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Vera Wang Lovestruck Review & Pictures

Vera Wang Lovestruck Review & PicturesI’m a creature of habit when it comes to wearing fragrances. It takes a lot for me to come out from under my rock and try something new. (After all, I spent so long decorating this cave, right?)

My signature scent is Britney Spears Fantasy. As embarrassed as I am about being so attracted to that fragrance, I can’t help it. It really works with my body chemistry, and it’s so relaxing and yummy. Even complete strangers regularly compliment me on it!

Today I dusted off my rock, waved a handkerchief at my cave as tears streamed down my face, and came up for air. (So that’s what the sky looks like!) šŸ˜›

I carefully applied the Vera Wang LovestruckĀ eau de parfum to my pulse points before crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that I would actually fall in love with Lovestruck.

(Psst! Today’s Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?)

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