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Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes Review & Pictures

Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes Review & PicturesSome nights, you just have zero energy to go through your entire face-washing routine. You literally just want to crawl into bed and drift off into La La Land, but you know that it’s really bad for your skin to sleep without removing your makeup.

That’s where the Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes come in.

I don’t use them all the time – maybe a few times a month.

They’re very handy when you’re in a pinch, but I suggest that you don’t use them regularly because disposable products aren’t great for the environment. I do feel guilty when I use these sometimes because they contribute to the landfills.

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Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets Review & Pictures

Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets Review & PicturesBlotting paper was such a great invention. Without disturbing your makeup, you can easily remove any excess oil on your face in just a few seconds without having to apply additional makeup like powder.

I usually have a packet of blotting papers in my purse. It has saved me through most of the summer on those humid days where no matter what you did during makeup application, you still got shiny by midday.

I’ve tried several different brands, but I really like the Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets because each piece is smooth and silky – it doesn’t feel like you’re using wax paper like with another brand I’ve tried.

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The Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

Products I Use Every DayThere were lots of products that I fell in love with. But sometimes things just weren’t meant to be. They started seeing other people. And they made up lame excuses for sneaking out in the middle of the night. Needless to say, the relationship was cut short.

Of course I was heartbroken, but new products entered my life. Some took me for dinner and a movie. Others serenaded me with a Spanish guitar. And one special product made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover Review & Pictures

Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover BottleAside from nail polish, eye shadow is my makeup item of choice when I want to express myself in a colorful way. The smokey eye is my favorite look to create, and I’m not afraid to go dramatically dark or vivaciously vibrant.

But at the end of the day, I take it off. I take it all off…so my skin can breathe.

Previously I used facial wipes because they were convenient, but because I felt guilty for adding more garbage to the already-overflowing landfills, I opted for a liquid eye-makeup remover – the Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover to be exact.

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