photos

Simple Hallowe'en Manicure

See? I told you that Mr. Skelly Ton is a party animal! But, hey now – stop gyrating your pelvis! Swatch And Learn is rated G! Hehehehe!

Halloween Manicure

Hallowe'en Manicure

Cute Halloween Mani

Trick or Treat Nail Art

Hallowe'en Nails Nail Art Manicure

Easy Hallowe'en Nail Art OPI Rock Goddess

Cute Hallowe'en Nails

Cute Halloween Nails

Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-H07 Picture

This and the next image plate are from the Bundle Monster Holiday Collection, which was provided by the company.

Bundle Monster Holiday Collection Review BM-H07 Pictures

Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-H08 Picture

Bundle Monster Holiday Collection Review BM-H08 Pictures

Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-222 Picture

This is from the Bundle Monster’s 2nd nail stamping set purchased by me. (I used the old photo I took in that blog post from waaay back then!)

Bundle Monster BM 221 & BM 222 Image Plate

Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-413 Picture

This is from the Bundle Monster Create Your Own Collection, which was provided by the company.

Bundle Monster BM-413 Create Your Own Image Collection Review

Bundle Monster Image Plate BM-305 Picture

This is from Bundle Monster’s 3rd Collection, which I purchased.

Bundle Monster BM-305 & BM-306 Image Plates Pictures & Review

If you’re new to nail stamping and are looking for a tutorial, please check out my nail-stamping tutorial for step-by-step written instructions & visual aids to make nail stamping simple! (When I wrote that post, I had literally just tried my hand at it, so I addressed many of the common problems that I ran into and how you can make stamping easier.)

Finally, I want you wish you all a HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! (It’s my favourite holiday!)

Have a fun (and safe) time whatever you choose to do!

What’s on your nails today? Do you dress up for Hallowe’en or do anything special? If you could create any nail art with a wave of a wand, what would it look like?

Edit: It’s cool when companies take the time out to retweet and/or reply to encourage ‘the little guy’! 🙂

Nicole by OPI SwatchAndLearn

BundleMonster SwatchAndLearn


18 thoughts on “Nail Art: Hallowe’en Nails

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Thank you so much! Hehe, I’m still wearing this manicure today – I don’t want to take it off, even though Hallowe’en is over!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lacqueerisa!

      Thank you, and I hope you had a Happy Hallowe’en, too! 🙂

      I love the image on my thumb, too. Haha, but the rest of my fingers are too narrow to fit the entire design. Thank goodness for my thumbs! 😉 And it took me quite a while to find an image that was small enough to fit on my baby finger.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Arathael!

      Haha, do I need to hide my nails from you in case you try to nibble my nails? 😉

      Hope you had a Happy Hallowe’en, too! What did you end up doing this year? Did you dress up or wear a fun manicure?

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lorraine!

      Thank you – hehe, the skeleton is my favourite, too! Had I not trimmed my nails so short, more of him would’ve showed up. But I was really happy that even this much of the skeleton still showed up on short nails!

  1. Tanya

    Happy Halloween! I like the pumpkin and the Trick or Treat on your thumb the best. For my Halloween nails I painted all but my ring fingers Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Gummy Grape and then painted candy corn on the ring fingers using OPI liquid sand in Solitaire, Jinx and Nicole by OPI Lemon Lolly.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Tanya!

      Love that you had so many great colours on your nails and even did a candy-corn design! 🙂

      If you took a photo of your manicure, I invite you to post it on my Facebook wall so that I can enjoy it (and so that other nailphiles can be inspired, too).

  2. Amelia

    OHMYGOD THE PLATES ARE AMAZING! 😀 I love the skeleton! ^^
    I’m thinking about might buy some plates from bundle monster, the only drawback is how long time I’ll have to wait until the drop down in my mailbox haha. But looking at this I’m starting to feel that it might be worth the wait! 😀

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Amelia!

      Yes, Bundle Monster makes a lot of amazing collections with images that work on all lengths of nails. It’s easy to get images to work on wide, long nails, but this manicure just shows you that even if you have narrow nails like mine and you trim them very short, you can still get a lot of use out of the images plates!


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