Nail Art: Ruffian Nails (Using Zoya Suri & Duri Divas Only)

Ruffian Nails Nail Art PicturesYou’ll remember that just a couple of days ago, I posted what I thought were Ruffian Nails when actually they were Half Moon Nails. (Then I edited the post so that the description was more accurate.)

Well, today I actually have Ruffian nail art to show you. Hehe! It’s my first attempt, and I used Zoya Suri and Duri Divas Only.

If you compare the two, you’ll see that a Ruffian manicure follows the curve of the cuticle, whereas in a Half Moon manicure, you have the curve following the tip of your nails. Subtle, but important difference.

Out of the two, I think that the Ruffian design is growing on me, whereas I’ve always loved Half Moon designs.

P.S. Just realized that I used polishes that rhyme (Suri and Duri)! 😀 It’s like they were meant to be together…like the Alice in Wonderland twins, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Ruffian Nail Art Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

Ruffian Nails Nail Art Pictures

Easy Ruffian Manicure

Purple and Green Ruffian Nails Manicure Photos

I don’t usually take awkward photos like this, but I was trying to capture the purple-green duochrome. In person, it’s strong, but on camera, it’s a little shy!

Ruffian Manicure

Ruffian Manicure Photos

Ruffian Manicure Pictures

Oh look! The Fluff Fairy left me a little strand on my finger in more than one photo.

Ruffian Nail Art Swatches & Photos


Purple & Green Ruffian Nails Nail Art

Flash Photos






Duri Divas Only Picture

Although I had to photograph it in dim natural light (not the best), I had to show you a bottle picture of Duri Divas Only. It’s really pretty in the bottle. It’s like magic in a bottle.


Tips on Creating Ruffian Nail Art

Sure, you could freehand this, but why not make it easier on yourself? I like to simplify nail art. When it comes to my life, though, I tend to be very complicated. 😉

  • Do This on an Existing Manicure – I actually wore Zoya Suri as a full manicure for a day or two, so I did the Ruffian design on that existing manicure. I think it’s a good idea to use a Ruffian design to freshen up an old manicure. Not only will this ensure that the base colour is fully dry, but you can enjoy two manicures with less effort.
  • Use French Tip Nail Guides – If you want a crisp line, use these stickers. On top of a fully dry base colour, position all 10 stickers so the curve roughly follows your cuticle. The part that you cover will be how much of your base colour will show. You can make this as thin or as thick as you want. (I prefer it to be on the thick side. Do what makes you happy.)
  • When & How to Peel Off the Guides – Paint the nails on your first hand. Once you’re done, don’t wait for it to dry. Peel the guides off slowly from left to right or from right to left. (Doing this slowly helps you get the cleanest line. And peeling it off while the polish is still wet reduces the chances of getting bumpiness where the two colours meet.) Then, paint the nails on your other hand. To remove the guides on that hand, I suggest using tweezers so that you don’t accidentally ruin your now-wet nails on your first hand.
  • Wait for Everything to Dry More – You don’t want to ruin all your hard work, so make sure to wait at least 15-20 minutes before you go adding a top coat. If you rush at this point, you might get bleeding colours, which I think detracts from the sharpness of the look.

Nail Guides I Used

Haha, I found it particularly funny how on the top right, they say “Half Moon”. It’s like they know about my ‘mistake’ earlier and want to confuse me more about Half Moon vs. Ruffian manicures. 😉

French Manicure Nail Guides

A closer look:


Which do you like more? The Ruffian design or the Half Moon design?

P.S. In case you didn’t see it the first time around, here’s a link to my blog post featuring Half Moon Nails.

P.P.S. In case I don’t say it often enough, I want my blog readers and supporters to know that I appreciate you all! I want to sing this to you, but I think Tina Turner’s better. 😉 You’re simply the best!


10 thoughts on “Nail Art: Ruffian Nails (Using Zoya Suri & Duri Divas Only)

  1. Greta

    i think i almost like this one better although the other was great too.
    Haha the tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of the nail polishes xD
    do you think i could use these hole filler stickers from the half moon nails also for the traditionell ruffian ?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Greta!

      You know what? I thought that I’d really dislike this design, but it grew on me so much. I want to try it with other colours next time.

      Hmm…you might be able to use the reinforcement-hole stickers. It depends on the width of your fingernails. Maybe you could cut the circle in half and use it like that? I’ve never tried it, but maybe it could work.

  2. Erica

    Morning Mary!
    I think I like this one better than half moons. I think that it’s because the curve follows the cuticle line as opposed to going “against” it. I love French manicures too, but again the curve of the colour/polish follows that of the tip of the nail as opposed to not. It’s my OCD kicking in, I’m sure 😉
    I also love your colour combination for this! That Duri polish is like magic in a bottle 😀

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Erica!

      Wow, I haven’t sported a French manicure since high school. And back then, I just painted the tips on freehand. You reminded me that I need to do a funky French manicure one of these days. Or, heck, even just a regular French manicure. It’s been so long that I’m not even sure if I still like it or not! 😛

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey A Lacquered Affair!

      Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure how it would end up…since it was my first time trying out this design. So it’s nice to hear that it wasn’t a total flop…haha!

      And…you’re welcome! I’m always happy to share some tips and tricks along the way in case it’s helpful. And then we can learn together.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Brianna!

      Yeah, I was so tempted to go for really dark shades again, but thought I’d switch it up for something completely different. 🙂 Glad you like it.


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