OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches & Review

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches & ReviewOPI Aloha from OPI from the Hawaii Collection out soon (February 4th, to be exact) is the polish that stole my heart as I stood there in disbelief with a puddle of drool!

When I first saw the bottle, it didn’t do anything for me. I just thought it was an okay shade, and pushed it aside to look at the others in the OPI Hawaii Collection.

But, since I’m determined to wear every shade in the collection as full manicures and also review as many as I can on the blog (hopefully all), I decided to give this one a go.

Whoa – I wan’t expecting how gorgeous this polish would be! It surprised me so much how hard I fell in love with it, and now it’s one of my top picks from the collection!

If you’re into statement colours, you must try this because it’s a bright orange-red-leaning coral that absolutely pops on your nails like fireworks across a blackened sky! (It was enough to distract me from my seriously dry hands. The harsh winter weather has been taking a real toll on the skin on my hands, especially since I’m washing my hands a lot.)

OPI Aloha from OPI is a colour that’s fun to wear and that has a tropical-vacation feel. So even if you can’t afford to hit up your dream destination island, at least this colour brings the vacation to you!

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OPI Aloha from OPI Pictures

OPI Aloha from OPI

Natural Light

Aloha from OPI Swatches


Aloha from OPI

Natural Light

Aloha from OPI Hawaii Collection 2015


Aloha from OPI Hawaii Collection


All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches & Review

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches

OPI Aloha from OPI Hawaii Swatches

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches Hawaii

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatch

Flash Photos

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches Hawaii Collection

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatch Hawaii Collection Swatches

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches & Pictures

OPI Aloha from OPI Swatch & Pictures


  • Creamy coral (Yes)

Key Notes

OPI Aloha from OPI Review


OPI Aloha from OPI is a fiery nail polish that sometimes looks red and other times looks orange. It’s actually a bright coral that can lean both ways like a nail-polish contortionist!

This is a loud shade, and I feel like it would flatter a wide variety of skin tones from the fairest to the richest.

It’s bright, but not like a neon that seems to almost glow in the dark. This could almost get there. It’s on the verge of breaking out. I think it could be a good neon-gateway polish! 😉

It pops so much on the nail, yet in the bottle, you might not even bat an eye over the shade. It’s one of those colours that you must try from the collection because it really has that ‘vacation vibe’. Especially if you’re like me and you can’t wait for winter to come to an end, this nail polish will gladly hula into your life with coconut bra and colourful cocktail in hand!


With a shiny, creamy finish, OPI Aloha from OPI looks so fresh on the nails and never flat or dull.

Cremes are really popular for the season, which is why there are so many in the OPI Hawaii Collection.

A simple creme finish allows the colour to be the star of the show, and later when you want to remove it, it comes off easily and quickly.

Application & Formula

This is an example of what OPI is known for: smooth, easy-to-paint-with formulas. It glides onto your nails without a hitch for an application that’s so dreamy, the only way it could get better was if the polish applied itself as you watched TV and ate a big bowl of delicious ice cream! 😉

The consistency wasn’t too thick or too thin – it was Goldilocks’ “just right”! I think that it’s a great polish for beginner nailphiles to use because it applies so easily and will help them build up their confidence before tackling tricky formulas that require more concentration.


  • Bright coral that strongly leans orange/red
  • Gives nails a fun ‘vacation vibe’
  • Creamy finish is easy to paint with
  • Removes very quickly & easily


  • It’s not the craziest shade (but does every colour have to be crazy to be wonderful? Nope!)


Final Verdict: 9.5/10

As you can tell from my high Final Verdict score, I didn’t just like OPI Aloha from OPI, but I absolutely loved wearing it because it instantly made me think of warmer weather! (I’m so over winter, so whenever I have the chance to wear a happy spring/summer shade, I jump on it!)

What is a polish you’ve worn that gives your nails a ‘vacation vibe’? Are you looking forward for winter to end? What is your favourite type of nail-polish finish?


16 thoughts on “OPI Aloha from OPI Swatches & Review

  1. Joyce

    Summer… oh, how I miss thee 🙂
    Lovely color and it looks great on you!
    Just wondering, there were two corals in the Brazil collection (Toucan something and something Carnival if I remember correctly). How close are they to this beauty?
    Joyce recently posted: Black and silver skittle

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      Same here! I want the warm weather to arrive already! 😉

      I’ll try to pull them up and do a comparison post if I can find them in my stash!

  2. Anc

    I’m all about the red polish, orange toned, coral toned, pink toned, if it has even the slightest hint of red, I’m in!
    This baby will be mine!!!
    Absolutely stunning, I might be drooling a little all over your blog… so sorry…

  3. Melissa

    I’m loving this color. It’s the perfect shade for someone who really isn’t into pink, but doesn’t want a red. This it just to pretty. I think This one will have to come home with me and the green polishes in the collection. LOL Thanks as always for sharing. 🙂

  4. Liz

    How am I ever going to get the image of a polish doing the hula in a coconut bra out of my head now?!? *lol* Thanks, Mary! Hey does this polish have the tiniest soupçon of hot pink in it or are my eyes deceiving me? I’m looking especially at your last and next to last photos. Such a fabulous, rich coral!

    I’m really enjoying your reviews and swatches of this collection, thanks for introducing us to them!
    Liz recently posted: Elevation Polish Tre Cime di Lavaredo

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Liz!

      Nail polishes like to bust a move! 😉

      This polish is more like a hot coral that leans on the orange side, at least when I look at it. Maybe it moonlights as a pink when the sun goes down. 😉

  5. Robbie

    This is a very pretty color. Since I have lived out in the beautiful state of Hawaii, this color does say Hawaii. From all the flowers and the coral deep under water. Looks great on you Mary. I might rock it with a summer pedicure.


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