Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume Review & Pictures

Taylor-Swift-Enchanted-Wonderstruck-Perfume-Review-PicturesRecently when I stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart to get a new electric toothbrush, I noticed that they just got in the brand new Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume! (This is the singer’s second fragrance, and it was created in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.)

I asked the woman working in the Beauty Boutique section if there were any samples of it available. There were, and she gave me one of those tiny little vials.

This is a first! Normally whenever I ask, they’ve been out of samples ‘a long time ago’. Haha, I’m a slowpoke when it comes to fragrances. Either that or the area is crawling with fragrancephiles!

So that’s why for the picture on the left, it’s not of the actual bottle. It’s a photo I took of the card that came with my tiny 1.5 mL vial of fragrance. πŸ™‚

Allow me to share my thoughts on Taylor Swift’s second eau de parfum!

Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume Pictures



Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume Review

Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume Ingredients



√ Oriental gourmand
√ Wild berries & sugar-glazed petals
√ Creamy flowers & sensual woods

Key Notes

  • Name: Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum
  • Amount: 1.5 mL (0.05 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: Nothing! (This was a free sample that I asked for when I visited a Shoppers Drug Mart store.)
  • Where to Buy: Sephora stores, Sephora website & will probably also be at department stores soon

Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume Review


The official fragrance notes of Enchanted Wonderstuck by Taylor Swift are Wild Berries, Passion Fruit, Pink Poppy, Peony, Champaca Petals, White Freesia, White Musk, Vanilla, and Blond Woods.

Although I can usually detect a lot of notes when I smell a perfume, I’m not sooooo good that I can pinpoint every single one.

What I noticed right away were the flowers. They’re very light and girly. Yes, I noticed the peony, but as for the other flowers, I’m not exactly sure what they smell like, so I couldn’t confirm or deny those specifically.

Enchanted Wonderstruck is sweet, but it’s not as sweet as Britney Spears Fantasy. The sweetness from the vanilla is balanced out with the floral notes and berries. Together, it’s a very creamy, cozy scent that’s mellow instead of being heavy.

The berries are very noticeable, but they’re not tart. They’re soft, and it’s probably the creamy vanilla and the slight woodsiness at work.

While this was a nice fragrance, it really isn’t my style – I like scents that seem edible or that make me smell like I’m a cupcake. πŸ˜‰ (Yes, my taste in perfume is immature, but I get loads of compliments, so it’s not just me who thinks it smells good.)

What made me realize that this wasn’t for me was that it has a slight powdery scent. Some people like that, but I don’t really like that powder quality.

Scent Throw

This is a light fragrance…the kind that doesn’t enter a room before you do. It’s what some people call a ‘cuddler fragrance’ because other people will notice it on you more the closer they get to you.

I do like how the scent stays close to the skin. I’m not the type of person who likes to wear loud fragrances that linger strongly in the elevator, even though you’ve left it 10 minutes ago.

Scent Evolution

When it’s initially sprayed, it smells sharp and tart, but that’s just probably the alcohol. In a second or two, it smells the way I described above.

Then, after I wore it for several hours, the scent becomes creamier and slightly sweeter on me. However, this usually happens with a lot of fragrances that I wear, so I don’t think it’s specific to this scent…more like just my body chemistry.

Lasting Power

This scent lasted me an average amount of time before it started to fade. I like how it wasn’t one of those fragrances that just ‘goes poof’ and disappears into thin air.

I wore this from the morning until the night, and I could still smell it on my skin.


Yeah, I just have the vial, but I did inspect the full-size perfume bottle in the store. It’s really pretty – red and it seems to have a shimmery, holographic effect just like her first Wonderstruck perfume bottle had.

Regal and magical would be how I’d describe the bottle design. There are golden charms hanging by a chain from the ornate cap.

And the bottle has a nice rounded shape. For some reason, I prefer round perfume bottles instead of tall and thin or angular ones.


  • Sweet fragrance that blends well with vanilla & berries
  • Great scent longevity
  • Pretty perfume bottle you’ll want to display

  • Has a powdery floral note (Maybe it’s a Pro for you, but I’m not a big fan of any scents with that.)

Final Verdict: 7/10

Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is an okay scent that smells nice, but when it comes to perfume, it has to WOW me for me to like it. This one isn’t my scent style at all, so I won’t be buying an actual bottle of it. Looks like I’ll be sticking to my signature scent that I’ve been wearing since 2005 – Britney Spears Fantasy.

Hehe, yeah, I’m embarrassed whenever I have to admit that, but seriously, that perfume was made for me! (Enchanted Wonderstruck actually seems like a slightly more mature scent than Fantasy…and apparently my perfume preferences usually fall in the immature range.) πŸ˜‰

Have you smelled Taylor Swift’s Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume? Do you own her first Wonderstruck fragrance? What are your favourite kinds of perfumes to wear?


18 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfume Review & Pictures

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Les caprices de Maureen!

      You’re very welcome! πŸ™‚ Although it wasn’t really my style, it’s not a bad fragrance. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who enjoy it. Scent is so personal.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      Might be because they use more economical ingredients. My Britney Spears Fantasy, however, lasts all day and night. πŸ™‚ LOVE IT…*Blush*…So ashamed that it’s a Britney fragrance, though.

  1. Gwen

    Unfortunately for me, I have a perfume allergy. All scents, but especially florals, are evil to me. You can well imagine the problems I have with shampoos, detergents, lotions and soaps — very few unscented products on the market.

    My poor husband used to love to wear cologne, but he can’t anymore. I even have to vet his deodorant, in case it sets off my allergy. Clogged sinuses and migraine headaches are no fun at all, especially when it’s accompanied by hearing loss due to the tubes in my ears swelling and shutting.

    I’m afraid that I wish for a scent-free world, but I have made do with a scent free workplace and I avoid places where they either spray fragrance or the shop is heavily perfumed. I’ve also learned how to negotiate places like the Bay and Sears, who place their cosmetics department right next to the fragrances.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Gwen!

      Oh noooo! That sounds terrible! It definitely must make it difficult for you. Can’t even imagine how you feel when you’re sitting beside someone on a crowded bus with heavy cologne…

      I’m very sensitive to fragrances, too – most give me headaches. So when I find ones that don’t bother me, I’m a happy camper and really cling on for dear life. (Hehe, that’s why I reallllly like my signature perfume and have been wearing it since it first came out.)

      On the bright side, you and your husband are saving money on fragrances! πŸ™‚

      Oh boy…even though I like scents, I really dislike the fragrance section at the Bay and Sears! It seems like they’re always trying to hand me cards or spray me with fragrances I don’t like!

  2. lawren

    Haha, I still have my bottle of Britney Spear’s Fantasy! It’s definitely a nice smell. I actually also have a body cream and this weird brush thing that has body shimmer…

    I’ve been curious to smell this new fragrance by Taylor Swift since I have her first one and LOVE it. Many people have compared it to this one and said that her new one isn’t as sweet as the first, which is a bit disappointing since I love sweet perfumes. I must try this as soon as I can πŸ˜€

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey lawren!

      Okay, I feel a littttttle bit better about Britney Spears’ Fantasy…BUT…just to give you an idea of how much I love this scent, I actually have about 5 back-up bottles of it. I typically go through 100 mL in 1.5 years. I used to buy the 50 mL bottles, but I went through them fast. And then a few months before my father passed away, he actually bought me those 5 back-up bottles. So not only do I love the scent, but it now holds even stronger sentimental value.

      I remember Taylor Swift’s first fragrance was also very floral. Hehe, I’m more of a gourmand, bakery-scent type of gal. I think it’s because a lot of times florals give me headaches, but stuff that smells like caramel, cupcakes, or vanilla usually is like love at first whiff. πŸ˜€

      1. Lawren

        Ah, I’m so sorry to hear that. But at least the scent will hold happy memories :3

        I finally got a chance to smell this perfume at Shoppers. Not a huge fan…then again I smelled it from the bottle and not on my skin/a tester paper.

        I too hate floral scents! I think I’m kind of allergic to them. I’m also a huge fan of bakery-scented thingsβ€”especially vanilla!

        1. Mary Post author

          It smelled very different from the bottle than it did sprayed or on my skin. But the floral note is still there on all accounts.

          The worst floral for me has to be rose. Okay, I love the smell of real roses, but for some reason, in perfumes, they give me a massive headache and smell disgusting to me. Maybe it’s because they’re super strong in perfume and they seem to be mixed with really powdery notes. (Very powdery fragrances also give me headaches.)

  3. Jessica

    I didn’t even know she had a new one out! I did sample her original Wonderstruck fragrance, and really liked it. However, it reminded me a lot of Secret Wonderland from BBW, which is one of my favorite fragrances from there and about half the price of Wonderstruck. So, I stuck with Secret Wonderland since I perceived it as the better deal–hooray for fragrance almost-dupes! I am still interested in sampling this one, though–and I really like both Wonderstruck bottles. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging :).

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jessica!

      Haha, I found out about her second fragrance by accident. It was very random since I don’t follow news on Taylor Swift.

      Yes, major score on you getting a similar fragrance for much less! *Thumbs up*

  4. Cathie

    For me, it’s vanilla! And the reason you can love the ‘real’ of something, and the artificial smell of it causes problems for you, is that it’s not really the actual thing! It’s chemicals, that our noses/senses/brains think are those smells. I can smell real vanilla, and no problem at all… but anybody light a vanilla candle, wear ANYTHING vanilla, etc… and I stop breathing eventually….

    Which was why I was so sad, that there is vanilla in BOTH of her fragrances! I love the description of the rest of it, but I know better than to even TRY to see what it smells like!

    I’m like the person above… most scent things cause problems for me… the few I’m OK with, are most lavenders, and for some reason, the smell in Biosilk… I looove when it’s on my hair!! Oh, I can also use the Abba shampoos, conditioners, and the Aussie ones, And, the Yardley soaps don’t cause any problem for me. I have also recently found that SoftSoap’s Pomegranate bars are OK.

    I was using a squirt of liquid Gain, in lavender scent, in my laundry, and it was fine, smell-wise… but then I developed what I thought was a yeast infection… but it wouldn’t respond to any yeast medications… turned out, that was because the GYN said it was contact dermatitis…. realized that my underwear, having been washed with just that small squirt of lavender Gain, was enough to make me react! I realized that I’d been itching on and off, all over, like arms and legs, in general too!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Cathie!

      I can relate to that, but for me, it’s strawberry. I love real strawberries, in jam, in baked goods, etc. But the smell or taste of artificial strawberry makes me feel sick!

  5. Greg

    I’m sorry, but the sample received by this reviewer must be radically different from the actual product.

    My wife and I bought our 13 year old daughter this scent and while she loves it, the fragrance itself is just horrible. Sickly sweet and heavy, when she uses it, the smell fills the house and makes me gag. It lingers for hours. This is regardless of whether she sprays it in her own room or bathroom with the door shut or not.

    It’s a clumsy, immature, one-trick perfume which plays on the awful trend of using very sweet and heavy top notes with a whiff of something vaguely flowery. Any grown woman wearing this could not possibly want to be taken seriously or want anyone too close to her. In my opinion, it is only suitable for children.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Greg!

      It’s quite possible that it was very different than the one in the bottle. But usually the sample vials I try tend to be pretty spot-on with the original.

      Haha, tell us how you really feel about this fragrance! πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t crazy about this scent, but it sounds like you absolutely loathed it! Haha, just goes to show you that everyone’s taste in perfumes is different.


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