Zoya Cece Swatches & Review

Zoya Cece Swatches Review

Who says that it isn’t easy being green?

It’s the first day of summer – go green!

Kick up your heels, and indulge your nails in Zoya Cece from the Seashells Collection. It’s the lime zest that gives your manicure a zing like sipping on a refreshing, cold mojito at a patio party!

With its fine PixieDust finish, Zoya Cece comes to life with a burst of matte citrus sparkle and a fun texturized finish.

This is a great green to wear because it is lively and has delicate gold woven into the mix. Together, the colourful duo is a match made in leprechaun heaven, but don’t wait until St. Patrick’s Day to pull this treasure out!

Zoya Cece Pictures

Zoya PixieDust Cece Swatch

Artificial Light

Zoya Seashells Collection Cece Swatch Swatches

Natural Light

Cece Zoya PixieDust

Artificial Light

Zoya Nail Polish Cece

Natural Light

Zoya Cece

Zoya Cece Swatches

All swatches have:

    • 2 coats of Zoya Cece
    • No top or base coat

Artificial Light Photos

Zoya Cece Swatches Review

Zoya Cece Swatch Review

Zoya Cece Swatches

Zoya Cece Swatch

Natural Light Photos

Zoya Cece Swatch Seashells Collection Swatches

Zoya Cece Swatches Seashells Collection Swatch

Zoya Seashells Collection Cece Swatch


  • Green (Yes)
  • Textured (Yes)
  • Thin vein of gold creating a fizzy lemon-lime effect (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: Zoya Cece
  • Collection: Zoya Seashells Collection Summer 2016
  • Press Release: Click here to see the official Zoya Seashells Collection press release!
  • Quick Look: Click here to see my Zoya Seashells Collection swatches!
  • Colours Available in the Zoya Seashells Collection (PixieDusts): Zooey, Levi, Linds, Cece, Bay & Tilly
  • Colours Available in the Zoya Sunsets Collection (Cremes): Cam, Dixie, Brynn, Liv, Dory & Ness
  • Amount: 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • Retail Price: $10 USD
  • Disclosure: This post contains a press sample provided by PR.
  • Where to Buy: Zoya website & Nail Polish Canada

Zoya Cece Review


Cece by Zoya has citrus written all over it with a personality that leaps from your nails like a frolicking frog!

The predominant mojito green adds vibrancy to the overall aesthetics, and accenting it is gold, which is thrown in for good measure. This combination is a leprechaun classic, and it’s one of my favourites to wear.


Although the textured nail trend isn’t a new one, I still love rocking it. I love how it’s a different take on nail polish, giving it a slight edge.

While it’s gritty, the texture isn’t sharp or scratchy. But if you really dislike any texture, you can always apply two coats of your favourite glossy top coat to smooth it out. This will transform it into a typical glittery polish.

I prefer wearing textured polishes solo, as I’m a bit of a PixieDust purist. I feel that it makes for a more unique manicure, but as with all nail polishes, wear them however you see fit. Your happiness while wearing a nail lacquer is more important than hard and fast ‘rules.’ Make your own rules! 🙂

Application & Formula

Aligned with all the Zoya PixieDust nail polishes that I’ve tried over the years, this one’s no exception. It is very pigmented, easy to apply, and I only needed to use two coats to get full coverage.

Also, it dried very quickly, and since you can skip the usual base and top coat, Cece by Zoya makes an excellent choice for when you need a quick, fresh manicure, but you don’t have tons of time before rushing out the door. (Zoya PixieDust nail polishes are always my go-to for that last-minute quick fix.)

Although it has a lot of texture, you won’t be scrubbing your poor fingers raw when it comes time to remove it. That’s another perk I appreciate that typical glitter polishes don’t have.


Zoya Cece doesn’t contain any Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, or Camphor. Also, Zoya’s nail polishes are vegan-friendly.


  • Mainly vivid green & accented with gold
  • PixieDust texturized finish (Can be a Con for some)
  • Versatile (Can be worn without or with a top coat)
  • Sparkles
  • Very pigmented (Only needs 2 coats for full coverage)
  • Dries lightning fast (Great for a quick fix)
  • No Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, or Camphor
  • Vegan-friendly


  • PixieDust texturized finish (Can be a Pro for some. If you prefer a smooth finish, just apply two coats of a glossy top coat.)
  • If you don’t shop online, Zoya nail polishes can be challenging to purchase

Final Verdict: 9/10

Zoya Cece is an excellent choice for fellow green nail-polish fans who love sparkle and texture. Plus it dries exceptionally fast, which means a fresh manicure is mere minutes away!

Would you wear Zoya Cece as a full manicure, or would you use it for an accent nail only? What’s your go-to nail polish when you need to be out the door fast?


4 thoughts on “Zoya Cece Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa

    As a green fiend, I’m loving this color! It’s so bright and sparkly, perfect for summer. Thanks for sharing this one with us. It looks great on you! This is another polish for my “To Buy” List Vol. 712. LOL

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      The entire Zoya Seashells Collection is a hit with me! Love how sparkly they are and how fast they dry. They’re definitely my go-to polish when I need a fresh manicure and don’t have much time. Saved by the PixieDust! 😉

  2. Joyce

    As of today this is part of my stash!!! 😀
    She finally came home, together with her sisters, to rest comfortably with the other Pixies… and I’m just SO happy to have it 🙂
    Joyce recently posted: Girly manicure

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      WOO HOO! *Happy dance*

      It’s awesome to hear that Cece reunited with her sisters. 😉 She’s in good company, and she has a great nail mama!


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