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CND New Wave Collection Swatches & Review

CND New Wave Collection Swatches Review

Bob your head, and tap your nails to the colourful tune of the CND New Wave Collection for Spring 2017, which officially launches in January!

Shake off the cold weather with a look at six bold hues that will have you feeling nostalgic over Cyndi Lauper, teased hair, denim jackets, and friendship bracelets! It’s no wonder because the CND New Wave Collection drew inspiration from the electric 1980s.

This collection puts a huge smile on my face! Being a big fan of saturated shades, I was inspired to put together the above collage to showcase the spectrum. (Who else was a kid growing up in the 1980s? Ah, yes, it was a decade of great memories, music, and funny fashion!) 🙂

In today’s blog post, I share with you swatches of all six shades in the CND Vinylux formula: Video Violet, Pink Leggings, Blue Eyeshadow, Jelly Bracelet, Banana Clips, and Ecstacy. (They’re also available in the CND Shellac formula.)

The CND Vinylux New Wave Collection colours applied easily and smoothly. The cremes (Pink Leggings, Blue Eyeshadow, Banana Clips, and Video Violet) were especially pigmented, and I only needed two coats to achieve full opacity. (Even though yellow nail polishes are notorious for being streaky and hard to work with, Banana Clips was an exception. It was very pigmented, and I didn’t see any streaks. Great yellow!)

The two shimmers in the collection (Ecstacy and Jelly Bracelet) covered well with two coats, but I found that three coats brought out the best in them.

My swatches of the CND Vinylux shades are shown without a top coat. You can see how shiny they are on their own.

All the CND Vinylux nail polishes are intended to be used in conjunction with the CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat, however, in my experience, I’ve found that using your favourite shiny top coat can work well, too.

On November 22nd, I had the pleasure of attending a PR event where I was treated to a professional CND Shellac manicure at the TIPS Nail Bar in Greektown. I chose the colour Blue Eyeshadow, and if you follow me on social media like Instagram, you already saw a few photos of it!

Later in this post, you’ll also see some photos that I took in the nail salon, and The Good Press juices that matched three of the CND New Wave Collection nail polishes. Additionally, I’ve included the official press release, promotional images, and nail-art ideas, if you want some colourful and creative inspiration!

CND Shellac Blue Eyeshadow (from the New Wave Collection)

CND Shellac Blue Eyeshadow

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Kitlife Planner 2017 & CND New Wave Collection for Spring 2017

Kitlife Planner 2017 CND New Wave Collection

I’m planning great things for next year with my cute Kitlife Planner (Festival Edition) and favourite Staedtler Fineliners!

I used to use the Erin Condren Life Planners, but decided to switch it up because the Kitlife Planner has a full page for each weekday, which allows me to write more and still have space to decorate, if I want to. (Also, Kitlife shipped the planner super fast to Canada. We’re talking just a few days!)

Until December 4, on the Kitlife Planner website, you can enjoy 15% off everything with the coupon code “CYBERSAVINGS15”.

Also, I’m loving the CND New Wave Collection for Spring 2017, which includes colours that are inspired by the electric 80s. It launches in January 2017.

Not long ago, I attended a PR event and was cordially treated to a professional CND Shellac manicure in Blue Eyeshadow from this collection at the TIPS Nail Bar in Greektown.

I wore it for about 10 days straight, and it was still going strong. However, I finally removed it, so that I could swatch the collection of 6 Vinylux shades.

Swatches are coming soon, so stay tuned! 🙂 Edit (December 5): Swatches of the CND New Wave Collection are now up!

Are you also a planner? What are your favourite planner supplies? Have you ever tried bullet journaling? (That’s something I want to get into.)


CND Rescue Kit Review

CND Rescue Kit

First thing’s first! To my U.S. readers, I wish you a Happy July 4th today. Hope that you’re having a great time with your loved ones!

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the CND Rescue Kit, which contains a lot of manicure essentials including nail treatments.

In this post, I’ll share with you more information of each of the following, as well as quick swatches of the nail colours:

  • CND Vinylux nail polishes: Date Night, Be Demure, Desert Poppy & Lavender Lace
  • CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment
  • CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat
  • CND SolarOil
  • CND Cuticle Eraser
  • CND ScrubFresh
  • CND Koala Buffer

If there’s a specific item that you’d like to see me review in-depth for a separate post, let me know!

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CND Craft Culture Collection Swatches

CND Craft Culture Collection Swatches

A few days ago, I shared with you my CND Craft Culture Collection preview event recap and the press release.

Today, I’m excited to show you swatches of the CND Craft Culture Collection, which officially launches in July at Trade Secrets, Chatters, and CND.com/find-salon.

There are eight CND Vinylux shades in total, and those are the ones you’ll see. (For nail enthusiasts who enjoy stretching the manicure mileage even further, note that there are six corresponding CND Shellac nail polishes. Only Brass Button and Fern Flannel are exclusive to the Vinylux line.)

The formula on the CND Craft Culture Collection Vinylux nail polishes were wonderful, as I only needed two coats of each to get full coverage.

I was particularly impressed with the opacity of Blue Denim (blue) and Brick Knit (red/orange creme). The coverage was incredible, even with one very thin coat!

A special mention also goes out to Hand Fired (shimmery red/orange) and Fern Flannel (shimmery teal) because they come to life on the nails.

The darkest colour in the bunch, Oxblood, was watery compared to the others, but it wasn’t difficult to apply. Just make sure that you don’t overload your brush, and you’re golden.

CND Craft Culture Collection

As usual, when it comes to quick collection swatches, I did not wear a base or top coat, so you can see what the finish is like on its own.

Of course, when you’re wearing a nail polish as a regular manicure, make sure that you always wear a base coat and use a trusty top coat to maximize the wear time and appearance.

CND makes a special top coat to be used with the Vinylux polishes: the Weekly Top Coat. It is designed to improve the durability with the exposure of natural light over time. (If you don’t have this top coat, it’s not a deal breaker. I’ve used my regular top coat with Vinylux nail polishes in the past, and it has worked fine, too.)

The nail technician from the CND Craft Culture Collection preview event reshaped my nails into almonds, and here’s a closer look at the ripped-jeans nail art she created using CND Shellac nail polishes, Cream Puff and Denim Patch, as well as two CND Additives pigments.

CND Craft Culture Nail Art

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CND Craft Culture Collection & Preview Event Recap

CND Craft Culture Collection

Yesterday, I attended the preview event at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Toronto for the CND Craft Culture Collection, which officially launches in July!

Inspired by rugged charm and an artisan hard at work, the CND Craft Culture Collection includes shades that call to mind rich textures and familiar fabrics associated with craftsmanship.

The abundance of rich shades makes it easy to fall in love with at least one!

Edit: Check out my post with CND Craft Culture Collection swatches of all 8 Vinylux shades!

As per usual, when it comes to press-release posts, I love creating my own image that I feel represents the collection and that shows you all of the colours in a glance. (To see the official CND images, scroll further down this post.)

At the preview, I met Liliya (@liliyalehetacnd on Instagram) who is an Education Ambassador for CND. She painted my nails and did a freehand ripped-jeans design!

At the CND Craft Culture Collection preview event, there were some props available for a photo op. Obviously, I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t play around with them, right? 😉

This was my favourite snapshot:

CND Craft Culture Collection Event

Keep reading the rest of this post for more information about the CND Craft Culture Collection and the preview event!

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CND Vinylux Aqua-intance Swatches & Review

CND Vinylux Aqua-intance Swatch Swatches Flirtation Collection

Get acquainted with CND Vinylux Aqua-intance from the Flirtation Collection that officially hits stores in March! (Click on the above link to see swatches of all 12 shades in the collection.)

It’s all blue skies, and things are looking up when your manicure or pedicure consists of this creamy, dreamy nail polish.

Wear it by itself for sweet simplicity, or add bedazzling glitter or elegant nail designs on top. No matter which way you choose to sport it, CND Vinylux Aqua-intance is a beautiful, versatile nail polish!

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CND Vinylux Flirtation Collection Swatches

CND Vinylux Flirtation Collection Swatches

Beautiful manicures are as easy as a wink with the CND Vinylux Flirtation Collection!

With a come-hither finger and a suave  sashay, circle your calendar because the CND Vinylux Flirtation Collection launches worldwide in March 2016!

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your nails!

There are eight bat-your-eyelashes colours ranging from demure diva and princess pink to bold blue and you-need-it yellow.

Some of the colours are also available in the CND Shellac formulation. (You can find the details near the bottom of the page in the section where I included the official press release.)

In this post, there are quick swatches (without a top coat) of all eight CND Vinylux Flirtation Collection hues, as well as bottle shots to whet your appetite.

Overall, I found the formulation to be good. Date Night, Aqua-intance, Skin Tease, Be Demure, and Honey Darlin’ covered well with two medium coats. (The others really needed the third coat to even out streaks.)

I particularly enjoyed the cremes in this collection, especially Date Night, Aqua-intance, and Honey Darlin’.

When I wear some of these as full manicures, I’ll publish a separate post with my usual in-depth reviews that include multiple swatches in natural and artificial lighting, so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

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