Zoya Cream Lipstick Swatches & Review (Candy & Mellie)

Zoya Candy Lipstick Zoya Mellie Lipstick

Zoya’s claim to fame is their ever-growing collection of nail polishes, but did you know that they also offer lipsticks?

They have a solid formula for their nail polishes, but I was curious to see how their lipsticks would fare.

Zoya Candy Lipstick and Zoya Mellie Lipstick both have cream finishes and were released with the Zoya Seashells & Sunsets Collection for Summer 2016.

(Click the link to see the official press release that includes the lipsticks and the nail polishes. Interested in just the nail polishes? See my Zoya Seashells Collection swatches and Zoya Sunsets Collection swatches.)

Something about the Zoya lipsticks surprised me. What was it? There’s only one way to find out. Check out the rest of this post for all the details.

Zoya Candy Lipstick Pictures & Zoya Mellie Lipstick Pictures

Zoya Lipstick Box

Zoya Lipstick

Zoya Candy Lipstick Zoya Mellie Lipstick 1

Zoya Candy Cream Lipstick

Zoya Mellie Lipstick

Zoya Candy Lipstick

Zoya Mellie Lipstick Review

Zoya Candy Lipstick Swatches & Zoya Mellie Lipstick Swatches

Zoya Candy Lipstick Swatch Zoya Mellie Lipstick Swatch

Zoya Candy Lipstick Swatches

Zoya Mellie Lipstick Swatches

Zoya Candy Lipstick Swatch

Zoya Mellie Lipstick Swatch

Zoya Candy Lipstick Ingredients (same as Zoya Mellie Lipstick Ingredients)

Zoya Cream Lipstick Ingredients

Claims for Zoya Candy Lipstick: TRUSTED

  • Classic bright pink cream with a cool-toned, mid-range intensity (Yes)
  • Medium coverage (Yes)

Claims for Zoya Mellie Lipstick: TRUSTED

  • Red-pink cream with a cool-toned, mid-range intensity (Yes)
  • Medium coverage (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: Zoya Candy Lipstick & Zoya Mellie Lipstick
  • Finish: Cream
  • Press Release: Click here to see the official Zoya Seashells & Sunsets Collection press release
  • Lipstick Colours Available in the Collection: Candy & Mellie
  • Amount: 3.97 g (0.14 oz.) each
  • Retail Price: $12 USD each
  • Disclosure: This post contains press samples provided by PR.
  • Where to Buy: Zoya website

Zoya Candy Lipstick Review & Zoya Mellie Lipstick Review


The two shades are close to each other, but there’s a noticeable difference. Zoya Candy Lipstick leans strongly pink, whereas Zoya Mellie Lipstick is more of a reddish pink.

Both are very pretty and easy to pull off, but if I had to choose my favourite of the two, it would be Mellie. That’s only because I prefer red over pink. Reds (and this reddish pink) make a statement that ends with exclamation marks.


As you can see from my swatches, they don’t dry matte. Zoya Cream Lipsticks have a gloss to them, which makes your lips look youthful and plump.

Since they are shiny, they won’t last as long as a matte lipstick. However, they are a million times more comfortable on your lips than a matte.

Application & Formula

The formula on these pleasantly surprised me! They glide on easily and don’t tug on your lips. Plus they feel very hydrating and lightweight.

There’s no greasy feeling, but there’s just enough ‘slip’ to make it feel comfortable.

I was shocked at how well they hydrated my lips. These are probably the most moisturizing lipsticks that I’ve ever worn!

My lips have been a bit dry, due to the harsh sun. But, I still wanted to wear them and see how they performed. To my amazement, immediately upon application, they felt exceptionally creamy – buttery smooth! But it wasn’t just on the surface of my lips. It felt soothing and seemed to be helping my lips.

The Zoya Cream Lipsticks are a two-in-one for me. They have all the benefits of a lip balm (without the SPF, though) and the pigmentation of a lipstick.

Zoya Candy Lipstick and Zoya Mellie Lipstick felt exactly the same on my lips, so I suspect that the cream formula is consistently hydrating across the board.

Since there is a gloss to these lipsticks, I was expecting them to wear off in a flash. However, I was amazed that they went strong on me for about five hours. They probably could’ve lasted even longer, but at that point, I ate my lunch.

The formula isn’t kiss-proof. It transfers, and when you drink, eat, or talk, it will gradually wear away. (It’s not ‘bullet-proof’ like the MAC Retro Mattes, but for a cream finish, it lasts very well!) The good thing is that I wasn’t left with an odd ring around my lips when it wore off.

This is the most comfortable lipstick formula that I’ve ever tried. It feels very soft on your lips and never greasy.


I haven’t bought a MAC lipstick in a long time, however, I continue to use the ones already in my stash.

I’ve become used to the signature MAC-vanilla-cake-batter scent, so when I opened each Zoya lipstick tube, I sniffed them.

They don’t have a sweet bakery scent. They’re also not unscented. I’d describe the smell as very mildly plastic-like. It’s not overwhelming, and I didn’t notice it after a few minutes. Since I have a sensitive nose and it didn’t bother me, I think the majority of people won’t have any issue with the scent.


The tube doesn’t have any bells or whistles. It is very traditional in that it’s cylindrical. Zoya’s logo is on the bottom half, there’s a silver-coloured middle piece, and the name of the colour is indicated on the bottom of the bullet.

All the lipsticks come in boxes. They could probably do away with them to be more eco-friendly, however, they’d need to redesign the bottom of the lipstick bullet to include the ingredients. Currently, only the box lists the full ingredients.


  • Great pigmentation
  • Cream formula is hydrating
  • Extremely comfortable & lightweight
  • Acts like a lip balm & lip colour in one
  • Has a shine that makes lips look ‘juicy’
  • Simple tube
  • Lasts a long time until you eat, drink or talk


  • If you don’t shop online, I’m not sure where you’d be able to buy Zoya lipsticks
  • Doesn’t last as long as a matte lipstick
  • Box is extra packaging (It would be more eco-friendly to minimize the amount of packaging.)
  • Tube design is very traditional & nothing wild
  • Very mild ‘plastic’ smell, but it doesn’t linger long, so it’s not a deal breaker

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

I’m so happy that I finally tried my first Zoya lipsticks and that they were a total hit! 🙂

Although the colours are very pretty and would work with many different skin tones, what really impressed me about the lipsticks was how they felt when I wore them. Super comfortable and hydrating. No more dry lips from lipsticks that suck the life out of them!

If you tend to have dry lips or you just don’t like the way that matte lipsticks make your lips feel, check out the Zoya Cream Lipsticks!

Have you tried any of the Zoya’s lipsticks? What’s the most comfortable lipstick that you’ve ever worn?


10 thoughts on “Zoya Cream Lipstick Swatches & Review (Candy & Mellie)

  1. LemonBerry Blog

    Wow, nope I definitely did not realize they had lipstick. I think I may have seen a lipstick and polish paired for a set but never clicked in that Zoya has its own brand for that. I really like the bold colours but I find the polish hard enough to get around here so the lipstick probably won’t be any easier.
    LemonBerry Blog recently posted: The Body Shop Summer Tote

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey LemonBerry Blog!

      I hear you! If Zoya was more accessible to find locally, I’m sure that they’d be even more popular. It’s a shame that more people can’t enjoy their wonderful polishes and lipsticks due to online shipping restrictions.

  2. Melissa

    Such pretty, bright colors. Perfect for summer. I’m not much of a make up person, but I have a friend who is a make up fanatic. i’ll definitely share this with her. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Thanks for visiting the blog and for sharing my posts with your friend! 🙂 That means a lot to me, and I appreciate it!

  3. Steffy

    The formula sounds fab, especially since I tend to have dry lips, but hopefully they either have or will have some less in-your-face shades. I could never pull off either of these, pretty as the swatches are :). Price isn’t too bad either, compared to most lippies which seem to be in the $16-22 range and up. Plus, I just promised hubby that I’m going on a severe use-it-up mu and np no-buy so wish me luck! (Not to mention in 105° heat we’ve been having anything I order would likely melt in the mail anyway!)

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Steffy!

      Hehe, sounds like we are lipstick lovers from either side of the pond. 😉 I’m most comfortable in vibrant colours, but I’m slowly learning to enjoy more muted shades and neutrals! (I think it’s because the louder colours really brighten up my complexion to breathe life into my pale skin tone.)

      I wish you the best on your no-buy. That’s a great initiative! I’ve stopped buying MAC lipsticks. It used to be my ‘addiction’ other than nail polish. Since I have so many MAC lipsticks, I decided to stop and just use all the pretty ones that I have.

      Yes, haha, it wouldn’t be any fun to receive makeup mail, open it up, only to find melted lipsticks!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Sasha!

      I’m usually into mattes, but the comfort of this lipstick is so awesome and creamy that it quickly won its way into my heart. Plus the colours are so vibrant! Love! 🙂

  4. Carolyn

    SO disappointed that they’ve included BHT in their lipsticks. Is that ingredient banned from food in Canada? It’s not in the US, but I know it is in the EU. Obviously lipstick isn’t food, but since you do tend to ingest some of it by default, I am always more careful with my lip product ingredients than other makeup and BHT is on my definite no-no list. Too bad, Zoya, I won’t be trying this one ’til the BHT is taken out. : (

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Carolyn!

      In Canada, I don’t think that BHT is banned.

      Thanks for leaving me this comment and bringing this to my attention! I will definitely do some digging because I’m not aware of the risks associated with that ingredient.


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