Vera Wang Lovestruck Review & Pictures

Vera Wang Lovestruck Review & PicturesI’m a creature of habit when it comes to wearing fragrances. It takes a lot for me to come out from under my rock and try something new. (After all, I spent so long decorating this cave, right?)

My signature scent is Britney Spears Fantasy. As embarrassed as I am about being so attracted to that fragrance, I can’t help it. It really works with my body chemistry, and it’s so relaxing and yummy. Even complete strangers regularly compliment me on it!

Today I dusted off my rock, waved a handkerchief at my cave as tears streamed down my face, and came up for air. (So that’s what the sky looks like!) πŸ˜›

I carefully applied the Vera Wang LovestruckΒ eau de parfum to my pulse points before crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that I would actually fall in love with Lovestruck.

(Psst! Today’s Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?)

Vera Wang Lovestruck Pictures

Vera Wang Lovestruck Review & Pictures

Vera Wang Lovestruck Pictures & Review

If you buy the fragrance instead of getting a tester, the bottle looks like this. It’s also available in a rollerball.

(The following image is courtesy of

Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume Review & Pictures

Vera Wang Lovestruck Ingredients

Alcohol denat., Parfum/Fragrance, Aqua/Water/Eau, Ethylhexyl. Methoxycinnamate, Benzophenone-3, Ethylhexyl. Salicylate, Butyl. Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Linalool, Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Benzoate, BHT, Citral, Benzyl Cinnamate, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, D&C Red No. 39 (CI 17200), Ext. D&C Violet, No. 2 (CI 60730), D&C Green No. 5 (CI 61570), and FD&C Yellow No. 5 (CI 19140).

Claims: TRUSTED, but Product: BUSTED

√ Sparkling floral
√ Woodsy notes & sheer musk
√ Pink guava & mandarin
? Tuberose & lotus blossom (I’m not sure what those smell like, so I can’t judge.)

Key Notes

  • Name: Vera Wang Lovestruck Eau de Parfum
  • Amount: 4 mL (0.13 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: This was one of the samples in my Loose Button March 2012 Luxe Box. I paid $10 CAD for the entire box with samples.
  • Where to Buy: Sephora website, Sephora stores, department stores & Shoppers Drug Mart

Vera Wang Lovestruck Review


Lovestruck by Vera Wang is a delicate and girly perfume that, while having a ‘sparkling’ element, somehow also manages to be cozy.

There’s no doubt about it – it’s a floral fragrance! There’s supposed to be notes of tuberose and lotus blossom, but I’m not sure exactly what they smell like, so I can’t honestly say that I detect them. I do know, however, that the florals are soft and a little powdery.

I’m not a fan of powdery scents (like baby powder) because they give me a headache. Lovestruck had faint powdery-ness, but because the overall scent was light, I didn’t get a headache.

This is a perfume that seems pleasant, but extremely generic. I don’t feel like this is the kind of scent that you should wear if you want to make a statement or if you are fishing for compliments. Haha! πŸ˜‰

Lovestruck is the type of perfume I can see people wearing when they don’t know what else to wear, but need something that can suit any occasion, isn’t offensive, and is pleasant enough. It’s the I-have-nothing-else-to-wear scent.

Scent Throw

With Vera Wang’s Lovestruck perfume, you won’t have to worry about people gagging from its strength. It doesn’t enter the room before you do. It’s a quiet fragrance that stays close to the body. People can smell it on you, but they’ll notice it more when they come closer to hug you.

This perfume was really weak, though. And this is coming from a person who can’t stand really strong perfumes!

Lovestruck is so light that after a couple of hours, I could hardly smell it! (I sniffed my wrists to check if the scent really just disappeared that quickly. Nope, it was still there, but I had to put my nose pretty close to my wrists to smell it.)

For this reason, I think that Lovestruck by Vera Wang is better for those who shy away from moderate to strong fragrances. Hmm…but for those people, I would just suggest body mists instead of this perfume because Vera Wang anything is very pricey. For the light scent throw, I don’t feel like it’s worth the high price tag.

Scent Evolution

Since I’m used to wearing perfumes that evolve over time (from the morning when I first apply it to the evening), I was extremely bored to tears with Vera Wang Lovestruck. It stayed flat the entire day!

All the notes just blend together to create (what I consider to be) a very generic fragrance. Nothing stands out. It’s a nice perfume, but ‘nice’ isn’t memorable. You smell it, think it’s pleasant, and then move on.

And since the notes didn’t evolve on me even hours on me, it seems like too simple of a scent. It was already a light fragrance, and then all it did was fade away even more…Borrrrrring!

Lasting Power

Vera Wang’s Lovestruck perfume lasted about 5 hours before it completely faded away on my skin. That’s pretty bad because with nearly all the eau de parfums I’ve ever worn, they usually last at least 8 hours and, even then, they don’t just disappear.


I had the small vial sample included in my Loose Button March 2012 Luxe Box. But, if you buy the fragrance, it comes in a rectangular glass bottle with a floral arrangement on top. I’ve seen it up close in stores, and I have to say that the topper looks and feels really cheap. The flowers are some sort of plastic, and the ribbon is also nothing special. Vera Wang was probably trying to make it girly (which it is), but I can see how annoying it would be for someone to remove that monstrous cap if they wear this scent daily.


If the price point of this perfume was very inexpensive, then I’d overlook the lackluster packaging (a bit). But, Vera Wang eau de parfums cost significantly more (upwards of $48 USD unless you buy the rollerball) than the cheap (but good) Britney Spears Fantasy perfumes I love (that often go on sale for $19.99 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart).


  • Pleasant, mild fragrance
  • Scent throw remains close to the body

  • Very expensive
  • Scent doesn’t leave a lasting impression (all notes just blend together & create a generic scent)
  • Gaudy, cheap floral topper on the cap
  • Light scent fades quickly

Final Verdict: 2/10

This is the first Vera Wang anything that I’ve ever owned. Not impressed! While the perfume is pleasant, it’s boring. And the price tag is too high for what you get. Even the bottle design doesn’t make me want to buy it just to display on my vanity.

Overall, sorry Vera Wang, but I have to be harsh and totally bust Lovestruck! πŸ™

I don’t recommend you purchase this. Save your money!

Do you think I’m crazy for busting Vera Wang’s Lovestruck? Do you disagree with me about the bottle design? Have you worn ‘generic’ scents and actually really enjoyed them?


6 thoughts on “Vera Wang Lovestruck Review & Pictures

  1. Jessica

    I actually think the bottle design is really cute :). It would be ridiculously impractical for traveling and such, but I fall hard for anything that will look good on my dresser, haha. The scent sounds like it’s right up my alley–I like floral scents. The staying power could be an issue, though. I wore Vera Wang’s Princess for a couple of years and loved it, but golly, I had to put so much on because it would just evaporate on me. And it was upsetting because her perfumes are expensive and you do want to feel like you’re at least getting some bang for your buck. Thank goodness this was just a sample size and you don’t have to worry about having a lot to use up. Do you think you’ll still use it occasionally or just pass it on to another home?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jessica!

      Different strokes for different folks, right? πŸ™‚ It’s good that you like the bottle design. I just didn’t like the way it looked in person or the way the flowers felt (very plastic-y).

      I’ll most likely see if I can give this sample away to someone who appreciates it more. It’s not a bad scent, but I’m way too hooked onto my Britney Spears original Fantasy that I can’t wear this and enjoy it…haha! I’ll see if my sister-in-law likes it. I think we have different tastes in fragrances, so she may actually like this one.

  2. frosso

    I think the bottle design is really cute, which is what made me almost buy it without even smelling it first. I got my sense back before I did such a thing though. I have Vera Wang Rock Princess which I really like, its a lil “muskier” (I hate that word), but I like to wear those heavier type scents in winter. In the summer I’m all about Escada scents, thats the only brand I’m consistant with. My bf also got me Victor Rolf Flower Bomb for Christmas and its by far the best perfume scent I’ve ever smelled. I loooove it, but its super expensive, the full size is over $100 I think >.< … but I got the smaller bottle so I'm good with that haha.

    P.S. I was going to judge you for your Britney Spears perfume…but you feel some embarassment so I guess that makes it ok since you are well aware of your actions πŸ˜›
    frosso recently posted: Lush Lacquer Cheetahlicious

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey frosso!

      I need to smell Flower Bomb – cool name! And I don’t think I’ve ever smelled it, so it’d be fun to test it out.

      Hahaha, yeah, I feel extremely embarrassed (not just a little) about actually loving Fantasy. I really wish Elizabeth Arden chose a different spokesperson…

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey meredith!

      Hahaha, you were waiting for me to bust this fragrance! πŸ˜› I can’t even remember rating something so low before. It makes me feel badly, but being honest is the most important thing. I would feel a lot worse if I spoke highly of a product that was terrible and then an individual purchased it with high expectations, only to be left extremely disappointed (and with a lighter wallet).

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and encourage me. πŸ™‚ I try to be as thorough as possible because whenever I do research on a product prior to buying it, I like to find information that covers most of the bases and helps me make an informed decision.


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