Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Collection Press Release

Zoya Tickled & Bubbly PixieDustI’ve had the press release for the Zoya Tickled & Zoya Bubbly Collection in my inbox since last month, but things have been helter skelter in my “offline world”.

(Haha, I never say ‘helter skelter’ in real life. It’s a first!) 😉

Going back to the awesome nail polish!

Zoya is one of those companies that puts out what I consider to be ‘fearless colours’. They never are afraid to express themselves with all colours of the rainbow, and I give them the standing ovation for it!

The Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Collection will be available May 15th.

Check out the rest of this post to find out what’s new in Zoya news! 🙂

Below are the press release photos sent to me by Zoya:

Zoya Tickled & Bubbly PixieDust

Zoya Nail Polish

The colour shown is Zoya Kitridge.

Below are the incredible colours that will be part of the Zoya Bubbly & Tickled Collection!

Zoya Tickled & Zoya Bubbly

Of course, being a green fiend, Tilda and Stassi are calling out to me in the sweetest tones, but I also want to see what Muse, Harper, and Binx look like.

For this collection, the colours were inspired by the fashion, sun, jewelry, and culture of South Beach, according to Rebecca Isa, the Creative Director of Zoya.

Which colour speaks to you? If you could wear several in a single manicure, which would you choose? Do you have a favourite Zoya nail polish?


10 thoughts on “Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Collection Press Release

  1. Robbie

    I dig the Bubbly colors. You know the Binx has my eye and Jesy is my Cleveland Browns orange option for football season. I dig the colors.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Robbie!

      Your nail-polish collection is quickly blossoming! Hehe, I can see it from the photos you’ve posted! 🙂 And you wear them well, so I can’t wait to see the Zoya shades on you!


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