Nail Art: Blue Flocked Nails (Plus My Experience & Application Tips)

Blue Flocked Nails Nail Art SwatchesDon’t rub your eyes. Yes, my nails in today’s post are indeed fuzzy! These are Blue Flocked Nails that made me feel like I was the Cookie Monster…or Fuzzy Wuzzy (the bear)!

You saw me try this look most recently on a guy for fun, except I used pink flocking powder in that case.

To achieve this extreme nail art, I used blue flocking powder and secured it to my natural nails with a regular (and beautiful) nail polish (Orly Royal Navy).

I wore this as a full manicure and went about my normal routine to test it out.

It’s definitely not a practical manicure. This is best suited for a special event like Hallowe’en when you need something ‘out there’ and don’t require it to last as long as nail polish. When worn for such an occasion, I think it’s a really cool novelty!

After ‘surviving’ a full day of wearing this, I’m really excited to share my experience with you. This was like nothing I’ve ever tried before, and I’ve never heard many people talk about it, either.

Come see more swatches of this fuzzy manicure, and allow me to tell you all about what it was like to wear flocked nails!

Blue Flocking Nail Art Swatches

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Blue Flocked Nails Nail Art Swatches

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What I Used to Achieve Flocked Nails:

The Sina Nail Art Flocking Kit I used was provided by Natali Products.

I decided not to use the included nail polish because it was several shades lighter than the flocking powder, and I was concerned that if the flocking fell off, my nails would look ‘off’. So, I reached for my own bottle of Orly Royal Navy, which I’ve reviewed on here before. (It’s a gorgeous blue jelly polish, and it was closer to the shade of the flocking powder.)

Sina Nail Art Flocking Kit Deep Blue

Closer look at the flocking powder:

Sina Flocking Powder Deep Blue

Sina Nail Art Flocking Deep Blue Powder

On the back of the kit were application instructions:

How to Create Flocked Nail Art

Even though I’m by no means a flocking expert, I decided to not follow the instructions exactly.

Here are my application tips where I veered off the recommended path and/or added something:

  • Prep: I suggest working over a cup or a piece of paper because this process is messy, and there’ll be lots of powder that falls down. You’ll want to save the fallen powder and re-use it.
  • Base Coat: Prior to using Orly Royal Navy, I applied a base coat to help the polish (and the flocking) adhere to the nail better.
  • Apply the Coloured Polish: I suggest painting on a thicker-than-normal coat of polish so that it acts like the glue for the powder.
  • Pressing Down the Flocking Powder: I found that the brush was too gentle for pressing down the powder. I ended up pressing it down using the handle of my tweezer and my index finger.
  • Using the Brush: You can use it not only to sweep away the excess from the skin, but I suggest also lightly brushing the top of your nail because there’ll be excess there.

My Experience:

As I’ve mentioned before, a flocking manicure isn’t a practical manicure for everyday wear. It’s best suited for a special occasion such as Hallowe’en when you’re dressing up in costume and need something extremely different on your nails.

I was pretty nervous when I wore this look for a whole day because I thought for sure all the flocking powder would fall off, and I’d be left with strange, bald patches.

Washing Hands

I was shocked that when I gently (but thoroughly) washed my hands, the flocking didn’t just go down the drain. It actually adhered to my nail polish really well! It was so strange, though, because the fuzz was damp and turned a shade or two darker, just like a wet carpet.

It was a weird experience to have to carefully dry each of my nails. By patting it with a towel, the flocking dries back to the original look.

When washing your hands, you shouldn’t scrub hard if you want this manicure to last. For this reason, it’s a far from practical nail look.

Using Hand Lotion

If you get even a little bit of lotion on the fuzz, that part will start collecting more debris, and it’ll look dirtier. So, try really hard to avoid getting any lotion on the flocking!

Dressing Yourself

I had to be extra careful when zipping up and buttoning my jeans. When I had to add pressure on my nail to get the buttons through the holes, I noticed that it created slight bald patches in the flocking.

If you saw me dressing (haha, well, you’d be a pervert!), I looked so ridiculous! I was trying to go slowly and not wreck my nails. Something that takes me 5 seconds took me 60 seconds.


I was too scared to see what would happen to my nails after showering, so I cheated. I showered and then did the flocking manicure. I wore this look for a full day and into the evening, but then before I took my shower that night, I removed it. So I really can’t say if it’ll hold up after you shampoo your hair and bathe. (I’d recommend that you not wear flocked nails for more than a day, anyway. It doesn’t seem hygienic.)

How Do Flocked Nails Feel?

It’s fuzzy…almost like turf. And it feels plush. The whole time you wear it, you’re conscious of it.

For instance, I tend to touch my hair a lot throughout the day (to get it out of my face, put it behind my ears, etc.). And with flocking, there’s a thick texture that catches on your hair (but it doesn’t pull your hair). It just provides some friction. Very strange experience!

Be Prepared for People to Start Petting You!

This was probably the funniest and strangest thing about wearing a flocked manicure. Everybody who sees it wants to pet your nails!

I’m used to people looking at my nails, but this was the first time I’ve had a bunch of people rub my nails. It made me laugh every time. It made me think just how weird humans are. We see something soft and fuzzy, and we feel compelled to pet it. (I’m totally like that. When I’m in the store and see a cuddly blanket, I pet it. When I see my mom’s cat, I must pet him. When I see a fuzzy jacket, without thinking, my hand moves to pet it.)

So…with my flocking manicure, I got a glimpse into what it must be to live like a cat, dog, or other loveable, furry animal. 😉

Seriously! It wasn’t just that people wanted to feel the texture of my nails. They were petting my nails for quite some time! (Yeah, it was a bit creepy! One woman said it reminded her of her cat. She said this with a fond smile on her face, and she didn’t stop petting my nails until I pulled my hand away.)

How I Suggest Wearing Flocking Powder

Although this experience was very interesting to try (and I’m glad I had the opportunity to test-drive a crazy look), I can’t see myself wearing a full flocked manicure again soon. I need to use my hands a lot, and having fluff on my nails really slowed me down from my everyday tasks.

For this reason, I suggest that if you do try out this extreme nail art, just use it on an accent nail and only for a special occasion that runs for a few hours.

Would you dare to try flocking powder? If you’ve tried it before, was your experience different than mine? Are there any extreme nail-art trends that you’d like to try or have already tried?


36 thoughts on “Nail Art: Blue Flocked Nails (Plus My Experience & Application Tips)

  1. A Fab Tail

    When do you anticipate the release date of this product? It’s one of the most unique concepts I’ve seen in a while and would love to play around with something like that!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey A Fab Tail!

      Not sure. I’ll ask them for a date, and then I’ll report back!

      If you want the flocking powder ASAP, you may be able to find something like that in a craft store or a store that sells 3D nail art.

      What colour would you want to try?

    2. Mary Post author

      Hey again! 🙂

      I asked Natali Products (the company that provided this for my review consideration), and they said they should have it for sale in January 2013.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Stephanie!

      You were really brave to try it in the shower! How long did you end up wearing your flocked manicure for? I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it for more than a day!

  2. maddy

    That is so cool! I always wanted to try it but when I tried a microbead mani, all the beads fell out and I didn’t want that happening with the flocking powder too. I might try it someday.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey maddy!

      Yeah, I don’t know how people get the beads to stay. Perhaps they use a strong nail glue instead of just regular polish. When I tried the Caviar Manicure on my guy friend, all the beads fell off, too. It was soooo messy! Flocking powder secures much stronger to your nail polish and nail than the beads.

  3. Lizzy

    I do dare try it! I feel totally compelled to. The first thing I thought when I caught the thumbnail image was “OMG COOKIE MONSTER!” and, yes, I was petting the screen as I was showing my husband. *facepalm* I’m going to check eBay for some green flocking powder right now.
    Lizzy recently posted: Cherimoya: Venus

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      The power of flocking powder compels you! 😉 (The Exorcist reference…hehe!)

      Haha, what did your husband say when he saw the nails? (If he likes it, you should try it on him…hehe, it’s soooo much fun giving guys a flocked manicure!) 😉

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Fedoraharp!

      Haha, I think in most people’s jobs, this manicure is impractical! Maybe just try it for fun on the weekend. Go grocery shopping with it, and see what people say. 😉 I did, and it was funny to see the reactions – a bit of a social experiment.

  4. Kim

    Too fun! 🙂
    Thanks for being brave & sharing with us. I have read that some flocking powders perform better and are easier to use…I think it was this brand that got good results. Not sure it’s a trend I will venture into…but glad to have your insight if so. (Then again, if I find myself in need of a good petting…. 🙂 )

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Anutka!

      I’m so happy that it brought you so much joy! Hehe, I had fun writing this post and wearing the manicure. It’s an experience like no other, that’s for sure!

      And thanks for the awesome tweet you just sent. 🙂 I’m glad you get my sense of humour!

  5. Marta

    Oh Mary, I am just now able to comment on this post… I have a little container with flocking powder (that I already stuck my finger into to pet)… But putting it on my nails is both intimidating and frightening 🙂 I can just see my kids picking out flocking fuzz from their scrambled eggs 🙂 lol.

    You have made me giggle, and I also feel like I’ve learned something about this new craze of pet-able nails 😉
    Will I try it… Maybe I’m too much of a fuzzy chicken!?
    Marta recently posted: Saran-wrapped flakies

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Hehehe, did the flocking powder purr when you pet it? 😉 I’m picturing it doing that right now. (It’s both cute AND creepy!)

      Yeah, flocking powder isn’t the most practical thing to wear as a manicure…especially when you have children!

      Surprisingly, my nails didn’t shed like I thought they would. (Hahaha, that’s the first time I’ve ever said something like that!)

  6. Anna

    This looks really cute, but I’m just worried, because I’m a very itchy person, and I can’t always resist the itching – did you notice it coming off if you had an itch? 🙂

    Good job on the nails, though! 😀

      1. Mary Post author

        Actually, what you see in the tiny container is what was LEFT after doing my manicure and also accidentally spilling some! 🙂 So, it’s safe to say that you can get quite a few manicures out of the tiny container of flocking powder. A little goes such a long way!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Anna!

      Haha, you’re a very ‘itchy person’? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone refer to themselves like that!

      The flocking manicure can hold up to some scratching, but I doubt it’d last if you scratched really hard and very often.

  7. Petra

    Would you look at that – what an interesting way to have nail art.

    I agree with you it may be better suited for events like Halloween, but it sure made me smile today!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Petra!

      Haha, yeah, but it’s sooooo not a practical look. 😉

      Glad that I could make you smile. And thanks for making me smile in turn.


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