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Blog News: My Striped Nail Art Tutorial on PromCanada.com

Striped Nail Art Tutorial & Pictures smallerIf you follow my blog, you know that I’m all about fun colour, and I don’t often get too excited about neutrals, tans, or nudes.

However, when I was preparing this Striped Nail Art tutorial for Prom Canada’s website a while ago, I decided to challenge myself and bridge both a tan polish with something punchier. (Of course green had to be in the mix!) 😉

Here’s the look I came up with months ago for Prom Canada’s website, and it’s currently featured on there right now.

Check out my tutorial on Prom Canada, or keep reading this post, where I show you step-by-step how to recreate this easy-peasy look that’s ideal for those who lead busy lifestyles.

You can easily make this a festive Christmas look by subbing out the yellow for a red and doing a gold-glitter base instead of a neutral.)

The colours I used are all from the Nicole by OPI 2015 Collection:

  • Nicole by OPI Count to Tan (tan)
  • Nicole by OPI Bee in the Moment (yellow)
  • Nicole by OPI Simply Sub-Lime (green)

Also, check back again tomorrow because I’m going to post my tutorial for the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer nail art you may have seen me post on Instagram recently.

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Blog News: My Funky French Nail Art Tutorial on PromCanada.com

Funky French Nail Art Tutorial SwatchAndLearn PromCanadaIt’s amazing how powerful nail polish is!

Even if you spent a long, crappy day dealing with lazy individuals who seem to make slugs stuck in molasses look as fast as Usain Bolt, the physical act of painting your nails is relaxing.

And even if the nail design is simple or there are imperfections, the wonderful thing is that you feel happy instantly. It’s like colour therapy plus beauty, all rolled into a convenient package!

Give yourself some “me” time, as you relax and paint your nails. You may be surprised at how therapeutic it can be.

I’m very honoured to have had the opportunity to once again showcase a nail-art tutorial on PromCanada.com.

This time, I painted a very simple look featuring just two contrasting colours, Nicole by OPI Oh That’s Just Grape! and Nicole by OPI Teal Me Something New.

It’s ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time doing their nails, but still want something fun and easily customizable.

Go to Prom Canada’s website to see the original article, or keep reading the rest of this post to see my step-by-step tutorial with photos and written instructions.

P.S. In case you haven’t already, enter my worldwide giveaway for your chance to win the OPI Don’t Speak 18K Gold Top Coat! (Ends Friday October 24, 2014 at 11:59 pm EDT.)

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Blog News: My Bold Nail Art Tutorial Featured on PromCanada.com

PromCanada SwatchAndLearn Nail ArtWhen you want a completely customizable design that makes a statement that ends with exclamation points, try out my Bold Nail Art Tutorial Featured on PromCanada.com!

(You can click here to see the original article on Prom Canada, or continue reading this post for the tutorial.)

It uses just two different nail-polish colours, and it’s very quick to paint, so it’s not only ideal for a prom look, but for any time when you want your nails to be bold and really pop.

The pink I used is Nicole by OPI LeaPink for Joy (from the Seize the Summer Collection), and the gorgeous, shimmery purple is Nicole by OPI Back in My Gloria Days… (from the Modern Family Collection), which lends a sharp contrast, while still creating a girly manicure.

If any of you decide to try it out, please tag me on social media, so I can see and share with my readers!

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Blog News: My Fishtail Braid Nail Art Tutorial on PromCanada.com

Fishtail Braid Nail Art TutorialIn a previous post, I told you about how I was 1 of 2 handpicked bloggers asked to share nail art tutorials that would be featured on the Prom Canada website for every other month.

Well, February was my first one showing a leopard design. Now that it’s April, I have a new nail tutorial up that just went live yesterday – it shows Fishtail Braid Nail Art mixed with textured accents!

This time, I shared a technique that I’ve long loved because it doesn’t require too many colours or special tools to complete the look – you can use the brushes right from the bottles.

I find myself turning to it time and time again, plus it’s so easy to customize that the same design looks very different, depending on what colours you use.

In this post, I’ll share with you detailed step-by-step instructions with photos, so you can recreate this easy look. You’ll need some patience, but once you’re finished painting, it’s well worth it!

You know how much I love doing the fishtail braid – I shared this technique on Swatch And Learn here, here, and here.

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Blog News: My Leopard Nail Art Tutorial on PromCanada.com

SwatchAndLearn February Nail ArtI have something exciting to share with you! For a little while, I’ve kept this quiet, but now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. (Poor cat! Why were you ever put in a bag to begin with?) 😉

You may remember that recently, I told you about my print magazine feature for Prom Canada. Well, I got another amazing opportunity to collaborate with them!

I’m 1 of only 2 hand-picked Canadian bloggers to be chosen for the amazing opportunity to be featured on Prom Canada’s website! (Check out the post to see both of our nail creations throughout the year.)

For alternating months, I’ll be sharing a nail-art tutorial using Nicole by OPI nail polishes.

My first Prom Canada nail-art tutorial went up a couple of days ago, and it shows you step-by-step how to create funky Leopard Nail Art!

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Blog News: My Nail Art Featured in Prom Canada’s Print Magazine (Spring/Summer 2014 Issue)

Prom Canada Magazine Spring Summer 2014 SwatchAndLearn2014 is getting off to a great start, and I have some exciting news to share!

Remember a few months ago, I was invited to participate in a prom nail-art competition?

In August 2013, Langton Communications reached out to me. (They’re an incredible PR firm with talented and hard-working women who I respect and admire. I’m fortunate to have been able to collaborate with them for a few years!)

They asked me and a few other lovely Canadian bloggers if we’d be interested in creating a prom-inspired manicure for Prom Canada using 3 Nicole by OPI shades. (We got to choose from a list containing a few colours.)

For my design, I chose to use Nicole by OPI Candy Is Dandy, Please Red-Cycle, and Dream Maker.

Then, I played around by stamping some hearts on my index and baby fingers and freehanded a prom-couple’s outfit – dress with a necklace and a tuxedo plus bow tie. I showed you the finished manicure (complete with the step-by-step tutorial) in this post.

The contest was held on Prom Canada’s Facebook page in September, and for each “Like” a contestant’s nail-art photo got, it was counted as a vote. (A huge thank you to everyone who voted or even looked at my manicure!)

In addition to challenging myself to think outside the box for this creative opportunity, I was absolutely ecstatic to learn that, even though I was a runner-up, Prom Canada wanted to publish my manicure in the premier issue (Spring/Summer 2014) of their print magazine! (They also shared my manicure on PromCanada.com, which I showed you in this post.)

I haven’t seen the Prom Canada Spring/Summer issue on the newsstand near me yet, but it should be available soon and will be out until July 2014, according to the cover. I need to go buy 2 issues! Of course I want a copy, but I also want to give my mom one.

PR was kind enough to provide me with scanned photos of the magazine feature, so I can share the article with you!

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Blog News: My Prom Manicure Is Featured on PromCanada.com

SwatchAndlearn Prom Nail Art on Prom Canada smallerRemember not long ago, I participated in a nail-art challenge to create a prom-inspired manicure for a new magazine called Prom Canada? (I came up with this manicure incorporating freehand and nail-stamping designs.)

Well, they’ve launched a new website (PromCanada.com), and they published an article featuring my nail art as well as Dee Thompsons’ (the contest winner’s) and other voters’ favourites!

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