The Body Shop’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Giving Tuesday Deals

The Body Shop Black Friday 2014 Cyber Monday DealsAre you going to be doing any Black Friday shopping this year?

Back in the day, I had an American boyfriend. (He was raised in the United States, but came to Canada for university. We met at our first full-time jobs as writers.)

One year, we went down to New Hampshire to visit his parents.

It was my first time celebrating American Thanksgiving. His mom cooked a huge feast and decorated the place so well, even Martha Stewart would approve!

As a Canadian, it was really exciting to partake in the frenzy of Black Friday shopping at midnight.

We went to the mall, and it was packed, even though we got there a little before the witching hour. And once the shops opened, everywhere you looked, there was a swarm of people in the Black Friday beehive!

I hit up Coach, Banana Republic, and a few other places. It was far too easy to go nuts, but I had set aside a budget for this shopping extravaganza, and I made sure not to spend more. (Always practice responsible shopping. No item, no matter how coveted, is worth getting into debt over.)

Since then, I haven’t made a trip south of the border for American Black Friday shopping, but over the years, I’ve noticed that the Black Friday Fever is spreading to Canada. 🙂 We’re getting more sales here than years ago, so now instead of heading south in search of a good deal, you can support the local economy.

In this post, I share with you The Body Shop’s Canadian Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday Deals!

In another post, I’ll show you some of The Body Shop’s holiday offerings because they have a lot of options this year, and they’re all full of amazing products!

The Body Shop Black Friday 2014

Below is the official press release sent to me by PR:

On Black Friday (Friday, November 28th), pick up The Body Shop’s tote bag filled with 8 customer favourites for only $30 (worth $120). It’s our best deal of the year!

Tote contains: The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, Strawberry Shower Gel, Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Satsuma Body Polish, Satsuma Body Sorbet, Hemp Hand Protector and a Bath Lily.

* Tote bag is available while supplies last.

Feel good shopping:  Here is the Black Friday tote being made in India with the help of 2 employees from The Body Shop. The Body Shop Community Fair Trade partner, Teddy Exports, in India has produced the tote bags this year. Teddy Exports employs 70% female workers and provides them with a safe and friendly work environment. They also provide childcare and education for their children.

The Body Shop Tote Bag

Cyber Monday (Monday, December 1st) For 3 days only, get 50% off products site wide

Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday is…GivingTuesday!

GivingTuesday (Tuesday, December 2) is a global day of giving. GivingTuesday is a time to encourage activities that support charities and non profits; it’s a movement for everyone who wants to give something back. For the Holiday season, The Body Shop has teamed up with War Child to provide over 6 Million lessons to children in war-torn countries through their global gifting initiative: 1 gift purchased = 1 class for a child. This applies to EVERY gift. Your support will help send a child to class.

The Body Shop has access to War Child spokespeople, along with The Body Shop Canadian General Manager, for interviews on how charities and businesses can work together and how they as a business are giving back over the holiday season to War Child.

Will you be doing any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping this year? Which socially responsible brands do you support?


10 thoughts on “The Body Shop’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Giving Tuesday Deals

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Stacy!

      Same here – they have a very positive company philosophy that I agree with, and I love promoting that mindset of doing good instead of just looking good. And with them, you can enjoy both worlds! 🙂

  1. Melissa

    That is such an awesome deal. I’ve recently started using Body Shop products (after seeing your reviews) and I have GOT to get this bag. Thanks for giving us the heads up!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      I’m so happy that you’ve tried some of The Body Shop’s products! Their company stands for a lot of good things, and I like how they give back to the company while respecting the environment.

  2. Akima

    I’d love to have the tote in this design. But unfortunately sitting on another continent won’t help. ^^

    Have a nice day

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Akima!

      Aww, that’s a bummer! But maybe there’ll be a cool deal coming soon to where you are! 🙂

      Thanks – hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      It’s a really good deal, and the fact that The Body Shop stands for a lot of positive things makes it a company worth supporting. 🙂


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