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a-england Sparks Divine Swatches & Review

a-england Sparks Divine Swatches & Review

Experimenting with different colours and finishes is half the fun of being a nail blogger. If you never try, then you won’t know what flatters or doesn’t work for you!

Today, I’m reviewing a-england Sparks Divine, a golden nail polish. But before I begin, I need to point out something very important.

There are two versions of a-england Sparks Divine:

  • First version: No holo
  • Second version: With holo

The one I’m reviewing is the second version that will replace the first.

If you view this polish in direct sunlight, you’ll see the holographic nature better. However, when I wore this and photographed it, Mr. Sun wasn’t cooperating. Still, you can see how it looks in bright artificial light and in natural daylight.

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a-england The Blessed Damozel Swatches & Review

A-England The Blessed Damozel Swatches & Reviewa-england The Blessed Damozel is a fierce royal purple that hails from the Heavenly Quotes Collection.

This is one of the deep shades that I like to sport when I’m in the mood for assertive nails that exclaim with a trumpet flourish, “I’m here, and I’m ready to lead a nail-polish army to victory!”

I’ve set my expectations for a-england nail polishes extraordinarily high because every single bottle I own has a flawless formula and incredible colour payoff. (I have yet to wear one that didn’t impress me with its high quality and consistency!)

One look at this photo should explain why I love this polish, but, as usual, I’ve included tons of swatches in different lighting in this post to give you a better feel for its charismatic personality.

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a-england Elaine Swatches & Review

A-England Elaine Swatches & ReviewGlossy with rich drama, a-england Elaine from The Mythicals Collection is saturated with attitude.

It’s the kind of nail polish that has such a smooth finish, it’s glass-like.

This is the colour that I imagine villains like Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) or Maleficent would wear because a-england Elaine has a badass personality, an air of mystery, and a seductive quality. (This is a femme-fatale nail polish!)

I wore a-england Elaine in early March, and I was really digging how vampy this made my nails look.

I only have a few a-england nail polishes in my collection, and all of them have top-notch formulations. So whenever I try out a new a-england lacquer, it is judged with very high expectations in that department.

(If you’re curious, click here to view my other a-england nail polish reviews, and you’ll see what I mean about the brand consistently churning out quality lacquers!)

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a-england Lady of the Lake Swatches & Review

a-england Lady of the Lake Swatches & ReviewI have a soft spot for holographic polishes. There’s no such thing as being over-the-top when it comes to them. In fact, the louder they ‘roar’, the more I become like a moth, attracted to the light.

a-england is a brand that’s fairly new to me, so I don’t have many polishes by them. However, I’ve always heard nailphiles rave about them, so I knew they were the real deal!

One of the first shades I added to my stash was a-england Lady of the Lake, which is a rich holographic purple.

I wasn’t able to take any photos in the sunlight, but trust me when I say that you can see the rainbow. However, in my other photos in natural light and with my camera’s flash, you get to see its main personality – it’s awesome!

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a-england Briar Rose Swatches & Review

a-england Briar Rose Swatches & Reviewa-england Briar Rose from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection is batting a perfect score because every single lacquer I’ve tried by this brand has been a dream to work with!

This cranberry is more than meets the eye, Transformers! In natural light, it looks really pretty and ladylike, but in the sunlight or under bright artificial light, it’s absolutely stunning.

Thanks to NailPolishCanada for selecting me as one of the few bloggers to be gifted 4 out of 5 shades from the awesome Burne-Jones Dream Collection!

I had been wanting to try a-england nail polishes for the longest time. And now that I have, I’m hooked! (I ended up purchasing Dragon and Saint George – hehe, no surprise there, right?) 😉 Psst! You can expect reviews on those a little later. I’ve already worn Dragon and fell in love.

P.S. You still have until Friday August 16 to enter my a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection Giveaway open worldwide!

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a-england Fated Prince Swatches & Review

a-england Fated Prince Swatches & ReviewIf you check out nail blogs, you’ll no doubt see that the a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection has been receiving a lot of love from nailphiles.

I can see why people are digging it! 🙂 The formulas are so pigmented and smooth.

Recently, I wore a-england Fated Prince, which NailPolishCanada was generous to provide.

It was no exception to the rule – a-england nail polishes are a-mazing! 😉 Hehe, sorry, but I couldn’t resist making that pun.

P.S. You have until August 16, 2013 to enter to win the entire a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection in my worldwide giveaway!

P.P.S. Stay tuned later this evening because I have a second post scheduled! It’s for a press release of an upcoming collection. (Lately I’ve been getting lots of press releases, so this week, you’ll be seeing an unusually large number of them.)

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CLOSED! Giveaway: Win the Entire a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection! (Open Worldwide!)

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection Giveaway SwatchAndLearn

Oh yeah! That’s right! The celebration of Swatch And Learn’s 3rd blogiversary is still going on! (Did someone call the party train? Chuggga-chugga-chuggga-chugga-choo-chooooo!) 😉

When I announced my OPI San Francisco Collection giveaway on Friday, I said I’d be having a worldwide nail-polish giveaway really soon.

That day is today! 🙂 *Throws confetti*

I reached out to NailPolishCanada, and asked if we could team up for a special giveaway. They said yes (Thank you!), and they offered an incredible prize that I know readers will love!

Yes, you read that right – everyone can enter to win all 5 shades in the a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection!

You have until Friday August 16 at 11:59 pm Eastern to enter. (Even if you participated in my other giveaway, you can still enter this as well.)

Please read the rest of this post for the details because the rules for this one are different.

Edit: Congratulations, Katherine! You’ve won this giveaway! Please reply to my e-mail within 48 hours to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone for participating! I’ll have another giveaway soon.

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