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Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Perfume

Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition PerfumeMy signature perfume that I have purchased bottle after bottle of (probably 6 of the 100 mL bottles and 3 of the 50 mL ones since it first launched) is Britney Spears Fantasy, the original version in the pink bottle.

Also, the last Christmas I spent with my dad before he passed away, he gifted me with around 8 of the 100 mL bottles because he knew it was my favourite. For this reason, the perfume will always be sentimental for me.

That fragrance is the one that garners the most compliments from strangers and friends, both females and males. But the most important thing? It makes me smell edible. (This is important to me because clearly I was a cupcake in my previous life.)

Since trying the original, I’ve also given the subsequent releases a spin and also tried other perfumes by different brands. I’m slowly and carefully building my perfume collection.

(Over the years, I’ve reviewed a bunch of the different Fantasy perfumes on here. Click here to see all of the Britney Spears fragrances I’ve reviewed since 2010.)

So when I was at a special Elizabeth Arden preview event last week and explored the fragrance station, my eyes zeroed in on the Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition because it kept the spherical bottle and rhinestone design, but it was white with pink crystals.

(I gawked at it a lot, I guess, because even in a photo that Elizabeth Arden Canada tweeted, you can see me locking eyes with the new perfume.)

Britney Spears Fantasy the Intimate Edition is available starting this month!

Come check out the pictures and official press release of the Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Perfume, as well as some information about Britney Spears, herself.

P.S. I’ll be reviewing this perfume, so keep your eyes peeled like a banana.

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The Best of 2011: Nail Polish, Nail Art, Makeup, Skincare & Fragrance

Swatch And Learn The Best of 2011It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

I’ve tried all sorts of new beauty products including nail polishes. And I’ve had tons of fun coming up with nail-art designs!

Now that it’s the last day in 2011, it’s time to reflect upon the year.

I’d like to share with you my Best of 2011 list! I still have a ton of favourites from last year, so these picks are strictly new ones that I’ve blogged about in 2011.

You’ll see it broken down into the following categories: nail polish (duh), nail art (double duh), fragrance, makeup, and skincare. All lists are in no particular order. (It was difficult enough to whittle down my picks for the nail polishes!)

Feel free to click on the links – they’ll take you to the blog post with the swatches, reviews, and tutorial (where appropriate).

Now I’m so curious about what you think!

Is there a lacquer that you feel I sorely missed including? Have you found your Holy Grail facial cleanser? What nail-art design have you worn in 2011 that you would consider wearing again in 2012?

Please weigh in with your picks! We’re all different, but our love for beauty products brings us together. 🙂 Continue reading


Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Review & Pictures

Britney Spears Fragrance Midnight Fantasy Review & PicturesTo date, I’ve reviewed several Britney Spears fragrances: Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, and In Control.

Haha, you probably think that I’m a huge fan of hers when I’m really not. Well, I’m a fan of some of her perfumes! (Her original Fantasy has been my signature scent since it first came out.)

Shoppers Drug Mart always gets me with their $19.99 CAD fragrance sales for 100 mL bottles! Honestly, I think I read the flyer, see the sale, and all will-power goes out the window like one of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz.

I’ve tried the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy eau de parfum years ago in the store and wasn’t impressed with it. Back then, it smelled like sour candy on me. But I think that was because their tester bottle was left in direct sunlight for months and it caused the juice to turn.

So, I gave it another chance, and I’m glad I did! This is a cute (but very simple) sweet and fruity scent that I’ll definitely add to my rotation on those days when I need a pick-me-up.

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Britney Spears In Control Perfume Review & Pictures

Britney Spears Curious In Control Fragrance Review & PicturesNot long ago, “Merry Britmas” was trending on Twitter. I thought it had something to do with Britain, so I checked it out only to discover that it was actually about a Britney Spears song that leaked. People said that it reminded them of Christina Aguilera’s song, Beautiful.

There are only a handful of Britney Spears songs that I like, so I can’t call myself a fan of hers. I am, however, in lust with her original pink Fantasy perfume, which I’ve previously reviewed.

I also have a bottle of the blue Circus Fantasy and the red Hidden Fantasy, but those 2 severely pale in comparison to the original Fantasy. (Sweet and gourmand scents are more up my alley. I enjoy smelling edible like a cupcake.)

There’s one more Britney Spears fragrance I haven’t reviewed yet – the limited-edition Britney Spears In Control eau de parfum. It originally was released in 2006 and created by Claude Dir for Elizabeth Arden. You can sometimes find it in clearance sales, which is where I got mine – just $19.99 CAD at Shoppers for the 100 mL bottle!

When I bought this, I had low expectations just because the original Fantasy was the only Britney perfume I went gaga for. But this surprised me. I actually like it a lot, but it isn’t my new favourite. Also, unfortunately I think the bottle design is exceptional…exceptionally ugly!

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The Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

Products I Use Every DayThere were lots of products that I fell in love with. But sometimes things just weren’t meant to be. They started seeing other people. And they made up lame excuses for sneaking out in the middle of the night. Needless to say, the relationship was cut short.

Of course I was heartbroken, but new products entered my life. Some took me for dinner and a movie. Others serenaded me with a Spanish guitar. And one special product made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Here are the products that I’ve been faithful to because they’ve never let me down when I needed them. We plan to grow old together and celebrate many happy anniversaries. Continue reading


Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Review & Pictures

Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Perfume smallerOkay, so I’m not a Britney Spears fan, but I’ve been blasting her latest single, Hold It Against Me, more times than I care to admit. There’s something about that song that makes me smile. (Stop laughing!)

Then when I was looking around at Shoppers Drug Mart, I saw that the large bottle of Britney Spears Circus Fantasy was on a crazy sale for $19.99 CAD! It was way too tempting to walk out of the store empty-handed.

If you’ve been following Swatch And Learn, you may know that I’m in complete lust with the original Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. And because I wore that one daily, I was curious to compare it with the Circus Fantasy fragrance.

How does it stack up to the original Fantasy fragrance? Is Britney Spears Circus Fantasy something to sniff at? Come find out! Continue reading


Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy Review & Pictures

Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy Perfume

I’m a huge fan of the original Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum that I reviewed in a previous post. So when Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy came out in 2009, I jumped right on it thinking that it’d be reminiscent of the sweet, soft girly scent I loved about its predecessor.

If you’re into vanilla, caramel, and gourmand fragrances like I am, this isn’t the one for you. It’s a far departure from the original. The original had a cotton-candy smell suitable for a younger crowd (or at least the young at heart). Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy perfume is stronger, sharper, and appropriate for the slightly more mature woman who likes tangerine and orange scents. Continue reading