Zoya Lake Swatches & Review

Zoya Lake Swatches Review

Like an icicle hanging from the shingles of a rooftop, Zoya Lake from the Whispers Collection paints a wintry scene.

Zoya Lake is a demure blue, and it’s proof that you don’t need to do a cannonball to make a splash!

Despite its cool demeanour, you’ll warm up to it quickly because it has a soft and gentle personality. (You’ll welcome it readily because it contrasts with the sparkly nail polish that you may have sported during the holidays.)

It’s an innocent blue that fits into winter as much as it would for spring, making it a great transitional shade. (Of course, I encourage you to wear whatever colour you love. Who says that you must follow seasonal trends?)

Zoya Lake Pictures

Zoya Lake Review

Artificial Light

Zoya Whispers Collection Swatch Zoya Lake Swatches

Natural Light

Zoya Lake Zoya Whispers Collection

Artificial Light

Lake by Zoya

Natural Light

Zoya Lake

Zoya Lake Swatches

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Zoya Lake Swatches Review

Zoya Lake Swatches

Zoya Lake Swatch

Zoya Lake Review Swatch

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Zoya Lake Swatches Swatch

Zoya Lake Swatch Zoya Whispers Collection Swatches

Zoya Lake Review Swatches

Zoya Lake Whispers Swatch


  • Softened blue that gives the effect of serene water (Yes)

Key Notes

Zoya Lake Review


An innocent blue that’s pale yet not overly white-based, Lake by Zoya is a great choice for those who want to embrace a soft shade that has enough saturation to keep it from looking washed out.

It has a calm charm about it that sets it apart from those other blue-sky hues, yet it doesn’t translate onto the nail as dirty like some muted blues can.


Lake by Zoya has a creme finish that’s simple and to the point. No sparkles to distract you, so you can’t blame your manicure for causing you to accidentally walk into that mailbox. 😉

As I always say, the beauty of a creme finish is that it truly allows the colour to be the star of the show, and removing it is easy peasy.

Application & Formula

The formula had an average consistency – not too runny and not too thick. It hit that middle ground, so it was easy to paint with, and since the polish was pigmented, I only needed to use two coats to achieve full opacity. (I used thin coats instead of my usual medium coats because I find that with softer shades like this, thin coats work better at reducing the chances for streaking and bubbling.)

Ingredients & Vegan-Friendly

Zoya’s vegan-friendly nail polishes don’t contain any Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or DBP.


  • Cute pale blue that isn’t too white-based
  • Pigmented & only needs 2 coats for full opacity
  • Creme finish is easy to apply & remove
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or DBP


  • Not the most unique or wild blue (but not every polish has to be a signature colour)
  • If you don’t shop online, getting your hands on Zoya nail polishes can be tricky

Final Verdict: 8/10

Some pale blues can wash me out if they are too milky, but Zoya Lake has just enough blue to make it flattering.

I haven’t tried all of the Zoya Whispers Collection shades yet, but so far, this one’s my favourite. (Hehe, I haven’t worn the green yet, and since I am a huge fan of green, that may be the only one that could top Lake. We’ll see!)

Do pale blues make you think of winter, spring, or both seasons? What temperature do you consider to be cold? (I live in Canada, and I only start to feel cold when the weather dips to around minus 15 degrees Celsius or so. My body prefers warm or even sweltering hot weather over the cold. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll move to a place that never snows.)


10 thoughts on “Zoya Lake Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa

    I’m really loving this color. I think it’s my favorite of this collection. It looks great on you. Thanks for sharing it with us! I’m going to have to get a bottle as soon as I spot it in Ulta.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      So far, out of the colours I’ve tried from this collection, it’s my favourite, but I haven’t worn the green yet. 😉 I suspect that may take the crown or at least be up near the top for me!

  2. Joyce

    Another polish that just has to come home to me 🙂

    Just wondering, could you compare Lake to Blu and/or Kristen (also by Zoya)?
    I can see they are all different, I’m just curious about how different they are.
    Joyce recently posted: Happy New Year!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      Zoya Blu is brighter and has more of a stark look in comparison to Lake, which is muted and has a touch of grey undertones. Kristen is darker than Lake and has a slight grey quality and looks soft.

      I think that all three are different enough to justify owning each.

  3. KarenH

    Your lovely review made me a fan of this color. I just placed a Zoya order with their shipping only promotion — I am going to see if I can swap one of those shades for Lake.

    Also, do you plan to review the OPI spring collection — New Orleans?

    Thank you for the wonderful reviews. You have certainly influenced my polish choices!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Karen!

      I hope to review some shades from the OPI New Orleans Collection when it launches! Right now, I’m working through wearing full manicures and doing in-depth reviews on shades from the OPI Hello Kitty Collection. Other brands and colours will also be sprinkled throughout for variety. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog! It makes me so happy to hear that you find my reviews helpful.

  4. Stephanie

    Mmmm pretty! So many blues, so little time to try them all 🙂 Lake and the purple shade from the Whispers line are calling me, loudly! lol

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Stephanie!

      Hehe, isn’t it funny how a collection named “Whispers” is calling out to you loudly? The nail polishes can’t help themselves – they’re are excited about the colours as we are. 😉


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