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Nfu Oh 61 Swatches & Review

Nfu Oh 61 Swatches & ReviewNfu Oh 61 is a linear holo polish that a lot of people have been raving about. I think it’s nice, but I was disappointed because I wasn’t as blown away by it like I thought I would be.

A linear holo polish is different than a scattered holo polish because when it’s linear, you see the rainbows forming in lines as opposed to the scattered variety that looks like a glitter polish.

If you’re really into nail polish, you know that one of the most coveted linear-holo collections is China Glaze’s OMG Collection. It has been discontinued, and the prices on eBay are exorbitant.

I’m a fan of both kinds of holos, but I actually tend to prefer the scattered holos better (not just because they’re easier to find). The scattered ones just seem to sparkle more even in low light, whereas the linear kind often look much flatter when they’re not in the sunlight or under flash lighting.

Nfu Oh 61 is a pretty silver linear holo, but maybe it’s because I like wearing bolder colours that it didn’t impress me as much as I anticipated.

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Nfu Oh 51 Swatches & Review

Nfu Oh 51 Nfu Oh Flakie Nail PolishI never thought I’d ever get my hands on Nfu Oh 51, a multichrome flakie polish that every nail-polish connoisseur ought to own.

It was out of stock for the longest time, and then a few months back, the inventory was replenished!

Oh happy day!

My favorite nail-polish enabler, Matty, ordered it for me a while back to help me save a bit on shipping and then brought it up when he visited. 🙂 Thanks!

Unfortunately my camera couldn’t pick up its awesomeness. With direct sunlight, the multichromatic nature wasn’t as evident. It’s extremely obvious in person.

As usual, I took pictures in different lighting, but they didn’t turn out too well.

I’ve included lots of large bottle pictures, too, because I think actually the beauty of the polish showed up more in those.

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Necklace Made from Nfu-Oh 51 Flakie Nail Polish (Ginger Kitty Designs Review & Pictures)

Ginger Kitty Designs Nailpolish Necklace ReviewYou may be asking yourself, “What’s a necklace doing on Swatch And Learn?”

This custom necklace is an original creation by Tracey from Ginger Kitty Designs (an Etsy store). Here’s the clincher – it’s made with actual nail polish…and the purple Nfu-Oh 51 flakie nail polish to be exact!

This nail lacquer has been on my wish list for a year. But I can’t find it on eBay, and it’s sold out at the one etailer that had it. *Sniff sniff*

Since I probably will never own a bottle of it and wear it as a manicure, at least I can wear it around my neck now!

Have you bought nail polish jewelry from Ginger Kitty Designs? Which colors would you pick for a ring, necklace, or bracelet?

I’d like to share my shopping experience with you and what I think about the finished product. I’ve taken photos of the necklace itself, but also the packaging so you know what to expect. Continue reading