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Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster Review

Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster

When it comes to skincare, I believe in using high-quality products that make your complexion not only look great, but feel comfortable with effective, lasting results. No skimping allowed, but no going berserk and spending $800 on one skincare product, either!

Unlike nail polish where I readily test out every colour, finish, and formula, with skincare, I tread carefully like a swimmer in an unknown body of water.

I have my favourite skincare essentials that work, so I don’t frequently change my regimen often. When I do experiment, I introduce a new product slowly into my tried-and-true skincare regimen, and I test it out for several weeks and even months before I decide whether I notice any positive or negative effects.

It gives me time to collect my thoughts, watch for any allergic reactions, and notice potential conflicts with other skincare products that I use on a daily basis.

Last year, I had the opportunity to test out the new Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster, and after using it on a daily basis for two months straight, I’m now comfortable sharing my detailed thoughts about it with you.

In a nutshell: I joined the Booster Club, and I think that SUPERSTART is a SUPERSTAR! 😉

The Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster has many strong claims, and I was eager to see how it would fare in combination with my skincare regimen.

Some of my skincare staples are by Shiseido, a brand that I’ve religiously used for several years. And, although the SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster is formulated to be used in conjunction with other Elizabeth Arden skincare products, I wasn’t ready to introduce a slew of new skincare products at once. Instead, I just added the Elizabeth Arden skin booster to my regular routine.

For your reference, I have combination skin that tends to feel more on the drier side during the colder months. Also, I have sensitive skin and typically don’t get pimples except when it’s around my period (i.e. hormonal levels are changing) or if I eat too much greasy food.

In this detailed post, I’ll share with you my experience of incorporating the SUPERSTART booster, as well as show you the official press release about the product. (You’ll find the press release handy, as it includes the results of the clinical study and information regarding the participants.)

As with any skincare product, results can significantly vary from one person to another. Many factors, such as skin type, age, the current condition of your skin, other products you’re using (or not using), and more can play salient roles in determining whether or not this booster will work for you.

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Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau de Parfum Review

Elizabeth Arden Untold Review

Like a string of pearls and a sparkling wine glass, Elizabeth Arden Untold is an eau de parfum that’s a class act.

Punctuated with sensual notes like bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk, it’s sophisticated like a pencil skirt paired with black pumps.

As much as I have a soft spot for sweet gourmand perfumes, I’ve been experimenting with classic scents, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much I love them! (You may remember an earlier review I did on Elizabeth Arden Always Red.)

This fragrance may be called Untold, but I believe that it tells a refined story.

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Justin Bieber Someday Eau de Parfum Review & Canadian Giveaway

Justin Bieber Someday Eau de Parfum Review

Justin Bieber Someday is an eau de parfum that was originally released in 2011. It was later sold and is currently under the careful wing of Elizabeth Arden.

Marketed towards his fan base of primarily females aged 14 to 18 (at least back then), it’s no secret that I fall way outside that demographic. (I fall somewhere between the Paleozoic and Triassic eras, to be exact.) 

Nevertheless, I put down my granny cane, adjusted my spectacles, lined up my doilies, and poured myself some Earl Grey tea into a gold-rimmed cup laced with English roses before getting ready to test out this fragrance. Why? I believe that anyone can wear whatever scent they want. “Age is just a number,” said this blogging dinosaur.

Even when a fragrance is made for a specific gender, age, or personality, if you feel great wearing it, go for it! Dissolve those unnecessary boundaries. The world has built enough walls.

Before we begin the Justin Bieber Someday perfume review, I want you to know where I’m coming from. Generally, I tend to enjoy the sweeter, gourmand eau de parfums, and even those that aren’t necessarily billed as being sweet become that way when interacting with my body chemistry. However, in the past year, I have also started to enjoy more mature, floriental and spicy fragrances.

Created by Honorine Blac, the perfumer of Fiermenich, Justin Bieber Someday is classified as a fruity gourmand fragrance. From the description alone, it sounds like something I might like.

In this post, you’ll see photos of the bottle and hear my thoughts on what I think of the Justin Bieber Someday perfume.

P.S. I’m having a spontaneous surprise: a Justin Bieber Someday 50 mL Eau de Parfum giveaway for a brand new bottle! It’s open to Canadian readers only until this Saturday December 19th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. (Scroll to the bottom of this post for the full details and to enter.) Edit (Sunday December 20th, 2015): Congratulations, Rebecca! You’ve won my giveaway! Please check your e-mail shortly and reply to my e-mail within 24 hours to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone for participating, and come back again soon, as I’ll be having nail-polish giveaways.

P.P.S. In case you missed it, yesterday evening, I published a blog post on the OPI Hello Kitty Collection launching in January 2016!

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Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Perfume

Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition PerfumeMy signature perfume that I have purchased bottle after bottle of (probably 6 of the 100 mL bottles and 3 of the 50 mL ones since it first launched) is Britney Spears Fantasy, the original version in the pink bottle.

Also, the last Christmas I spent with my dad before he passed away, he gifted me with around 8 of the 100 mL bottles because he knew it was my favourite. For this reason, the perfume will always be sentimental for me.

That fragrance is the one that garners the most compliments from strangers and friends, both females and males. But the most important thing? It makes me smell edible. (This is important to me because clearly I was a cupcake in my previous life.)

Since trying the original, I’ve also given the subsequent releases a spin and also tried other perfumes by different brands. I’m slowly and carefully building my perfume collection.

(Over the years, I’ve reviewed a bunch of the different Fantasy perfumes on here. Click here to see all of the Britney Spears fragrances I’ve reviewed since 2010.)

So when I was at a special Elizabeth Arden preview event last week and explored the fragrance station, my eyes zeroed in on the Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition because it kept the spherical bottle and rhinestone design, but it was white with pink crystals.

(I gawked at it a lot, I guess, because even in a photo that Elizabeth Arden Canada tweeted, you can see me locking eyes with the new perfume.)

Britney Spears Fantasy the Intimate Edition is available starting this month!

Come check out the pictures and official press release of the Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Perfume, as well as some information about Britney Spears, herself.

P.S. I’ll be reviewing this perfume, so keep your eyes peeled like a banana.

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Elizabeth Arden Always Red Perfume Review & Pictures

Elizabeth Arden Always Red Perfume ReviewPerfume never fails to make me as curious as Alice catching sight of the White Rabbit gawking at the time.

I tend to stick to my favourites on a daily basis, which are always in the gourmand and make-me-smell-like-dessert category.

So when I recently attended an Elizabeth Arden preview event last week at the Trump Hotel in Toronto, I was surprised that, upon first whiff, I gravitated toward Elizabeth Arden Always Red!

This fragrance launches in mid-July, so it should be out pretty soon when you read this.

It’s more mature than the scents that are normally in my comfort zone, yet this one appealed to me because it’s womanly without coming across as stuffy or old-fashioned.

I’ve been wearing Elizabeth Arden Always Red several times since being introduced to it, and I now have a good idea of its lasting power and strength, as well as how it mixes with my body chemistry.

(As you know, the same perfume can smell different or transform throughout the day on different people. It’s very personal, which is why fragrance intrigues me so much. The right scent can make your day, and the wrong one can give you a headache.)

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Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume Review & Pictures

Taylor-Swift-Enchanted-Wonderstruck-Perfume-Review-PicturesRecently when I stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart to get a new electric toothbrush, I noticed that they just got in the brand new Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume! (This is the singer’s second fragrance, and it was created in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.)

I asked the woman working in the Beauty Boutique section if there were any samples of it available. There were, and she gave me one of those tiny little vials.

This is a first! Normally whenever I ask, they’ve been out of samples ‘a long time ago’. Haha, I’m a slowpoke when it comes to fragrances. Either that or the area is crawling with fragrancephiles!

So that’s why for the picture on the left, it’s not of the actual bottle. It’s a photo I took of the card that came with my tiny 1.5 mL vial of fragrance. 🙂

Allow me to share my thoughts on Taylor Swift’s second eau de parfum!

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Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Review & Pictures

Britney Spears Fragrance Midnight Fantasy Review & PicturesTo date, I’ve reviewed several Britney Spears fragrances: Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, and In Control.

Haha, you probably think that I’m a huge fan of hers when I’m really not. Well, I’m a fan of some of her perfumes! (Her original Fantasy has been my signature scent since it first came out.)

Shoppers Drug Mart always gets me with their $19.99 CAD fragrance sales for 100 mL bottles! Honestly, I think I read the flyer, see the sale, and all will-power goes out the window like one of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

I’ve tried the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy eau de parfum years ago in the store and wasn’t impressed with it. Back then, it smelled like sour candy on me. But I think that was because their tester bottle was left in direct sunlight for months and it caused the juice to turn.

So, I gave it another chance, and I’m glad I did! This is a cute (but very simple) sweet and fruity scent that I’ll definitely add to my rotation on those days when I need a pick-me-up.

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