Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway (Open worldwide & 3 winners!)

Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners:

1st Prize: Cynthia R.

2nd Prize: Kim P.

3rd Prize: Ashley T.

I e-mailed the winners on Tuesday January 3, 2017. You have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail to claim your prize. Failure to do so will force me to choose a new winner.

Thank you to everyone for participating in my giveaway! 

Hope that you all had fun and that you’ll visit Swatch And Learn again soon. Also, stay tuned because there will be more fun nail-polish giveaways coming up! 🙂


As we draw closer to the end of the year, I’m attempting to bring some holiday cheer your way with a fun Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway!

I want to give more readers a chance to win these beautiful nail polishes and lipsticks, so this giveaway is open worldwide, and there will be three winners!

Hurry – enter by December 31st for your chance to win big!

You’ll remember that not long ago, I shared with you my Zoya Enchanted Collection swatches and gushed about how I loved every single colour.

This is one of my favourite Zoya collections in quite a while, and I thought it would be the ideal collection to share with readers. That’s why I purchased all these prizes for you. I want to spread my excitement over this collection with you. Can you feel it? And even if you already bought this collection, still consider entering the giveaway because you can share it with a friend who digs nail polish.

Not only does the Zoya Enchanted Collection contain beloved textured PixieDusts, but there are also beautiful shimmers.

Also…hello, you know that I’m a green nail-polish lover, and the ones in the Zoya Enchanted Collection make my heart beat faster and my nails clasp their hands together, hoping to be painted! 😉 Hope you love them as much as I do!

What’s Up for Grabs:

  • First Prize: Zoya Enchanted Collection (Full-size bottles of all 6 colours: Alice, Saint, Waverly, Olivera, Lorna & Elphie)
  • Second Prize: Zoya Midnight Dreams Set (3 mini bottles of Lorna, Olivera & Elphie plus full-size lipstick in Maxwell, the dark shade)
  • Third Prize: Zoya Icy Kiss Set (3 mini bottles of Waverly, Saint & Alice plus full-size lipstick in Belle, the lighter shade)

See the rest of this post for the full details on how to enter my giveaway!

Good luck!

Swatch And Learn’s Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway

Giveaway Details

Starts: Now

Ends: Saturday December 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST

Who Can Enter: Everyone! (Yes, this is open worldwide.)

  • First Prize: Zoya Enchanted Collection (Full-size bottles of all 6 colours: Alice, Saint, Waverly, Olivera, Lorna & Elphie)
  • Second Prize: Zoya Midnight Dreams Set (3 mini bottles of Lorna, Olivera & Elphie plus full-size lipstick in Maxwell, the dark shade)
  • Third Prize: Zoya Icy Kiss Set (3 mini bottles of Waverly, Saint & Alice plus full-size lipstick in Belle, the lighter shade)

You Must Do BOTH Things Below to Enter My Giveaway:

  • Fill out the below Rafflecopter form. (If you can’t see the form, click on the link “a Rafflecopter giveaway”)
  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you visit SwatchAndLearn.com.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: The Rafflecopter form shows Cynthia M., but her last name got cut off and only the first letter of her middle name showed up. I checked the account to be sure, and Cynthia R. is correct. 🙂

For more information, click here to see:

Zoya Enchanted Collection Swatches

How to Get Extra Entries Daily

You can earn extra entries by completing an option listed in the Rafflecopter form.

Selecting, Announcing & Contacting the Winner:

Sometime on Monday January 2 or Tuesday January 3, I’ll notify the winners (chosen randomly by Rafflecopter) via e-mail. I’ll also announce it on this blog post and in the sidebar of my blog before I e-mail the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail to claim the prize. Failure to do so will force me to randomly draw a new winner.

What Happens Next?

Each winner will send me their mailing address. I will then prepare the packages and send out all three prizes.

Find Me on Social Media

Following me on social media isn’t mandatory to enter my giveaway, but I would really appreciate it if you did!

Reminder for You to Protect Yourself from Scammers

Please be careful and avoid scammers who try to prey upon people during giveaways. Remember, I will never ask you to pay money for the prize. It’s 100% free. I also won’t ask you for confidential information. (I will only require the winner’s name and mailing address.) I also won’t end my giveaway earlier.

If anyone sketchy tries to contact you saying you’re a winner and you’re unsure, the safest thing to do is to check this blog post because I will publicly announce the winner before contacting you to say that you’ve won.

Important Note:

Please add swatchandlearn (at) gmail (dot) com to your safe list so my e-mail doesn’t accidentally go to the Junk folder.


Thanks for being an awesome reader!

Disclosure: I purchased all of the prizes for this giveaway.


204 thoughts on “Zoya Enchanted Collection Giveaway (Open worldwide & 3 winners!)

  1. Frida Ståhl

    I read your blog because I love that the reviews are so thorough. If I read about a polish on this blog, I know that’s exactly what I’ll get. Plus the pics are always accurate.

  2. Marijke

    I visit your blog because I love nail polish and you make gorgeous swatches. (Sorry for my bad english i’m from the netherlands).

  3. Nevena

    I follow you to see swatches of new collections a to hear your honest opinion on the quality of the polish. Your photos are true to life, so I can see how the polish really looks on the nails 🙂

  4. Christine Wagner Miller

    I follow swatch and learn because you mix things up whenn it comes to posting. You throw seminar visits in your posts with pictures of the venue layouts. I guess it would have been easier to just say variety!!

  5. Jessica

    Hi Mary! I read your blog for many reasons. I love your nails, the polish and application! Next, your words make me feel alive. You’re consistently positive and the way you express your thoughts makes me smile and sometimes laugh, too. It’s smooth reading. I can easily read through your posts and not feel like it took up a big part of my day. You know how sometimes reading something can feel like it took forever and almost draining? I never feel there here. Just such a happy place. You make me think of things in a way I wouldn’t have. You’re delightful and your blog is an excellent reflection of your nature. Love you girl!

  6. Michelle Ferreira

    I love your blog because of the honesty and the amazing swatch photos. Your site is a gem of knowledge and definitely helps me with my purchases.

  7. Deepshika Karthikeyan

    I visit swatchandlearn to get the latest updates on new Polish launches and to get the most accurate colors of the polishes in pics. Helps me so much to decide the color I want to buy. Plus I love the way you review 🙂

  8. Elisabeth Flodkvist

    This is my first time here but I can assure you I will come back for more. I love a good swatch and yours are great.

  9. Raluca Denise

    I visit because I love watching swatches for the latest nail polish collections and because this way I can decide better about what to put in my wishlist.

  10. Nathalie

    I follow this blog because you’re canadian and so am I! Also, you are very detailed in your reviews and you have beautiful swatches!

  11. Laura

    Hi Mary! I love your swatches! Your writing style is very witty and fun! I admire your outlook…whenever you post something you tell it like you see it. I really appreciate that. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  12. Lauren

    I come for the swatches, well written reviews and to find more awesome green nail colors to add to my collection (because I’m obsessed with green and purple polishes!).

    1. Annie Coallier

      Love the colors of this collection too. It’s my first visit in your site and i definitely will come back. I like to see swatches of different brand and colors before buying any more polish( i have quite a lot now) and I’m making sure now not to buy a color very similar as one that i own

  13. Icequeen81.ma

    I stated back in 2010 I was looking for Mad Cat of Alice and wonderland I google it and found it in your blog.
    after that, I started following Loved the dark colours the nice swatches and also the small chat , You know by know which colours I need In my stash.

  14. Petra

    I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t read your blog until I saw a post about your Zoya nail polish competition. I have just put my children to bed and will read through your blogg with a cup of coffee (maybe not so smart before bedtime but oh so good!) Love discovering new and intetesting blogspot, especially when it comes to nail polishes.

  15. Jasmin H

    I read your blog when I see something interesting on your Instagram. I follow your blog but lately I am bad in checking my reading list frequently. So yes when I see something interesting on Instagram I hop on over to the blog 🙂
    Best Jasmin

  16. Yadira Clark

    I like your blog because of your honest and really complete reviews. Also for your lovely pictures. They are really accurate with the true color. Also I love the shape of your nails. I’m trying rounded now because of you. Always have them square oval so it’s new for me. Good luck to everyone such a pretty price. Even if I don’t win (I hope I do) I want to thank you for including everyone in this giveway!

  17. Ayushi jain

    I love your blog because the shades that you swatch are amazing and they are not available in india so i love to see them.

  18. Robbie

    I visit Swatch and Learning blog because it’s the very best on make up and nail polish. Mary gives us complete details on the product she is reviewing. Absolutely the best. it’s the only blog that connected with me. I love Mary.

  19. So Yuan

    I visited swatchandlearn because I have a nail art account for a few months now and I joined a collab with a few other girls and I have to make bee nails. I searched it on google and saw your picture from 2011, then I clicked on the link!

  20. Karen Holmack

    Yours was the first nail blog I ever came across. I thought it was so cool that someone would take the time to talk about all things nail! I have been wearing nail polish since high school but still have learned so much about different brands that I would never have discovered on my own. Zoya is the best example of this. I hesititate to say how many bottles of Zoya I have!

    Thanks so much for holding this giveaway!

  21. Courtney

    I visit to see your beautiful swatches and to hear your thoughts on the new collections. Since I can’t buy them all (wahhh!), I need your advice on which polishes I absolutely need!

  22. Linda Frances

    I read your blog because you comment on every possible aspect of a nail polish, good or bad. Your pictures are perfect, your nails are gorgeous and your painting skill is beautiful!

  23. Ariadna

    Hi Mary!

    I read your blog because it’s very consistent. I like the way you talk about the polishes and your method of reviewing things. You make it very enjoyable to read about polishes and I appreciate your enthusiasm and hard work you put into each blog post. 🙂

  24. Ashley T.

    Mary, I read your blog because I always know that I’m going to get good information and laugh out loud at least once! Your blog is the definition of edu-tainment. I love that you do collection swatches and in-depth reviews; I especially appreciate that you show the polishes in different lightings. Your blog is one of the few I read (and I read MANY) that I get email notifications for because I do not want to miss a single post!

  25. Desiree

    I visit because I like the variety of brands that you review and I especially love that you are Canadian too so I know if you can find it, so can i! 🙂

  26. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I read your About me page and like and agree with what you do and how you go about it. I enjoy your content is why I am at Swatch and Learn. I enjoy beauty products and nail polish is one of them. I love seeing swatches, hearing about new releases and hearing your personal thoughts and opinions about a product, service, etc…
    Thanks for your inspiration and all that you do.

  27. Robin Drake

    Wow, I just found you when googling an old Orly color. I came here because “Swatch and Learn” was a blog I knew I had to check out! 🙂

  28. Else

    I visit because of your words and swatches. And because I like your thing about choosing happiness over perfection – those words a long time a go really hit the spot!:)

  29. Lubka K.

    I have found that you are giving Zoya nail polishes in your giveaway and since I ve never had any of them and I would like to, I am here 🙂 Thanks!

  30. Natasha

    I visit because I love seeing your swatches of all the new polishes and it helps me decide which polishes I want to buy for myself!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  31. charlene

    I visited this blog because I was searching for news on the Zoya Mystery Box sale for 2016. Your blog came up in the list of my results. This is the first time that I’ve ordered a Mystery Box from Zoya and I am eager to learn what I’ve purchased. 🙂

  32. Naomi Guppy

    Swatches, swatches, swatches – love the swatches! No re-colouring, good, even lighting and always nice consistent nails. I know what I’m getting by looking at your swatches. I don’t really read the other make-up posts, just the polish ones 🙂

  33. Alyssa B

    I love Swatch and Learn because your pics are beautiful and the posts are helpful. You are also so quick to put up new collections that I can find a review before purchasing and I don’t have to wait forever. (I like to avoid paying for difficult polishes.)

  34. Raabh

    I’ve read your blog for about two years but I think it’s the first time I leave a comment, can you believe it? #shameonme!
    I love your swatches and honest opinions on the products you review.
    I recently became a nail blogger myself (I was invited to contribute once a week on a nail blog here in Brazil) and I’m enjoying the experience! And some nail bloggers are my constatn inspiration, including you!
    I hope I win one of the prizes, because the Zoya website doesn’t ship to Brazil and I love this brand!

  35. Karla Spatz

    I love this blog for the swatches, you show the colors in the best light , which lets us see the real color better, its true! We, my daughter and grandaughters would love to win, we love to paint our nails. 😉

  36. Jamie Williams

    I am fairly new to your blog but I like reading about new and awesome ideas, and to study some of the tutorials. Its a pretty looking blog too!

  37. marine

    Hi Mary!
    I’ve been a reader for quite some times now and i still read your blog because i love it! your off nail polish posts and i also looove your swatches!

  38. Sara McBroom

    I love your blog because you show colors beautifully and accurately in your swatches. I reference your reviews before I make my purchase selections from seasonal collections!

  39. GK

    I really enjoy your swatches & reviews. It’s very helpful when I want to purchase something online. Colors don’t always look accurate on a website & the texture & formula are important to me too. Thank you for the giveaway!

  40. Victoria Greaves

    I visit Swatch and Learn for up-to-date info on beauty releases! I love all of the nail polish posts and that’s the reason I’m here!

  41. Ramya

    I started following you and I read your blog because your. Swatches are awesome! You pick the best shades the they look beautiful.

  42. GQ

    Hello Mary! 😀
    I visit your blog because I love all of your beautiful and stunning swatches which have always captivated my eyes and my inner urge to purchase all of the nail polishes! However, due to me living in Asia country has limited myself to purchase most of the nail polishes which I have seen you swatched them. The availability is quite limited or the shipping costs are too expensive and I can only drool over your swatches through the screen. Haha! >_< and not to forget your reviews on beauty products! They are extremely helpful as I am always confused about them! They do help me alot! Thank you so much! And I appreciate this giveaway opportunity very much as well! ^^

  43. Hannah Leinster

    I read swatchandlearn for the range you cover, your thorough reviews, your pictures and your fun writing style!

  44. TheGoodbyeGirl

    I always visit Swatch & Learn for the Zoya reviews are they are through and accurate, the photos are colour accurate as well.

  45. Beth Combs

    I have been following your blog since i first started my polish addiction in 2010 or 2011. It’s still one of my favorite blogs. I love that you’re always so honest with your reviews and very thorough. I come to you first for a review 🙂

  46. Adriana Castrillon-McNish

    I was tagged on your giveaway so I checked out your IG. Seeing your posts it intrigued me to see and read on. I liked your swatches, very pretty and cant say I dont LOVE Zoya polishes, although I dont have many. They have beautiful colors and collections. Thank you for the opportunity.

  47. Anne C

    This blog features new beauty products, nail color swatches, nail arts, and product reviews. There is always something interesting to fin in your blog!

  48. Randi C.

    I visit Swatch and Learn because I am always hesitant to buy polish just by the way it looks in the bottle — your swatches and reviews help me decide if a polish will work for me.

  49. Luisa Rendayyo

    Saludos desde Venezuela. Que colores de esmaltes tan hermosos. Aquí no tenemos la dicha de que los vendan. Suerte para todas.

  50. Nancy G

    I love your blog because it’s a fantastic way to see the shades I’m interested in buying. It helps with the final decision! And also, reading your reviews helps as well!

  51. Amanda

    I read your blog because I love your reviews. I’m on a tight budget so I don’t want to waste money on subpar products, your reviews help me make sure that I don’t 🙂

  52. Janel L.

    I love to read your blog for the descriptions & photos of new Polish brands that I’m not familiar with. Your swatches & descriptions are so beautiful!!

  53. Aleksandra

    Hello:) I read your blog because I really love the nail art, love nail polishes of this brand and love to paint my nails …You are doing great Swatches!!! You pick the best shades I started following you on IG and FB
    Nice to meet you. Thank so much for this Giveaway!!!

  54. Laura B.

    I really like your swatches and how you get a good close up of the colors. It is also helpful that there is a method to search your posts by what brand they’re based on.

  55. Margie

    I didn’t realize you had a blog! This is my first time here but I’ve seen your swatches on Insta for quite a long time.
    Blog looks fun and informative!

  56. Colby Soldan

    I visit because you’re swatches are amazing and you always have great detail about the polishes themselves that help me decide whether I want the color or not.

  57. Cathi Carpenter

    Well.. it is all in the name!! I love seeing all the latest colors and new collections!! It makes my ‘wish list’ grow

  58. Jessica

    I visit because I am obsessed with nail polish and love to see swatches of new collections to see what my next purchase will be!

  59. Jennifer Kettleson

    I just started following. I love Zoya and only have 4 bottles so far. I just got into them this month, I had bought Amal and Honor. They were the first bottles of polish I kept opening just to look at because they are so beautiful so I’m really hoping to win. I am actually going to go download this blog app so I can keep up with your blog, Thank you so much for this opportunity and can’t wit to read more of your blogs,

  60. Karen Holmack

    Happy Holidays Mary!

    I love your no nonsense approach to reviews of all things beauty! We also share a love of Zoya, I have quite the collection also!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  61. Giuliana Budke

    I really lime your nails and the accuracy of your photos. It’s always a great way to find out if I must buy a nail polish or not.

  62. Alice

    I saw someone’s repost on instagram and decided to explore your photos and visit your blog. You have so many swatches of so many amazing polishes. I’m totally addicted now 🙂

    I also like Zoya polishes a lot, but they are pretty difficult to come by where I live, so at least I can admire them in your photos.

    Thank you!

  63. Jenna Bristol

    I love visiting your blog because of the well-thought-out reviews of polishes. It helps me be a more informed buyer!

  64. Natalie

    Hello,frankly speaking I saw the information in your instagram and find your blog and swatches very beautiful and informative !

  65. Carrie

    I’ve just recently found you on Instagram and clicked on your link. I’ve browsed around and i like your style and approach to your blog. Your swatches are beautiful and i love your Instagram posts also. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  66. Danairi

    I read your blog because I am obsessed with nail Polish and so I found your blog and loved your beautiful swatches! I love seeing what the new polishes I want to get look like before I get them

  67. Cynthia Richardson

    I visit to get a better idea of how nail polishes will actually look when applied. (And because your nails are amazing!)

  68. DiscoKittie

    I just love watching others swatch colors because my nails are too weak to do it myself! You always have such pretty things!

  69. Princess Tharhatha Mangudadatu

    I visited your blog first because isaw your guveaway and then did a little stalky stalky on your posts love your blog

  70. Divya jain

    Honestly, i visit ur page to see the details regarding this amazing giveaway …but now i m loving ur page..ur swatches and reviews are more than awesome .i just enjoyed reading the reviews ..m happy that i come across such an amazing blog because of this giveaway

  71. Manuela Isgró

    Hello! I love nail polishes and I have discovered swatchandlearn from Instagram! Swatches are so usefull to nail polishes addicted!!! Great job, and thank you for the chance!

  72. Elena

    Thanks for holding this giveaway! I have wanted to try Zoya polishes, but they are not easy to purchase in Portugal. Have a great year! I found out about this post in Instagram.

  73. Amy Pickering

    I came across this blog because I was looking at Zoya reviews. I just recently purchased Zoya polishes for the first time and I’m loving them. Thank you for such thorough reviews and lovely swatches. And thank you for the opportunity to win some gorgeous polishes!

  74. Jenny

    Hi Mary,
    I love to read your blog to check out what brands and colours you are using. Your swatches are simply gorgeous and have persuaded me to buy a couple of brands I wouldn’t have known existed until reading here.
    I started my own nail blog in August after around 18 months of shall I shan’t I!
    I’m loving the whole experience although have lots to learn.
    Most of what I’ve learnt by way of tips picked up along the way has been from ladies like yourself. I thank you for taking to time to share your Nails with us.
    Jenny x @paintedbypinky Instagram

  75. Carmen Valentin

    I just came to your blog from a Ig …I love nail polishes is great to know which one are better quality great brand and the someone. Already use them give advice of the products before we make a purchase. .Thank for the reviews and the time you take. For it…

  76. Jenny S

    This is THE place to come to for great nail polish swatches. Great pics and awesome information about them. That’s why I started following this, and why I stick around. You’re great!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Ashley!

      Congratulations again! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that it’s the first giveaway that you’ve ever won. That makes it even more special! 🙂 I know that you will absolutely adore your prize. Enjoy, and happy polishing!


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