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Nail Art: Blue Flocked Nails (Plus My Experience & Application Tips)

Blue Flocked Nails Nail Art SwatchesDon’t rub your eyes. Yes, my nails in today’s post are indeed fuzzy! These are Blue Flocked Nails that made me feel like I was the Cookie Monster…or Fuzzy Wuzzy (the bear)!

You saw me try this look most recently on a guy for fun, except I used pink flocking powder in that case.

To achieve this extreme nail art, I used blue flocking powder and secured it to my natural nails with a regular (and beautiful) nail polish (Orly Royal Navy).

I wore this as a full manicure and went about my normal routine to test it out.

It’s definitely not a practical manicure. This is best suited for a special event like Hallowe’en when you need something ‘out there’ and don’t require it to last as long as nail polish. When worn for such an occasion, I think it’s a really cool novelty!

After ‘surviving’ a full day of wearing this, I’m really excited to share my experience with you. This was like nothing I’ve ever tried before, and I’ve never heard many people talk about it, either.

Come see more swatches of this fuzzy manicure, and allow me to tell you all about what it was like to wear flocked nails!

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Nail Art: Flocked Manicure & Caviar Manicure…on a MAN!

Caviar Nails Flocked Nails on a ManThere have been two extreme nail trends that I’ve wanted to try, but found them very intimidating: the Flocked Manicure and the Caviar Manicure.

Flocked nails have a crazy monster-fur texture. It’s almost like having turf on your nails. (If you use grass-green flocking powder, you could totally do some really fun golf nail art! The sport is a snooze to me, but I could get down with a nail design.)

And, I’m pretty sure that by now, every nailphile knows about Caviar nails. It consists of tiny little beads that completely cover your nails.

So, since I was a General Tao chicken *bawk bawk bawk*, what did I do? I turned one of my wild stallion male friends into a guinea pig, of course! 😉

You may recognize his thumb. Yup, he’s the same dude who I did freehand sheep nail art on in a previous blog post.

He went from a firm “No!” to an “Okay, but I want you to choose which colours to use!” within literally a minute of my convincing, pleading, and sticking out of my lower lip for maximum pouting power. Haha! (This is the only time I resort to such infantile tactics. It’s probably also the only time that they’d work. Plus my friend doesn’t take himself too seriously. The dude’s cool like that.)

My friend’s bravery encouraged me to try the flocked manicure on myself. When I do, I’ll share swatches of it on here as well as a detailed review plus application tips in a separate post. Expect that soon-ish. (I won’t be sporting a caviar manicure, though.)

Edit: I ended up trying a flocked manicure. Click here to see my blue flocked nails!

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