L.A. Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica Review & Swatches

** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

I got L.A. Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica during one of my Cherry Culture hauls. My shopping bag was already brimming with goodies (this was right after I gotz paid), but I decided to shop around some more. Not a very smart choice. I think I ended up with about 50% more stuff in my shopping bag because of that decision.

Deep Sea Mica was one of those last-minute buys that I’m glad I made. I love this color. I don’t think it should be in the L.A. Girl Metal Collection though, seeing as there’s nothing metallic about the color. But I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! I love this beautiful shade! Esp. since I don’t already have a color like this in my collection.

L.A. Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica Swatches & Pictures

~*~ 3 Coats Without a Top Coat in Flash *~*

~*~ 3 Coats Without a Top Coat in Natural Light *~*


    Lustrous finish
    Wearable color

Key Notes

  • Name: L.A. Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica
  • Amount: 0.47 fl. oz. or 14ml
  • What I Paid:$2.24 USD (20% off; retails for $2.80)
  • Price Per Unit: $4.77/fl. oz. or $0.16/ml
  • Other L.A. Girl Metal Colors Available: Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, Pink Steel, Chromium Green, Brass, Millennium, Iron Red, Bronze Medal, Alkaline Blue, Copper Alloy, Antique Gold, Graphite, Obsidian, Trilogy, Metallic Olive
  • Where to Buy: L.A. Girl website, Cherry Culture, nail salons, some Forever 21 stores

LA Girl Deep Sea Mica Review


LA Girl Deep Sea Mica is a dark teal shade that looks bluish green or greenish blue, depending on the light. There is a very subtle shimmer to it that gives it such depth. It really does look like you’re staring into a deep ocean.


Ultra smooth. I was surprised as how nicely L.A. Girl Deep Sea Mica dries. It’s so even on the nail, and even though it’s not super high gloss that you’d need deflectors, it’s still shiny enough without a top coat.


Much more liquidy than what I’m used to. I was surprised because LA Girl Millennium has a much thicker and richer consistency. LA Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica, on the other hand, is so watery that it drips easily off the brush end.


Sheer. First coat barely shows any color. Second coat is a bit better, but you can still see through to the nail. The third coat of L.A. Girl Deep Sea Mica finally gave me the rich teal shade that I really like. If you’re not careful with your application, you might even need a fourth coat. Again, very surprised at this because Millennium is almost a one-coater!


I like this shade, but I wouldn’t call it super unique. If you have rich blue-greens already in your collection, this can be a skip. Don’t have one? Grab it! Grab it! It’s such a great deal.


  • Affordable
  • Free of formaldehyde, DBP, toluene
  • Pretty color
  • Goes on & dries evenly

  • Liquidy consistency
  • Very sheer
  • Not metallic

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

OK, so I don’t like the consistency and sheerness of it, but I really enjoy this shade. Application wasn’t hard because of these two cons, so I’m going to reward LA Girl Deep Sea Mica with a high-ish score!

What do you think of an 8.5 for this color? Do you already own deep teals by another brand?


9 thoughts on “L.A. Girl Metal Deep Sea Mica Review & Swatches

  1. Ruthe

    Aaahhhhh this color is gorgeous!! I had a little freak-out moment when I saw it, lol :P. I absolutely love it! Deep Sea Mica looks amazing on you! 😀
    Ruthe recently posted: Just Think

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi Ruthe! I’m glad this color created a freak-out moment! Do you think you’ll get it? I bet it’d look great on you, too. You always do your nails so beautifully (mine are so sloppy in comparison!). 😛

      1. Ruthe

        Aww thanks Fiona :). Your nails are SO not sloppy! I like how you paint your nails closer to the cuticle; I always have a huge gap when I do mine!

        I’m definitely going to get this if I order from Cherry Culture! Do you know where else LA Girl polishes are sold? I’m always so reluctant to do online hauls because of the shipping!
        Ruthe recently posted: Just Think

        1. Fiona Post author

          Hi Ruthe! Sorry, I haven’t seen L.A. Girl around here, but then again, I’m in Canada. We don’t get as many different makeup brands as the states do (probably a good thing for my wallet). 😛

        2. Mary

          Hey Ruthe!

          I’ve seen LA Girl polishes sold sometimes at Forever 21 stores, but here in Canada, there usually are just a few available. Also, you may want to look at any bargain-beauty shops. (There’s a tiny shop here that sells TONS of LA Girl polishes at a good price.)

          1. Fiona Post author

            I didn’t realize it’s at Forever 21! Well, probably because I can’t shop there since I don’t stand behind how they handle business and their ethics. But good to know. Thanks, Mary!

            1. Mary

              No problem. Another store I just remembered that sells L.A. Girl polish is Garage – this store for teenaged girls. I’m sure there are also other teen stores that carry it – L.A. Girl is popular especially among teens and pre-teens.

              1. Ruthe

                Thanks a lot Mary! I go to Forever 21 a lot, so I’ll definitely remember to check out their nail polish! I’ve always ignored their nail polish in the past because I wasn’t sure they were great quality…hehe bad mistake :P.

                Actually funny story: after I posted my previous comment, I decided to just look around CherryCulture.com…and about two hours later I found myself punching in credit card numbers and clicking “Place Order.” Funny how easily tempted I am, lol! And yes, I ordered Deep Sea Mica :).

                Thanks for all the help, Fiona and Mary! As always, you guys are amazing! Keep up the great posts! 😀
                Ruthe recently posted: Short Post – MIA

                1. Mary

                  You’re welcome, Ruthe. Hope your store has more selection. I’ve only ever seen 3 bottles at my local Forever 21. They seem to carry more of their own “Love & Beauty” nail-polish brand these days. I’ve found that the quality of their own brand to be the same as LA Girl. Even the bottle shape is the same!


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