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Blog News: My Nail Art Tutorial Is Featured on PromCanada.com

Easy Nail Art TutorialFor June, I whipped up a super simple design for PromCanada.com that you can complete quickly, and it only involves a few colours.

It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3! Plus you can easily match your dress and change up the design to suit your personality.

It uses 3 shades from the Nicole by OPI Seize the Summer Collection!

My Nail Art Tutorial for this look is featured on PromCanada.com. Click here to see the original article!

Thank you, PromCanada, for featuring me, and I look forward to sharing another fun nail-tutorial on your website in August!

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Nicole by OPI Lay It on the Lime Swatches & Review

Nicole by OPI Lay It On the Lime Swatches & ReviewNicole by OPI Lay It on the Lime is a fresh, light green from the Seize the Summer Collection, which officially will be released in June.

(You may remember me posting a photo on Instagram photo of this not long ago.)

It looks really bright and clean (almost neon-like), which is how my smartphone captured it well. Then when I used my DSLR, somehow the colour got muted. Funny how that happens from time to time.

So when you look at my photos of this on the blog, please keep in mind that it does appear brighter in real life. (I was actually surprised by this one because it looked way more near-neon-like on my nails than it seemed like it would when I just saw it in the bottle. Hehe, it was a very pleasant surprise, of course!)

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Nicole by OPI Seize the Summer Collection Press Release

Nicole by OPI Seize the Summer CollectionHere’s the latest news coming down the nail-polish pipe about the Nicole by OPI Seize the Summer Collection, which will be available in stores this June.

It’s a small collection, as it only includes 4 shades (left-right): Lay It On The Lime, The Coral of the Story, LeaPink for Joy, and Shaved Nice.

Of course the lime green gets my attention right off the bat! 😉 But I also think the coral is nice and summery.

Which one stands out the most to you?

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Blog News: My Fishtail Braid Nail Art Tutorial on PromCanada.com

Fishtail Braid Nail Art TutorialIn a previous post, I told you about how I was 1 of 2 handpicked bloggers asked to share nail art tutorials that would be featured on the Prom Canada website for every other month.

Well, February was my first one showing a leopard design. Now that it’s April, I have a new nail tutorial up that just went live yesterday – it shows Fishtail Braid Nail Art mixed with textured accents!

This time, I shared a technique that I’ve long loved because it doesn’t require too many colours or special tools to complete the look – you can use the brushes right from the bottles.

I find myself turning to it time and time again, plus it’s so easy to customize that the same design looks very different, depending on what colours you use.

In this post, I’ll share with you detailed step-by-step instructions with photos, so you can recreate this easy look. You’ll need some patience, but once you’re finished painting, it’s well worth it!

You know how much I love doing the fishtail braid – I shared this technique on Swatch And Learn here, here, and here.

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Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy Swatches & Review

Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy SwatchesYes, I’ve got another in-depth review of a Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood nail polish for you today!

This time, it’s Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy!

It’s a sweet pink that I can see many little girls (and the young at heart) drooling over because it has that innocent and playful look to it.

Since it has a creme finish and it’s pigmented, you could use this as a base for lots of wonderful nail creations!

The name ‘Carnival Cotton Candy’ reminds me of my dad because when I was little and we went to the local carnival, he would always buy me cotton candy. Hehe, and since when I was a girl, my favourite colour was pink, the candy floss would always be pink. (Years later, I decided that the blue and yellow candy floss were also pretty yummy, and I stopped limiting my dietary restriction to just the pink kind.)

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Nicole by OPI Carrie’d Away Swatches & Review

Nicole by OPI Carrie'd Away Swatches & ReviewIt’s been a long time since I wore Nicole by OPI Carrie’d Away from the Carrie Underwood Collection. (You may remember seeing a glimpse of it in this Quick Look post.)

This collection was officially released in January 2014, but I wore Carrie’d Away in October last year.

As you know, I moved! I’m still in the process of organizing everything in my new home – the first home I ever bought! 🙂 No more renting!

While being crazy busy setting everything up, I’ve also been working hard to ensure that Swatch And Learn continues to run like usual with posts Monday to Friday, so I’ve been busting out some photos of manicures I wore that never got their chance in the spotlight (aka a full, in-depth review)! 😉 No better time than the present!

Please be patient and bear with me as I make this major transition because, after I get my home all organized, I have tons of new nail polishes to share with you! (My internet will be set up at my new place soon, so hopefully that’ll help me avoid any interruptions.)

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: My readers are the best, and I feel very fortunate to have such great support from you all! 🙂

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Nicole by OPI Some Hearts Swatches & Review

Nicole by OPI Some Hearts SwatchesOn a dreary day, the easiest thing you can do to perk up your mood is to wear nail polish in a bright colour.

May I suggest Nicole by OPI Some Hearts from the Carrie Underwood Collection?

It’s a pigmented, creamy, vibrant coral pink that most definitely pops when you wear it, so it’s ideal for when you’re having a terrible day, and you need something to brighten your spirits in seconds.

The colour coupled with the exceptional formula is a real winner, and this is a fantastic colour to welcome the spring and summer months. (I just feel like this is a warm-weather shade, although you can be sure that I’d wear it anytime of year. Actually, I did wear this manicure last year, probably around October or so. 🙂

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