Nfu Oh 51 Swatches & Review

Nfu Oh 51 Nfu Oh Flakie Nail PolishI never thought I’d ever get my hands on Nfu Oh 51, a multichrome flakie polish that every nail-polish connoisseur ought to own.

It was out of stock for the longest time, and then a few months back, the inventory was replenished!

Oh happy day!

My favorite nail-polish enabler, Matty, ordered it for me a while back to help me save a bit on shipping and then brought it up when he visited. 🙂 Thanks!

Unfortunately my camera couldn’t pick up its awesomeness. With direct sunlight, the multichromatic nature wasn’t as evident. It’s extremely obvious in person.

As usual, I took pictures in different lighting, but they didn’t turn out too well.

I’ve included lots of large bottle pictures, too, because I think actually the beauty of the polish showed up more in those.

Are you a fan of flakie polishes? What’s your favorite Nfu Oh polish? Don’t you just love the bottle design?

Nfu Oh 51 Pictures

Nfu Oh 51 Review & Swatch

Nfu Oh 51 Nfu Oh Flakie Nail Polish

Nfu Oh Review

Nfu-Oh Review

Nfu Oh Swatch & Review

Nfu Oh Swatches

Nfu Oh Swatch


Nfu-Oh 51 Swatches & Review


Nfu-Oh #51 Swatches & Review


Nfu Oh #51 Swatches & Review

Top of Handle

Nfu Oh Nail Polish 51

Nfu Oh 51 Swatches

All swatches have:

Nfu Oh #51 Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Nfu-Oh 51 Swatch & Review

Natural Light

Nfu Oh 51 Swatches & Review

Direct Sunlight

Nfu Oh Reviews

Direct Sunlight

51 Nfu Oh Swatches & Review

Direct Sunlight

Nfu-Oh Swatch

Natural Light

Nfu Oh Flakie Swatches & Review




    Smooth application
    Quick dry time
    X Everlasting unique gloss (Seriously? Everlasting? Haha!)

Key Notes

  • Name: Nfu Oh 51
  • Amount: 17 mL (0.6 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: $12.50 USD
  • Where to Buy: Fabuloustreet website

Nfu Oh 51 Review


Stop the press! Nfu-Oh #51 is a sheer flakie rainbow in a bottle. Its main colors are purple, red, and magenta, but you can also see orange, yellow, and green depending on the light and the angle of your nails. It’s gorgeous!


The flakies lie flat on your nails, so it’s not gritty like glitter polish. Also, removal was pretty easy – no rubbing and rubbing until my cuticles are sore.

Is Nfu Oh 51 a Dupe for Clarins 230 a.k.a. Unicorn Pee?

If you take a look at my Clarins 230 swatches and review, you’ll see that while these are both similar rainbows in a bottle, the finish is completely different so you can justify owning both. Clarins 230 has micro-shimmer. Nfu-Oh 51 has large flakies.

Of course, justifying Clarins 230 is harder since it costs around $50+ USD on eBay, whereas Nfu-Oh #51 goes for just $12.50 USD and is readily available on the etailer I mentioned above.

They’re both sheer polishes that are supposed to be used as a layer over another polish. Depending on what color you use as your base, you can bring out a different nuance. I used China Glaze Coconut Kiss, which is a medium frosty purple.


Slicking on Nfu-Oh 51 was easy peasy. It went on smoothly and evenly. It also dried a tad quicker than an average polish.

I do suggest, however, that you wait a few minutes in between coats to avoid any dragging or bald spots. Also, you should be mindful of where the flakies lie at the tip of your nails. Sometimes I had to push the flakies back so they wouldn’t hang over the free edge and feel sharp.


The ingredients aren’t listed on my bottle, but on the site where I bought it from, it says that Nfu Oh polishes don’t contain Toluene or DBP. Hmm…but no mention of Formaldehyde, so I can’t tell you with certainty that this is a Big-3-Free formula.


This beauty costs $12.50 USD, which is more than your typical salon-brand polish, but I think it’s worth every penny. This is a unique polish that can take on a slightly different effect when layered. Plus you’ll have a lot of fun watching it change colors in different lighting and at different angles!

Nfu Oh 51 Necklace

Just in case you missed it, here’s a link to the post I did previously on the Nfu Oh 51 Necklace I bought from Ginger Kitty Designs.

Bottle Design

You can’t talk about any Nfu Oh polish without talking about the totally unique bottle design! The handle features a corset, and the glass bottle itself is shaped like a gown. It doesn’t get any girlier than this!

Also worth noting is the weight of the bottle. Now, I usually don’t mention this in my reviews, but I had to for this. It’s noticeably heavier than a regular polish to the point where it feels very durable and well-made.


  • No Toluene or DBP
  • Gorgeous multichrome flakie polish
  • Smooth formula
  • Dries fairly quickly
  • Girly bottle design
  • Sturdy packaging

  • Not readily accessible in many stores
  • More expensive than a typical polish
  • Sheer (intended to be layered over another color)

Final Verdict: 10/10

Again, I really wish that I could accurately capture the depth and beauty of Nfu Oh 51. But please take my word – this is a polish that’s an absolute must-have for any nail-polish lover! Better get it while it’s still in stock!

Do you like flakie polishes, or do you think they look tacky? How much would you be willing to spend on a polish that is truly unique? Is there a certain color for a flakie polish that you wish a company would make?


26 thoughts on “Nfu Oh 51 Swatches & Review

  1. Carmela

    I wish Nfu Oh was readily available in Canada! That’s so pretty! But the shipping..! @_@

    I love how flakie polishes (and other layering ones too) can bring back the oomph to an old manicure or make old polishes interesting again. Quite like accessorizing an outfit, nails-style.

    I still kick myself for not getting Gosh Holographic when I saw it at Shoppers ages ago and it’s now selling for much more. I still want it (like I want Unicorn Pee) but not enough to shell out more than what I’d pay for a bottle of Chanel/Dior polish.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Yeah, same here! Hmm…I’m always wondering what would happen if I lived in the States (where nail polish is so easy to order from and the shipping is usually so much cheaper). I’d probably buy like there’s no tomorrow, and then I’d be broke.

      That’s a good analogy of flakie polishes being like accessorizing an outfit. I never thought about it like that. But, yes, flakies refresh an old manicure that maybe you’re getting bored with or just need a quick change. Love that about flakie polishes!

      OMG – you saw Gosh Holographic at Shoppers? OMG, OMG, OMG! I’ve been looking for it nearly every time I go to Shoppers and have NEVER seen it! Why did you put it back on the shelf? I’m just curious.

      A similar thing happened to me, but with Sally Hansen Project Runway. I found one bottle of it at Loblaws, thought it was pretty, was going to buy it, but then my friend who was with me somehow convinced me to put it back. This was all before I found out how rare this polish was. Then about a week later, I saw blog posts about it, so I went back to grab the bottle, but of course it was gone. That polish is even more rare than Gosh Holographic, so although I have some hope of finding it, that hope is around 0.00000000001%.

      1. Carmela

        I would be soooo broke too. But with about 8543240947 lovely polishes to show for it. 😛

        I think I saw Gosh Holographic sometime late last year. This nail polish condition (I refuse to call it an obsession/addiction :P) I have only started maybe 4-6 months ago. Suffice to say that while I thought it looked cool, I didn’t know it was rare and I wasn’t crazy enough then to get any new polishes. I think I had maybe 3-5 polishes at the time and I already thought those were too much. Silly me. By the time the nail blogs I’d started haunting informed me that I should’ve gotten it, I’ve never seen it since. Boo, nail polish gods, boooo.

        Moral of the story: Never hesitate on a polish you really, really, really like. Even if it’s not on sale but only if you have enough cash to pay for it. 😀

        1. Mary Post author

          Ahahaha! That’s a good way to look at it!

          Hehe, it’s crazy how quickly a nail-polish obsession can snowball. Back in high school, I remember being so proud of my 14 bottles of polish. I wonder what my younger self would think if I knew back then that I’d have 400+ polishes now. (Shame or pride? :P)

          Yes, I agree with your moral of the story! Oh gosh, we’re such enablers, aren’t we? 😛

  2. Amy

    OMG! This polish is AMAZING! I love flaky polishes and this reminds me of GOSH Rainbow or Nubar 2010 as a top coat over a purpole base coat.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Amy!

      Yes, it is striking! I’m disappointed that all the photographs I took (literally over 100!) all didn’t really capture the essence of this amazing polish. Maybe I need a new camera.

      Nubar 2010 is also a nice flakie polish over purple, but it doesn’t show as many colors as Nfu Oh 51. Nubar 2010 is mainly just orange, red, yellow, and green. It’s beautiful, but picture that plus even MORE multicolored goodness…THAT’S Nfu Oh 51!

      Do you think you’ll be getting this or does Nubar 2010 quench the craving for you?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey thenailaholic!

      Oh, that sounds like HEAVEN – a drawer full of those? Haha! Invite me over so I can drool over them when you have them!

      Do you think you’ll be getting a few anytime soon? 😉

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Becky!

      YES – you do! And if you look around the website, there are SOOOOOO many other flakie and holographic polishes by Nfu Oh that are to die for! If I had more money, I’d go crazy. Can I shop vicariously through you? 😛

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Maribeth!

      Thank you! 🙂 Although, I think this polish is so pretty that it would look incredible on anyone…even a manly guy like Viggo Mortensen (*rawr*)…hehe!

      Nfu Oh bottles are like works of art. And I love how sturdy they feel in your hand – that’s the mark of a quality product. When I store it in my Ikea Helmer, I feel bad because this baby should really be out on display. I love admiring the design. 🙂

      Do you have any of the other Nfu Ohs? They have soooo many flakies!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Katie!

      Yes, you definitely need to! 😀

      Don’t you think that if other polish brands had prettier bottles, they’d sell a lot more, too? Heh, I such a sucker for adorable packaging!

      I really want the silver linear holographic one because I missed out on the one by GOSH and I didn’t get China Glaze OMG.

      1. Katie

        I have the blue and green holo and they are amazing. I can’t seem to get enough of holo nail polishes! I really want the silver one too (Nfu Oh 61) but it’s always sold out on the website I get my Nfu Oh’s from. I’m stalking that website until I get it though. 🙂
        Katie recently posted: Harry Potter Nail Art Take Two!

        1. Mary Post author

          Hey Katie!

          Me, neither! Holographic polishes are incredible – China Glaze needs to re-release their OMG collection! Seriously!

          I’m also waiting for Nfu Oh 61 to come back in stock. If you see it back and remember, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know. 🙂

          1. Katie

            I’ll be sure to let you know! I think I’d die of joy if China Glaze rereleased OMG collection. I remember seeing them on retailers when I first got into polish and not knowing what a holographic is. Of course now I’m kicking myself for not picking them up.
            Katie recently posted: Harry Potter Nail Art Take Two!

            1. Mary Post author

              Heh…I think it’s safe to say that every holo-polish fanatic would go bonkers at that release! But they’d better anticipate the demand because it’s gonna be crrrraaazzzzyy!

              I only got more seriously into polish in the fall of 2008. When I found out about etailers, I remember seeing the OMG collection and thinking that they were nice, so I got a few. Even when I read on other blogs that they were going to be discontinued soon, it never dawned on me that I should snatch ALL of them up. I have more of the Kaleidoscope collection, but I wish that I got all of the OMG ones. Linear holos are way harder to get find. I wonder if it’s because they can’t get a pigment or something anymore…

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Oh my gosh – THANK YOU for saying that! I was actually pretty ashamed about my photos in this particular post! You made me feel better about them. 🙂

      You always know how to lift my spirits with your comments.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Ruthe!

      Yes, they are. I only have 3 so far. Two are untried actually. Nfu Oh 51 is a must in my book because it truly is a rainbow in a bottle. And if you’re a flakie lover, this is a done deal.

      Are there other Nfu Ohs you’ve had your eye on?

      1. Ruthe

        I don’t have a certain polish in mind, but every time I see a swatch of a Nfu Oh polish, it looks absolutely gorgeous!! I love flakies, but I don’t even have one flakie polish :(. I need to get on it! 😉
        Ruthe recently posted: Revlon Gold Coin

        1. Mary Post author

          Sometimes I wish that I didn’t keep looking at Nfu Oh swatches. The more I see, the more I want! Ahhhhh!

          I only have a few flakies, too, and this is one of the prettiest. Another good one (if you’re interested in layering) is Nubar 2010, which is like Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. So pretty over all different colours!


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