Kitlife Planner 2017 & CND New Wave Collection for Spring 2017

Kitlife Planner 2017 CND New Wave Collection

I’m planning great things for next year with my cute Kitlife Planner (Festival Edition) and favourite Staedtler Fineliners!

I used to use the Erin Condren Life Planners, but decided to switch it up because the Kitlife Planner has a full page for each weekday, which allows me to write more and still have space to decorate, if I want to. (Also, Kitlife shipped the planner super fast to Canada. We’re talking just a few days!)

Until December 4, on the Kitlife Planner website, you can enjoy 15% off everything with the coupon code “CYBERSAVINGS15”.

Also, I’m loving the CND New Wave Collection for Spring 2017, which includes colours that are inspired by the electric 80s. It launches in January 2017.

Not long ago, I attended a PR event and was cordially treated to a professional CND Shellac manicure in Blue Eyeshadow from this collection at the TIPS Nail Bar in Greektown.

I wore it for about 10 days straight, and it was still going strong. However, I finally removed it, so that I could swatch the collection of 6 Vinylux shades.

Swatches are coming soon, so stay tuned! 🙂 Edit (December 5): Swatches of the CND New Wave Collection are now up!

Are you also a planner? What are your favourite planner supplies? Have you ever tried bullet journaling? (That’s something I want to get into.)


6 thoughts on “Kitlife Planner 2017 & CND New Wave Collection for Spring 2017

  1. Brynn

    All those colors go so well together! All of that should come together as a special collection or something.

    I need to get a new calendar, but I like the little pocket calendars . They don’t have a ton of space, but they have enough for me to write down what I need, plus they’re easy to carry around (nevermind that I usually forget it!). That’s a pretty cool looking planner though, I wish I had something like that back in college!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Brynn!

      That would be awesome – a planner collaboration with markers and nail polishes! 🙂

      I was looking for a large planner because I rarely carry it with me. I leave it at home and write a ton in it. Hopefully this one works out nicely for 2017.

      I’ve seen some of the new Recollections planners at Michael’s, and they come in a lot of sizes from pocket ones to huge desk ones. If I didn’t already buy this, I’d get one of them.

  2. Melissa Clemons

    Such pretty colors! They go so well together and look perfect for spring! Thanks for sharing with us. I usually don’t have a planner but I think after the year I’ve had. I might have to start using one. LOL

  3. Rachel Savage

    That planner looks pretty cool! I like it’s design. I use a Leuttchurm1917 A5 notebook for bullet journaling. I love the flexibility with it! I never did well with traditional planners. Check out the blog Boho Berry for bullet journal stuff, it’s one of my favorites.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Rachel!

      I LOVE those notebooks, and I’ve been curious to try bullet journaling! I may get one of the smaller versions and try bullet journaling to keep track of my goals in 2017. (I will check out that blog. Thanks so much for letting me know about it!)


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