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Nail Art: Summer Carnival Dotticure

Summer Dotticure SwatchesIf you followed me on social media since Friday, you already saw some photos that took while at the Canadian National Exhibiton (aka the CNE / The Ex) in Toronto.

This Summer Carnival Dotticure is what I wore to the CNE!

It was my first time trying out the KISS Polish Pop nail stickers. (The neon dots are the stickers.)

Everything else, I painted myself and tried to create a cohesive look to incorporate the fun neon dots.

With photos zoomed in so closely on my nails, you can see the transparent outline surrounding the neon dots, but in real life, it’s not quite as noticeable.

They’re worth playing around with, especially if you don’t have dotting tools, a lot of nail-polish colours, or the time to do freehand designs.

The black lacquer I used is China Glaze Liquid Leather, the pink (used on my thumb, which you can see in other photos in this post) is Duri Venom, the green is Duri Summer Rain, and the white is OPI Infinite Shine Non-Stop White.

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Reader Request: Minty Green Nail-Polish Comparison Swatches & Photos

Mint Green Nail Polish Swatches & Comparison PhotosRecently when I reviewed Topshop Gone Fishing, one of my readers (Alex), asked if I could do a Minty Green Nail-Polish Comparison post with specific hues.

Since I was also curious about how different or similar the shades were (as well as a couple of others), I was happy to oblige. Hope that you’ll find this mint green nail-polish comparison helpful!

The nail polishes I compared were Topshop Gone Fishing, Duri Summer Rain, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, Essie Mint Candy Apple, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, and China Glaze For Audrey. (I’ve reviewed some of those polishes in-depth in separate posts. Find links later in this post.)

If you would like me to do more comparison posts like this in the future, please let me know specifically which polishes you’re interested in seeing.

I can’t promise that I’ll fulfill all reader requests. It depends on if I already have the polishes and if I have time. (I work very hard on my blog after my full-time job and on the weekends, so time can be really tight, especially when I squeeze blogging inbetween my social life and freelance-work schedules.)

That being said, I will pick a few requests to do! I have a pack of blank nail wheels that I haven’t been using much. It’s time to put them to work! *Cracks whip* 😉

P.S. You may remember that I’ve said before how I don’t swatch nail polish on my nails. It’s not my style. I wear full manicures and then take photos while I’m wearing them. This is how I really enjoy polish. I only use the term ‘swatch’ because it’s the familiar lingo. Well, the only time I’m comfortable with actual swatching is on nail wheels for comparison posts like this or to show you layering experiments. I hope that you’ll understand my reasoning. I love polish, and if I ever start swatching on my own nails, it may kill my enthusiasm. I don’t want that to happen!)

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Nail Art: Ruffian Nails (Using Zoya Suri & Duri Divas Only)

Ruffian Nails Nail Art PicturesYou’ll remember that just a couple of days ago, I posted what I thought were Ruffian Nails when actually they were Half Moon Nails. (Then I edited the post so that the description was more accurate.)

Well, today I actually have Ruffian nail art to show you. Hehe! It’s my first attempt, and I used Zoya Suri and Duri Divas Only.

If you compare the two, you’ll see that a Ruffian manicure follows the curve of the cuticle, whereas in a Half Moon manicure, you have the curve following the tip of your nails. Subtle, but important difference.

Out of the two, I think that the Ruffian design is growing on me, whereas I’ve always loved Half Moon designs.

P.S. Just realized that I used polishes that rhyme (Suri and Duri)! 😀 It’s like they were meant to be together…like the Alice in Wonderland twins, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

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Duri Venom Swatches & Review

Duri-Venom-Swatches-Review-PicturesHere I am wearing yet another neon pink. While I’m not crazy about pinks in general, I’m in lust with neon pinks! They’re cheerful and hyper, and when it comes to nail lacquer, that combination is very attractive!

Duri Venom is a fun one to wear, and when people ask what you’re wearing on your nails, you can look them straight in the eye and say, “Venom!” 😉 (You’ll get such a kick out of it.)

Duri Venom is definitely a colour with some bite to it, and if you’re one who loves bright nail polishes that scream summer until their voice is hoarse, this is for you!

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Duri Summer Rain Swatches & Review

Duri-Summer-Rain-Swatches-ReviewDuri Summer Rain from the Strictly Summer Collection is a refreshing mint green polish.

Mint greens usually give me lobster hands (i.e. they make my skin look red), so I’m not usually attracted to them.

However, when I saw this one, it set something in motion, and I had to get it and give a mint green another go.

Was I happy with this purchase? Or did it leave me full of regret? You’re about to find out! 🙂

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