Nail Art: Blue & Silver Houndstooth Konadicure Using Konad Image Plate m63, China Glaze Caribbean Blue & China Glaze Millennium

Houndstooth Konadicure Blue & Silver SwatchesBack in March, I did a shimmery green and black houndstooth Konadicure. Because I liked the way it turned out, I asked Swatch And Learn readers what other color combinations they would like to see. One reader, Andrea, suggested a Blue and Silver Houndstooth Konadicure. So here it (finally) is!

Originally I was going to go with a navy blue, but thought it would look interesting to go with a light blue. I’ve been wanting to crack open the bottle of China Glaze Caribbean Blue that I’ve had for the longest time, so this was as good a time as any to try it.

Do you have a favorite color combination for houndstooth?

China Glaze Blue Caribbean Pictures

China Glaze Caribbean Blue Nail Polish

China Glaze Caribbean Blue Ingredients

China Glaze Millennium Pictures

China Glaze Millennium Nail Polish

China Glaze Millennium Ingredients

Blue & Silver Houndstooth Konadicure Swatches

All swatches have:

Houndstooth Konadicure Blue & Silver Swatches

Natural Light

Silver & Blue Houndstooth Konadicure Swatches


Silver & Blue Konadicure Swatch

Natural Light

Blue & Silver Houndstooth Konadicure Swatches


Blue & Silver Konadicure Swatch

Natural Light

Silver & Blue Houndstooth Konadicure Swatch


Want to see another color combination? Check out my green and black houndstooth Konadicure swatches here!

Konad Image Plate m63 Picture

Konad Image Plate m63

Konad Image Plate m63 Review (Houndstooth)

As I’ve mentioned the last time I tried this print, the houndstooth image is really easy to pick up onto the stamper. For this manicure, though, I was in a rush and wasn’t as careful as I should’ve been. That’s why the image transfer isn’t totally sharp on my nails.

Full-design patterns like this are great for covering up nail-polish imperfections, and even if you don’t put this baby on dead straight, it still looks good.

Hey, did you notice that I messed up my index finger? Take a closer look at the direction each part of the houndstooth is pointing. It’s going the opposite direction than the ones on the other nails! Hahaha…oops! But this is just proof that the beauty of houndstooth is that mistakes are camouflaged well. Collectively, the nails look decent.

Key Notes

Konad Tutorial: Check out my Konad Tutorial for step-by-step written instructions & visual aids to make it easy!

What I Used to Create This Look:

Thanks again to Andrea for suggesting the blue-and-silver houndstooth color combination. It’s really fun to see how just changing the colors can give you a completely different look. (The green-and-black one looked more edgy. This silver-and-blue manicure has a futuristic vibe.)

What houndstooth color combinations have you tried and would(n’t) recommend? Did you buy the new Bundle Monster image plates? Do you prefer Konad image plates? Should I ask another question? Should I? No?


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