The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet Review & Pictures

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet ReviewOkay, so I’m in the minority here, but I don’t regularly moisturize my body when I get out of the shower or before I go to sleep.

Sure, I’m willing to put in a lot of effort into my makeup and nails, but slap on a body moisturizer? Oh no! Haha! (Yeah, I never said that I was rational all the time.)

The main reason why is because a lot of lotions feel greasy or heavy. I just really dislike feeling like I have a sticky film on my skin, especially if I’m going to bed or if I just took a shower and want to feel clean.

However, I recently tried The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet, which came out in May, because it claims to hydrate without leaving behind that sticky feeling. In fact, it was specially designed to be used in the summer when it’s hot.

So, what did I do? Yes, I put it to the test! Here are my results!

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet Pictures

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet Review

Satsuma The Body Shop Body Sorbet

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet

The Body Shop Body Sorbet Satsuma

Click here to see my blog post featuring more swatches of the nail art I was wearing in the above photo.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet Swatch

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet Pictures & Review


Aqua/Water/Eau, PEG-8, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Isododecane, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Acrylates Crosspolymer-2, Phenoxyethanol, Hydrogenated Tetradecenyl/Methylpentadecene, Limonene, Ethylhexylglycerin, Mel/Honey/Miel, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil/Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Carbomer, Parfum/Fragrance, Alcohol Denat., Sodium Hydroxide, Benzophenone-3, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citrus Unshiu Fruit Extract, Citral, Silica, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Linalool, Citrus Unshiu Fruit Oil, CI 19140/Yellow 5, CI 14700/Red 4.


  • Hydrates (Yes)
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling (Yes)
  • Frosty burst of moisture (Yes)
  • Light (Yes)
  • Fruity (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet
  • Collection: The Body Shop Body Sorbet Collection 2014
  • Scents Available in the Collection: Satsuma, Strawberry, Mango, Pink Grapefruit & Moringa
  • Amount: 200 mL (6.75 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: Nothing! (This was provided by PR – It retails for $15 CAD.)
  • Where to Buy: The Body Shop stores & The Body Shop Canadian website

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet Review


You can’t review skincare from The Body Shop without describing the way it smells! Seriously, they have so many things to smell in their store that it’s a treat for the nose.

When I was in elementary school, I loved it when my teachers would reward me with a scratch-and-sniff sticker when I did well on a test or assignment. Now that I’m “all grown up”, I still enjoy testing out different scents.

When I first flipped the lid on the squeeze tube of The Body Shop Sastsuma Body Sorbet, what came to mind first were orange-flavoured Popsicles. While grape is my favourite, you’ll know that I have a soft spot for orange ones because of the memory I shared of my father and me in a recent post.

I really enjoy how the body sorbet doesn’t smell overpowering like some citrus scents can. It’s noticeable, but it isn’t quite as loud or sharp.

When I rubbed it into my arms and legs, I laughed a bit because I felt like I was rubbing orange Popsicles all over myself. (I love smelling edible!)

After a few minutes when the body sorbet sinks into your skin, the scent evolves. Of course how it will react with your body chemistry could be different than it did with me, but I noticed that a subtle and sultry perfume-like base started to creep out. This gave the smell of mandarin oranges a much more sophisticated profile. It also became softer as time went on.

I could still smell it on me after an hour, and it gradually faded. By the time I woke up in the morning, I could faintly notice it, if I put my nose close to my arm. However, it could’ve just been that my nose became accustomed to it.

While I don’t think that it’s an overpowering scent by any means, I can see how this could clash with a perfume you’re wearing. For this reason, you’re probably best using this at night (like I do) or layering it with similar fragrances or bodycare, so they mesh better.


The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet offers light hydration, so it’s definitely great for the summer when you don’t want to lay on thick creams. That being said, if you have extremely dry skin, I’m not sure how well this would moisturize. (On myself, it worked great, but my skin during this time of year isn’t terribly dry.)


When you squeeze it out, it looks like a gel almost, but milkier in colour. When I rubbed it in, I found that it absorbed faster than a cream. I was quite pleased with this because whenever I’ve used creams that you have to rub and rub and rub-a-dub-dub forever, I feel like I’m greasing myself up like a chicken that’s ready to be placed in the oven! 😉

After it absorbs, it isn’t greasy. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling slick.

The Body Shop claims that this body moisturizer will deliver a frosty burst of hydration. It’s actually true! When I spread this on my skin, it actually felt slightly cool – not cold, but still noticeably cool.

And, if you want an even more refreshing sensation, The Body Shop suggests that you store the body sorbet in the fridge! (I haven’t tried that, but when it gets hotter, I think I will! I just hope I won’t be tempted to eat it because then it’ll be even that much closer to a Popsicle!) 😉

Funny thing: On the back of the tube, there’s actually a “Do not” sign to indicate that you shouldn’t consume the body sorbet! I think that’s hilarious, but it’s definitely needed since it smells good enough to eat.


I think it’s really cool that the Satsuma Body Sorbet by The Body Shop is made with cold-pressed satsuma oil from Argentina! (Argentina happens to make some of my favourite pinot grigio wines.)

It also has 100% organic Aloe Vera.


Aside from bottles with pumps, squeeze tubes are my next favourite type of packaging because it’s easy to get exactly the amount you need without wasting much. And I’m glad that I don’t have to dip my fingers into a tub and contaminate the product with bacteria.

I also like the packaging because the plastic is frosty. Maybe I was just hungry, but it totally reminded me of a Popsicle or actual sorbet!

Animal-Friendliness & Fair Trade

If you’re making conscious shopping choices, you’ll really love how The Body Shop uses ingredients that aren’t tested on animals and are 100% vegetarian.

Additionally, according to the press information PR sent me, “The Body Shop Sorbet contains 100% organic Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera from Guatamala.” Also, their trade helps small rural farmers with the income needed to pay for things like transportation to send children to school.


  • Smells like mandarin oranges
  • Not too overpowering of a scent
  • Scent evolves as you wear it & becomes softer
  • Provides light hydration
  • Has a slightly cooling effect
  • Doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy
  • The Body Shop is against animal testing
  • Contains 100% organic Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera from Guatemala
  • Has cold-pressed satsuma oil from Argentina
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Fragrance fades over time


  • Fragrance is subtle, but could clash with a perfume you’re wearing

Final Verdict: 8/10

Wow, just look at all those Pros! I think it’s clear that The Body Shop has a real winner here, and if you like the smell of mandarin oranges, it’ll be right up your alley!

Have you tried any of The Body Shop’s Body Sorbets? What’s your favourite fragrance from them? Do you moisturize your body daily?


5 thoughts on “The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet Review & Pictures

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Renee!

      I also have the Strawberry one, but haven’t tried it yet. Been enjoying the Satsuma one so much! 🙂 Oooh, and the Grapefruit one sounds like it’d be really refreshing, especially now that it’s summer!

  1. Fedoraharp

    You should check out Laline! They’re a similar bath and body company that was founded in Israel (it’s ubiquitous here), and they’ve got some branches in the USA and in Japan and Singapore. I’m absolutely addicted to their products. If they don’t have it local to you, they have an online store! I especially recommend their facial products. They’re not paying me, I promise, I’m just an obsessive fangirl 😀
    Fedoraharp recently posted: Swatched: Ga-de new liquid sands

  2. Melissa

    I love anything with an orange scent. I think this one is going to find it’s way into my shopping basket during my next shopping expedition. LOL

  3. pema

    wow! This sounds like something i need in my life! Lol i just recently broke my leg, and taking a shower has gone from an enjoyable routine to a total task that i dread every morning! :-p i’ve been looking for a good body wash that will help give me that pick-me-up that i really need right now 🙂 this sounds like just the thing! thanks for your review!! It came at just the right time for this gal! ;-D


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