Zoya Bay Swatches & Review

Zoya Bay Swatches Review

Navigate the waters of sparkly blue nail polishes with Zoya Bay at your fingertips!

As one of the newest additions to the PixieDust family, it hails from the Zoya Seashells Collection that breathes life back into the textured trend. (I never stopped being a fan of it!)

If you want to read the official colour story with details of the entire summer 2016 collection, be sure to check out the Zoya Seashells & Sunsets Collection press release that I published not long ago.

In the rest of this post, learn why this aquatic wonder makes a splash, and see how it incorporates your love for beach sand.

By the way, Zoya Bay sparkles much more in person. No photos can do this beautiful nail polish complete justice!

Zoya Bay Pictures

Zoya Bay Swatch Seashells Collection Swatches

Artificial Light

Zoya PixieDust Bay Review

Direct Sunlight

Zoya Bay Review

Artificial Light

Zoya Bay PixieDust

Direct Sunlight

Zoya Bay

Zoya Bay Swatches

All swatches have:

    • No base coat
    • 2 coats of Zoya Bay
    • No top coat

Artificial Light Photos

Zoya Bay Swatches Review

Zoya Bay Swatch Review

Zoya Bay Swatches

Zoya Bay Swatch

Direct Sunlight Photos

Zoya Bay Swatches Swatch

Zoya Bay Review Swatch Swatches

Zoya Bay Swatch Swatches

Zoya Bay Swatches Seashells Collection Swatch


  • Sky blue textured PixieDust (Yes)
  • Fine silver and gold glitter creating a dreamy effect (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: Zoya Bay
  • Collection: Zoya Seashells Collection Summer 2016
  • Press Release: Click here to see the official Zoya Seashells Collection press release!
  • Quick Look: Click here to see my Zoya Seashells Collection swatches!
  • Colours Available in the Zoya Seashells Collection (PixieDusts): Zooey, Levi, Linds, Cece, Bay & Tilly
  • Colours Available in the Zoya Sunsets Collection (Cremes): Cam, Dixie, Brynn, Liv, Dory & Ness
  • Amount: 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • Retail Price: $10 USD
  • Disclosure: This post contains a press sample provided by PR.
  • Where to Buy: Zoya website & Nail Polish Canada

Zoya Bay Review


Zoya Bay is predominantly blue, which I believe makes it a flattering colour for most skin tones.

When I wore this polish as a full manicure, thoughts of beaches from the Year 9000 sprung to mind. (Hehe, not like I’m a time traveler…unless you count my boundless imagination.)

If you picture a beach with blue sand instead of the usual pale tan, Zoya Bay is exactly what it’d look like. Hmm, it’s either that or magic dust.


Zoya PixieDust nail polishes have a textured finish that I never stopped loving, ever since it was first introduced!

You can certainly feel that the surface of your nails is rougher than a traditional nail polish, but it’s not so harsh that you’ll feel like you could use your nails on one hand to file the nails on your other hand.

Upon inspecting your nails, you’ll discover that it’s loaded with gold and silver sparkles, which really pop against the matte, textured base.

Also, unlike Zoya Zooey from the same collection, Zoya Bay doesn’t contain any larger holographic glitter pieces. Still, it’s gorgeous!

Application & Formula

Zoya Bay was easy to paint with, as I was able to achieve full coverage with just two coats. With the first coat, you could still see some of the nail line, but a second coat seamlessly covered up everything and evened it out.

The formula’s consistency wasn’t clumpy, so I had no trouble gliding the polish onto the nails. Zero dragging!

Also, a wonderful bonus when it comes to Zoya PixieDust nail polishes is that they dry very quickly and don’t require a base or top coat. You can speed through your manicure in a jiffy – fast like a ferret! (It’s my go-to choice for when I need a fresh manicure and be out the door soon.)

The wear time varies from individual to individual, but in my experience, Zoya PixieDusts wear like iron on me, despite typing on the computer a lot and not being gentle on my nails. (However, keep in mind that as a nail blogger, I often tend to switch up my manicure. Unless I’m really busy or have fallen in love with a shade, I tend not to wear the same colour for more than a week, which may be what non-bloggers do. When I didn’t blog, I used to wear the same shade for even more consecutive days than that!)

Another thing worth mentioning is that, even though Zoya has designed this PixieDust nail polish to be used on its own, you can still use a base and top coat, if you so desire. For some people, it can maximize the manicure mileage. For others, it’ll create premature chipping. You just have to experiment to see what works with your unique nail chemistry.

When applying a glossy top coat, it’ll transform the PixieDust finish into a regular sparkly nail polish. You’ll also probably need more than one layer of top coat to achieve a glass-like appearance.

I prefer wearing textured polishes as they were meant to be worn, so I’m not a fan of using glossy top coats in conjunction with them.

Also, when it comes to removal, it’s easier than typical chunky glitter, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing your fingers raw. That’s another perk of PixieDust polishes. You can enjoy the texture without dreading the aftermath!

Ingredients & Vegan-Friendly

Zoya’s vegan-friendly nail polishes don’t contain any Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or DBP.


  • Stunning blue,
  • Textured nail polish (Could be a Con for some)
  • Sprinkled with gold & silver sparkles
  • Flattering colour on most skin tones
  • Dries quickly & doesn’t require a base or top coat
  • 2 coats for full coverage
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy-to-use formula
  • Can be used with a glossy top coat to turn it into a regular sparkly polish
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, or Camphor


  • Textured nail polish (Could be a Pro for some)

Final Verdict: 9/10

If you’re into textured nail polishes, and blues win your heart, you will appreciate Zoya Bay!

It lived up to all my high expectations from Zoya, and I’m excited to see the brand expanding their popular line of textured polishes!

Although Zoya Zooey is still my favourite from the Seashells Collection, Zoya Bay isn’t far behind.

If you could design your own Zoya PixieDust nail polish, what would it look like? (I’d want one with a complete rainbow with gold and green sparkles to symbolize the pot of gold and little leprechauns at the end of the rainbow!)


6 thoughts on “Zoya Bay Swatches & Review

  1. Azzie

    I’m really in love with this colour! I’m planning on snapping it up as soon as I get to a city with a salon! (That or Nail Polish Canada gets it- either way!)

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Azzie!

      Nice! I know you’ll love it as much as I do! 🙂 Zoya’s Seashells Collection and Sunsets Collection are amazing!

      1. Steffy

        They are amazing. Be still my little blue-polished heart, it will be ours soon. Zoya really knocked it out of the park with this collection IMHO. I think they are gradually taking over my NP collection… errm ahem, ok, maybe it’s not THAT gradual knowing my grabby hands buying habits, but still, lol!

        1. Mary S. Post author

          Hey Steffy!

          Just now, I was picturing the nail polishes singing the chorus of that old song, “We Takin’ Over” by DJ Khaled, TI, and Akon! Hahahaha! 😉

          On a serious note, I totally know what you mean. Zoya is one of the most consistent brands on the market when it comes to their formula. The fact that they constantly release a diverse array of colours and finishes reels everyone in! 🙂


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